what is JERF? it’s simply “Just Eat Real Food” and it’s a concept that i have grown to love.

keep-calm-and-jerf JERF

i discovered JERF from Sarah Wilson, an Australian celebrity and health goddess/diva that  i’ve followed for a few years; she has her Sarah blog and also started the I Quit Sugar blog, and has her IQS progam – i happen to think she is a fabulously gifted writer. simply put love her style, her point of view, and her philosophies. she just makes sense. i drink her (sugar-free) koolaid. or whatever they drink in Aus.

i heart Sarah!

eating in recovery… addictions are not about the food. but recovering IS about what you EAT. confused?

during my recovery, i had to learn how to take basic care of myself, including how to eat.

recovery is not just about learning how to cope with emotions, it’s also about learning how to take care of yourself in the best way possible. this includes eating foods that don’t make you feel like crap. this is important for anyone, right? so i began by using JERF principles, and i was able to feed myself and enjoy food again. it’s so simple! it takes away the crazy when you JERF: just eat real food. it doesn’t have to be complicated, although i do love to complicate things for pleasure.. but i’ll save that for another time.

eating real foods is basically eating anything that doesn’t have a label,with caveats. since my DH doesn’t eat land animals, i prepare him tofu; tofu comes to my kitchen via wrapper because i am not my great grandma and don’t make hand pressed tofu from scratch. sorry! anyhow, so that package has a label – but it has two ingredients: water and soybeans.

so basically i’m looking for minimally processed edible lovelies to cook up and put in my pie-hole.

food is just food, and eating real food takes the guessing out of it. no counting or anything, just preparing and enjoying. the only catch is that you might want to learn how to use your stove if you don’t, otherwise you can live on salads and buy prepared proteins at any store. i would get tired of that but it works in a pinch.

it’s  not about what you can’t have, it’s about what you CAN have, and the options and foods are quite endless. well unless you don’t eat land animals but we can easily live on seafood, eggs, and other creations i dream up.

so in honor of JERFing, here is what i’ve been cooking up lately:

eggs scrambled with spinach leaves; eaten with leftover butter roasted salmon.
butter and lemon roasted salmon with flax crusted eggplant slices and sauteed zucchini with lemon and garlic
IMG_1163 (1)
this gorgeous eggplant was sliced and slow baked, then topped with mayo and flaxseed then baked again. no other preparation was needed, but slow baking with salt and olive oil. the flax gives an awesome crunch.
pan sauteed tilapia with butter and spicy chimichurri, guacamole, and crudites.

so what have you been JERFing off to? sorry i had to go there, love you. 



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Transition Tuesday


i know, most bloggers do ‘transformation tuesday’ but i’m in transition, so that’s wassup over here in sriracha land.

what is transitioning today?

well, my city is under water… so i imagine that when the water subsides, there will be quite a transition. of epic proportions. i have few words right now because i’m still trying to wrap my head around all that has happened to our beloved city.

Cars remain stranded along a flooded section of Interstate 45 after heavy rains overnight in Houston, Tuesday, May 26, 2015. Several major highways are closed in the Houston area due to high water. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)
Cars remain stranded along a flooded section of Interstate 45 after heavy rains overnight in Houston, Tuesday, May 26, 2015. Several major highways are closed in the Houston area due to high water. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)
this is literally in front of where we live, that water is my running path
my running path is a little wet right now 🙁

yes it’s true. my beloved southern city is literally under WATER. after the epic flooding last night, the entire inner loop and city center looks like a lake. it’s crazy!

i have never witnessed flooding of this magnitude in the 30+ years that i’ve lived here. now don’t get me wrong, hurricanes are horrible and i’ve survived all of them here (Ike was the worst for me personally!) but i never imagined that flooding could reach a level where it just sank a city. holy crap! walking outside was surreal, every road leads to water; we’re on a small island. thankfully we have electricity and a grocery store as a neighbor…. yeah, clearly things could be worse.

more of this crazy flood….

i was literally running here yesterday, the entire park is under water
the cyclists are all riding to the edge. aqua bike? it’s quite extraordinary to see
this aerial view is crazy


Motorists are  stranded along I-45 along North Main  in Houston after storms flooded the area, Tuesday, May 26, 2015. Overnight heavy rains caused flooding closing some portions of major highways in the Houston area. (Cody Duty/Houston Chronicle via AP)
Motorists are stranded along I-45 along North Main in Houston after storms flooded the area, Tuesday, May 26, 2015. Overnight heavy rains caused flooding closing some portions of major highways in the Houston area. (Cody Duty/Houston Chronicle via AP)
very near us, in downtown Houston
outside our door
poor park


well aside from this recent disaster, we had a quiet Memorial Day. we watched the movie, American Sniper, and i think i might have cried a few times… it really shook me up.
brad cooper was amazing, i can’t believe how good he was in this film. clint eastwood is the man.

 we also went for a run (when the park was still NOT under water) and grocery shopped. i cooked a bunch of spicy chimichurri and fish, and tons of veggie prep for the week.

today is day 2 of EATING REAL FOOD. so far it’s been deliciously fabulous. my husband is feeling good already, of course he’s a man and is lucky, but i’m feeling quite good as well. no rules, just eat real food. #JERF.

my amazing chimichurri… recipe to come
chimichurri in action: salmon patties, grilled squash, guacamole… amazing

well hope everyone is okay, i’m going to hug our dogs and feel thankful that we are all okay.




My Go-To Sriracha Salads

I’m eating more than just sriracha these days…

What’s for lunch? I love lunch. It’s a break in the day and since we have an awesome deli with fresh organic greens and an epic salad bar, I’m guaranteed something easy, delicious, with unlimited Sriracha at my disposal. yay. 

I like salads because I’m an instant gratification sort of gal. 

I also like a lot of action and flavor going on at the same time, and our deli is the perfect place for me to create my crazy Sriracha salad concoctions. If you don’t live next to a deli or work next to one, these are ingredients some good salad bars have. I’m pretty lucky because our little office deli has EVERYTHING, well except edible glitter. But oh well, I bring my own sparkle. 

So here are the salad combos that I get, which allow me to sort of create my own sort of Sriracha Salad magic if you will…. yeah baby. magic. 

EVOO and Sriracha makes the best dressing!

Sriracha Mexicana Salad

On a bed of baby spinach, top with:

Some black beans

Garbanzo beans

Pepper strips


Cultured Veggies or Kraut (I get Kraut at the deli since I am not carrying around cultured veggies at this point in my life, yet) 


Optional – meat and cheese

Drizzle some Sriracha all over it or however much you can tolerate. Mix and eat inside some corn tortillas if you you’re hungry, or just eat it as salad if you want just salad.


Sriracha Mediterranean Salad

Mix up some hummus and Sriracha, thin it with oil, vinegar, or water. This is your dressing.

Toss some spoonfuls of the Sriracha Hummus dressing with mixed greens.

Top with more garbanzo beans,


Feta or vegan cheese or nutritional yeast

Sprinkle with toasted walnuts


Sriracha Pesto Salad

Mix up some pesto with Sriracha and thin with some vinegar or oil or both, or water. Don’t dilute if you’re hardcore

Toss some with baby spinach and baby kale

Mix in some toasted pine nuts

Top with feta

Pepper strips

Grilled veggies of choice (which goes nicely on ANY salad…)


Pita chips

This works nicely as a filling for collard wraps, ciabatta, or just as is.

Okay so are you just totally sick of salads?  when i’m sick of salad, i get roast or steamed veggies instead if i’m not at home. i LUV all things veg.

do you like weird things on salads? clearly i do

any other funky salad combos? the combos are endless!


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I <3 Louise: Hay House Rock

get it? like School House Rock? mmmmmmmkay… awkward

Okay, so here’s the deal. I heart ALL things Louise

she is the ultimate diva
Louise Hay, my fairy godmother

YES yes YES you CAN! You are LOVEABLE!


She was the first self-help and motivational diva I ever encountered and she had me at hello. Yes it was a McGuire moment.

She taught me to forgive – forgive myself and forgive others. That was a huge a-ha for me, when I began the process of forgiving myself, life got better. Forgiving others was easier for some reason, but forgiving ME was and IS a big deal. It’s harder than it reads. At least for me, I suppose because I’ve done a lot of crazy embarrassing stuff. Oh well.


She taught me about affirmations and self-love.

Affirmations are my joy jam.

I love reading affirmations and declaring affirmations alllllllllll diddly day long. I don’t do this in reality, but I wish I could. I would tattoo affirmations on my arms but there are too many and I like variety.



She introduced me to mirror-work.

Mirror-Work? That’s still very new for me. If you do this, then I totally love you and let’s have tea and do mirror work together. Maybe I’ll have vodka.

Feel silly staring in a mirror at your funky mug? Feel silly telling your reflection how awesome you are? STOP it and get over yourself. I’m trying her mirror-work trick myself and even though it’s awkward, it is kinda nice.

If you can’t look at your own mug in the mirror and say I LOVE YOU MUG! Then we gots probs. I couldn’t do it for years. It was that uncomfortable. Not anymore though, I’m getting used to the face staring back and it’s okay. We’re friends now 🙂

mirror work


My Hay History:

I was 15 years old when my mom gave me the book, “You can Heal Your Life”. Today that book STILL sits on my shelf. It will be with me forever. It lives where I live, always infinite times ten.

Louise said I could heal my life…. And I believed her.


I was in a dark place when I was 15, and this was the first time I ever read a book that told me nice things about myself. It was a huge change from reading all the crime, romance, and horror novels I fed my brain at the time.

At first I thought it was weird, then I thought it was amazing and how could she possibly understand ME so well? Then I thought she was some sort of magical fairy godmother, and sent me this book just for me. So I could heal. She gave me something I never had: HOPE.

Then I wanted to buy a plane ticket to California and camp in front of her house and pray that we would become best friends…. Well I was medicated at the time, and I didn’t actually do it. So there.


Louise L. Hay is not just any motivational self-help inspirational healer. She is my ultimate DIVA. She is my Oprah. I love Oprah but I loved Louise first. I think I discovered Oprah through Louise but that’s another story.

So please excuse my language, but Louise is my B. She rocks with a trillion diamonds and bling. She’s the koolest kat with a ‘k’ – the Raddest B on the block. I’m not sure if she would think of herself as a Rad Bitch, but in my mind she is seriously the shizzle fo rizzle. Louise is timeless. Louise is love. Louise is joy.


So there ya go. My homage and declaration of forever love and appreciation for Louise L. Hay. Through her I found many other amazing inspiring people, the list is truly endless. Whenever I need a smile and warm hug for my heart, I just read Louise’s Facebook feed and all of her awesome affirmations. I smize. I smile. My heart sings. She can do no wrong; she is the ultimate diva and goddess. In my mind, she’s still my fairy godmother…


Thank you Louise, you have contributed to the person I am today. A person that can look at my own mug in the mirror and smile and say “I’m good enough, I’m worthy, I’m loveable” (and clearly I’m a quirky chick.) But that’s a good thing, right?

Now go get some love and check out Louise and Hay House peeps!

hay house

heal your life

In sweat&Sriracha,


Training Slump

i need to make friends with my body again

as i mentioned in a previous post, i’m in a training slump.


it’s not a bad thing actually.

i mean i did meet my husband last year while training and racing my 2nd (his 4th) Ironman, so there was that.

but since we finished that Ironman race, i honestly have been in a slump. well neither of us have been seriously training but he’s only ‘not’ training becuase i’m not. he’s so supportive 🙂

why am in this slump? i ask myself this a lot lately with IMTX 2015 happening as i type this post.

mainly it is because i injured myself greatly during all the training, and had never really recovered from all of the reocurring injuries since 2012. i’m still working out but feel like i’m in a slump because i have no real races on the calendar. that part is bitter sweet.

i remind myself daily that i’m a newlywed and that i love being married, this is very true. it’s been rather simple to NOT WANT to train, i want to learn how to be a wife and loving partner. that takes my energy these days and always will. eventually i’ll figure out how to be a wife more ‘naturally’ but for now, it requires focus. i mean common, i have been essentially single for over 30 years which is a long ass time of not being a wife.

i’m also still recovering mentally and emotionally from the two Ironman races, 2013 and 2014. honestly those 2 years of non stop training really took a toll on my mind and body. when i entered the triathlon world, it was because i was running and got injured during my marathon training. i was also newly in recovery, 12 steps and all, and i could not deal with having no sport to train for. i need a PLAN! and some activity otherwise i was afraid of relapse.

so my doctor told me to explore swimming and biking while my leg/hip healed. she mentioned triathlon. i had done a sprint once before and thought yes, great idea. i’ll sign up for a half ironman because that was the most INSANE thing i could possibly do.

after that was over, and oh boy it was painful for me and my body, i decided the rush and thrill were just too good. i needed MORE. so i signed up for Ironman Texas 2013 the day i finished my first half ironman, completely wrecked and with several injuries.

over-training is just in my blood, it’s in my DNA to OVERDO anything and everything.

here is where it hurt for 3 years..

but i have the power to change, i don’t have to be that way forever all the time.

so here i am today, i’m allowing myself to rehabilitate, recoup, revive, restore, recover!!!! at last, i can ease up on my poor body.

as i sit here in my training slump, i remember once again why i’m here: love. i love husband, our marriage, and myself.

so my slump is a lovely, love-filled slump.


but i’ll be itching for a race bib by the Fall, you can bet on it.

crossing a finish line is always a great feeling

in sweat&sriracha,


Sending Love


this post is in honor of all the amazing athletes racing Ironman Texas 2015 this weekend…

therefore this is not a post about Sriracha

i want to send love to all of the incredible athletes, families, spectators, and volunteers that make this event possible. IMTX will always have a special place in heart…


even though i am not training right now

even though i am sort of in a training slump

even though i feel like a total slacker at times since i haven’t raced a triathlon since IMTX 2014

even though i have no desire to ride my bike outdoors right now

even though i suffered tremendous physical pain during IMTX last year

even though i am still in shock that i was able to finish not just one but two Ironman triathlons

even though i am not in the triathlete circle at this moment….

despite all of that and more, i’m so freaking excited for everyone who is racing tomorrow. Ironman will ALWAYS be special to me because i was able to overcome serious and very real fears.

i faced my fear of swimming in open water

terrifying but i’m alive so it was not that bad. no medics were called.

i faced my fear of riding a bike outdoors (after back surgery)

i faced my fear of cycling alone in some really iffy places in the sticks

IMTX Race Number
this road was the bane of my existence… grrrrr

i faced my fear of fixing flats

i faced my fear of having a panic attack in open water

i faced my fear of failure

i faced my fear of not finishing

i faced my fears of getting injured

i faced my fears of crashing

i faced my fears of losing my shit…

i faced ALL my fears, and i finished. and honestly finishing that first Ironman was the best feeling, totally unique and totally amazing.

best of all i survived, and had FUN (well emotionally, not physically)

before that time in my life, i had struggled with my fears after my back surgery. i was terrified of falling and breaking something. i used my addictions to numb my fears, but once i abandoned my addictions, i was left with ME. i had to really get myself out of MYSELF and do something totally terrifying, something i never thought i’d EVER do. something none of my doctors were sure if i even could. in fact my doctors were not aware of any patients doing these things after back surgery. dammit! i certainly didn’t want to be the first one, but it was too late. i made up my mind. i decided i would sign up and train for an Ironman.

the journey to Ironman was an incredible experience, i was able to really forget about all my physical insecurities and thoughts about food and weight for a while. no way, i needed energy, forget about calories. i needed to seriously NOT die out there.

the journey was amazing on many levels, my life was basically train, work, train, eat, sleep, in that order. i was up at 3:30am and worked diligently with a coach. my training plan was my LIFE. it was all good.

i was so blessed to have an amazing coach and supportive family, and those volunteers out there on race day are seriously angels on earth. wow.

the most important thing that i got from getting into the Ironman world was my amazing husband. if it weren’t for doing the Ironman Texas 2014, i would never have met him… and after we met, we both knew that we would put racing on the back-burner for a while.

and today we are still loving life with training on the back burner.

my one and only IronMan

do i miss racing? yes and no. i am going to race something again, but i’ll start small. cycling was very physically hard on my back and shoulders, and i just don’t have a desire to hurt myself in that way anymore. if i can find a bike that is easier on my body, i would be excited. for now though i’m focusing on rehabbing my calf muscle, that i injured in 2013 when i did my first half ironman. since then i’ve just been putting a band-aid on it. anyway, i’m ready for some real recovery.

but for now, the most important part of my post is for the athletes. they inspire me, and i know there will be hundreds of athletes out there crossing that finish line for the first time. knowing that just warms my heart, seriously.




IMTX 2014
finishing is the best feeling

wishing them all the best day ever

in sweat&sriracha,


Random Sauce

*since i’m new at the blogging thing, please allow me some time before i find all the linkups and figure out how to join them.

meanwhile, i’ll be sharing some random sauce from my life. i didn’t really need to include the ‘my life’ bit but whatever, i’m easily confused sometimes so it’s for those people. like me. sometimes.

now for some random sauce….

i loved the LEGO movie, have you seen it? i especially love the song:

do you feel like you need a theme song every day of your life? i do. i wish i had music playing around me all the time, and sound effects. i wish i had my own soundtrack with rotating names. some days i feel SASSY. some days i feel SMASHED. some days i feel like SURRENDERING. some days i feel SUCCESSFUL. some days i feel SUPERFLY. like shaft. 

you get the point. so this morning i was feel a little sass in my ass (teehee) and wanted to snap my fingers to the beat of my own steps. so i started snapping and grooving my head from side-to-side. then when it came time to take steps forward, i lost rhythm and nearly tripped over my own shoe.

not that sassy….


back to the music. i LOVE music but have never been talented in the instrument or vocal areas. but i have a great ear. hahaha no really. (crickets… eye rolling allowed. cue)

anyway, i always thought i’d be a really good producer and/or manager. YES! i would discover the next fiona apple, or rhi rhi, or cher.

i secretly want to discover someone singing on a street corner, and of course there is NOBODY around. it’s serendipity. this gal has a voice like a nightinggale and was dropped on the corner by a beam of light from the clouds….. i take her in, fix her up, and suddenly she’s headlining and i’m running around her, booking her shows and interviews, dolling her up, coaching her when she needs it, being her watchdog, being her number one person….

then i realized: i think this means i’m ready to have a kid. and i need a hobby.

yeah, i know. i’m a total nut. but seriously. squirrel. no really! the last couple of months i’ve suddenly felt maternal. and up until recently i never really allowed myself to want kids of my own. well, mainly because i was single until recently, so there was that.

*by the way, have you seen that movie Big Hero 6?


ok no more kid talk, i don’t want to go to that topic just yet. it’s random sauce time and that is a whole other level of babble.

more random sauce…..

every morning i get up and do my oil pulling. YESSSSSSSSS! i’ve turned into an oil puller!!! and honestly i freaking love it. so much that i’m doing a post on oil pulling, or at least will expand on it much more. but for now, just trust me. do some research, here are some good links: oil pulling 1 oil pulling 2 and oil pulling 3 . i want to note that Amanda’s blog was the first place i really read about it and made me consider more seriously. before that i always poo-pooed it and just couldn’t get my brain around it. but not anymore. i am a BELIEVER!!!!

but i’m not fancy, i buy the generic coconut oil from the grocery store. and i put in a few drops of oregano oil…. this is seriously magic wizardry. it’s a potion for my gums that just makes them feel amazing. therefore I AM AMAZING via my amazing gums. i LOVE it!!! and my dentist has literally said, “your gums are like a 16 year old!” yes, i have never had that happen. even when i was 16. i have major mouth/tooth drama, that’s also for another post. for now just let me share my love for oil pulling. hail the oil in the mouth, swish that oil. yes. *the husband enjoys whenever i’m swishing for 20 minutes in the morning, and how i can’t talk back*

more random sauce…

so there are many things that i will try in the ‘name of health’ and i happen to sincerely love some of those things (like oil pulling!) i truly love kale, green smoothies, fermented veggies, fatty meats, egg yolks, coconut oil/MCT oil, maca powder, turmeric anything, chia seeds, the list goes on.

but every now and then i stumble across an item that really has me in a flavor stuper… like kelp powder. i REALLY want to like kelp powder, but i can’t shake the pond scum taste. it’s very strong and very scummy on my palette. i suspect that i am one of those people without the tastebuds that love flavors in that scum family, which may include: liver, algae, pond scum, and certain kinds of seaweed salads (at certain sushi bars.) i am really sensitive to the scum flavor, and anything over ‘mineral-y’… like liver. ugh i just gagged, and that really frustrates me because i want to like liver. i want to! sigh.

so anyhow, the kelp powder leads up to my next item in question: energy bits. i LOVE the idea of having energy, and will stubbornly eat things that i don’t totally love if i think the benefits are just unbelievable. have you tried energy bits? oh my stars, i WANT to WANT to like these things!!!! they are all the rage these days, right? i mean every fat adapted athlete raves about energy bits, so of course i have to be a non-fat adapted food rebel and investigate what the heck these energy bits are.

i ordered some. and chomped on a serving… and waited for my mind and taste buds to be blown. i waited for all my prayers for energy to be answered and all my sugar cravings to be removed… i waited. and then i had a green tongue and green teeth. and funky scum flavor in my mouth.

tasted like a mouthful of this

so no, not mind blowing. just very crunchy and kelpy. and hint of scum. ughhhhhh i want to like them. maybe i’ll like them later.

please realize that i know these are first world problems. i mean seriously, but it’s my random sauce and that’s how i roll. squirrel!


now i’m off to figure out a way to crush up those energy bits and make something minutely appetizing. green SAUCE with Sriracha!!! 

__Random_Sauce___by_SonikkuLova 9161324

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Don’t Settle, Seize the Sriracha


I’ve been going through this post-marriage pre-midlife crisis in life, especially workwise. I’m realizing that I put my career goals on hold back in 2010 when I sold my sad little donut shop for pennies, and since then I was just hanging on by threads, waiting. Waiting to be inspired to do what I really want. All the while working in an office, which was only supposed to be temporary, but temporary has turned into 4 years….. what??? I did that already! How did I get back there again? 4 years of doing something that i am just simply NOT meant to be doing is a long time, especially for an enlightened sassy sauce girl. Well guess what?


I’m done. I’m over it. Enough, finit-o! no mas!


Don’t settle when you know there is something else you really want. Like you’re working this job you hate and much rather be doing something else. What is that something else? It is okay if you don’t know right now, but start asking yourself. And don’t settle.

Yes, I’m talking about settling. Don’t settle.


We all settle, even when we think we don’t. Sometimes you have to compromise, that’s okay. But don’t settle.

I don’t have good examples, but off the top of my head here is where I will compromise:                compromise

Getting coffee – I ask for the dark roast. I’m in a rush. They give me the medium. I take it, I’m in a hurry, all is fine. No lives were harmed.

I also compromised on our neighborhood; I moved into my husband’s house because it made sense at the time, even though it wasn’t my favorite part of town. It was fine, we survived and being with him was worth the change in zip code. Well, temporarily… thank goodness we moved. I digress!

Settling: working in a job that I know is not for me and selling my soul by the hour, and feeling like I have to put on a mask every day; sitting at a desk wondering what am I doing this for gets old.

Another example is being in a relationship that you know is going to no-where-vill but he has a key and your cat likes him, and he knows your favorite drink, and you have that movie you both love that nobody else has heard of. And you wear his shirts and love them… but still, you know he’s not the one. Settling.


Settling is actually okay sometimes though. What? I mean really, sometimes you have to just wait and be patient. This is okay, patience is good but don’t give up on a dream or goal and SETTLE. Patience? Yes have patience. Your dreams may not come true within 24 hours. That doesn’t mean they won’t happen eventually… start planting those seeds and let them grow. Maybe add some fertilizer and extra sunshine. Say some positive affirmations, they always help. Don’t give up. Don’t settle, have faith!

So what’s my goal? Well in summary, I am in the process of leaving a job that I don’t want so I can actually do what I DO want. Sounds so simple… so not that simple, but still. I’m not settling, I’m not going to just give in and allow my days to morph and use all my energy to get through my work that I have no interest in. It’s not fair to the company I work for, after all there are people who might actually want and like my job. I am not one of them, so please feel free to take it. seriously email me if you want my job… 

I have always had an entrepreneurial heart; my first loves in life were: art, cooking, and business. When I was 5, I painted all these wooden magnets and sold them to our neighbors. I used the money to buy an ice cream maker. I thought I was freakin’ awesome… but yeah, so I love business and making stuff. I like stuff. Making people happy. And stuff.

Anyway. I have been interested in writing for a long time but never thought I had anything interesting to say. Well now I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m interesting, thankfully I think a lot of people are so maybe it makes up for any lack.

I also love working, but working on things I love. What do I love? Well a lot of things.. anyhow, it’s TIME to take action. I’m at the point where I’m ready and my seeds are starting to sprout just a wee bit. I’m putting out the positive vibes and feeling the love. I’m declaring what I want to the universe!


And the universe listened.


Things are falling into place every day; I’m moving closer to being where I want to be, not where I think I should be. That’s a cool feeling.


Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t born with balls of steel. I wasn’t a super sauce ninja overnight. There have been a lot times in my life where I settled. I settled for my disordered eating and disordered ways because I thought they were the only way I could cope with life. I settled for boring exercise because I was afraid to try anything new or fun. I settled for miserable diets because I thought that’s the price of beauty (which is clearly total wank!) I settled for friendships that were miserable and exhausting because I thought that it was ok if it was one-sided, to be a pillow or punching bag allthetime… not really. It should go both ways, you listen, I listen, we all listen. FRIENDS.


You are allowed to want the things you want, and you’re even allowed to go after them. You don’t have to be stuck. That doesn’t mean you need to climb the mountain today, but just know that you have CHOICES. And plant those seeds now, and let them grow. Yell to the universe what you REALLY want out of life. You can actually have it. life can be FABULOUS…


Life is a lot shorter than you realize and moments really are sacred and precious.

If what you’re doing isn’t making you feel joyful, maybe it’s time to consider things that do.


I don’t know, I’m not a professional.

BUT I am a real person that has been able to overcome a lot of bizarre and incredible obstacles and KNOW that if you want something, you can have it. Well, within reason… ok joking. Sort of. Don’t test this and go asking the universe to send you to the moon if you’ve never gone to college. Just saying. But you can ask for this if you went to astronaut school, yes that’s allowed

*If you love fancy deluxe toilet paper, then buy the premium toilet paper and stop settling for cheap stuff. It is your toosh after all and should be handled in a premium way. Your toosh is worth the few pennies more. Okay I am speaking for myself, life totally improved for me when I allowed myself to wipe with the good stuff. Oh yeahhhh… happy toosh, happy girl.

What do you want to change? What’s not working for you anymore?

I want to change my work situation and I’m on it… 😀

Have you ever felt like you’ve settled?

Today I settled on leftovers for breakfast because I just couldn’t be bothered to make anything, but at least it was food and not just a bowl of sauce.

Do you ever send back food that’s sub-par, or do you keep it and not consider it a big deal?

I have on the rare occasion kept something that wasn’t what I wanted, but typically I don’t. In fact I’m happy to compensate people greatly for bringing me what I actually want. I pay you for the pesto, you bring me the pesto, not the hummus. Capiche?

So I’m standing up right now! well not literally. But I’m letting people know that you don’t have to put up with mediocrity and living a life that doesn’t excite you. Be excited! I want to live a life that makes me go “FU*K YEAH!” in the morning, doesn’t that sound awesome? Well I’m a morning person so it does to me. F yeah.

In sweat&Sriracha,


Ode to Sriracha

i love the oatmeal. not as much as sriracha but they understand me.

my sweet, spicy Rooster Sauce.
you’re more than just a sauce to me.
you’re more than just a condiment.
you’re more than just something you have with Pho.

you represent how beautiful it is to be different and BOLD and spicy
you represent the mingling of East meets West
you represent the meaning of life. ok not quite but still…..

this is how i feel
Mixed Race and Complete
i’m mixed inside and out
i thought i was 100% chinese for a few years, then i found out i’m mixed.

i came to this country when i was a tiny tott, with my Chinese great-grandmother and young mother. our home was filled to the roof with ethnic food and asian-american versions of anything i saw on television.
ketchup was the first major condiment i fell in love with, it was red and bold and American. i wanted all things American, i wanted all things ketchup. to be ketchup. i wanted to live the ketchup dream.
but i couldn’t, i am wonderfully and colofully mixed. i have strong Asian and European roots and the force is strong on all sides. so ketchup just couldn’t be my signature sauce, it was not my authentic star sauce.
then i met Sriracha. she had me at hello… or first taste. the bottle with its cute little rooster and bright green tip was appealing and more pleasing to me than the ketchup bottles, so that was nice.
then the flavor… the taste was invigorating and spicy and fresh!

iheartrooster                      rooster and tomato
i loved how Sriracha looked like ketchup but tasted nothing like it, i loved how it was spicy and sweet and bold. i loved that i could find it in any Asian restaurant and it tasted better with food than ketchup. i loved that it came from the East and made me feel comforted. i loved how i could ask for it in Chinese: la jiang

i finally found my star sauce. Sriracha made me feel at home away from home. what is home? well home is where you feel safe and comfortable, and i suppose Sriracha feels comfortable to me. don’t get me wrong, i love ketchup as well.

the best of both worlds is to combine the flavors of both: ketchup + Sriracha = super star sauce

so there you go. my ode to my magical, flavorful Sriracha.


you’ll always be in my heart.

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Resignation = Change of Scenery

resignation post

well, i did it.

i gave notice. i told my job to suck it.

ok no i didn’t do that at all. i’m just excited.

seriously though, i am leaving this place in two weeks. EEP.

i told the boss that my last day will be in two weeks… then i did cartwheels down the hallway…..and wrote all of my thank you emails… i even went to lunch with my husband and coworkers instead of the gym (to escape the previous nightmare and burn off the usual frustrations) and then i CELEBRATED!!!  inside myself, quietly of course. but oh how i screamed with joy inside….

basically, i’m a NEW woman. totally new. i’m still 5’2″ but i’m different now. i’m embarking on the NEXT CHAPTER in my life… whoa holy ballz.



what does this mean? well a lot of things. i am free to pursue the things that actually make me excited! i want to walk the walk. LITERALLY!!!! i want to live a life doing what i am interested in and that fulfills me rather than sit back and wonder why i can’t be one of those people.

it’s going to take some time to adjust and figure it all out. but WHO CARES.

i just spent over 4 years (again!!!) working at jobs that didn’t totally fulfill me, didn’t satisfy my creative itches or business skills. yes they were nice jobs in lovely offices, and they were not hard.

but i need more than just a nice window or covered parking. i need MORE than just a steady paycheck.

so i wanted to figure out how to make a living doing something i’m interested in…. after all, i’m not a young chick-a-dee anymore. i’m a grown-ass, professional, intelligent, badass woman who doesn’t need to settle for riff or raff or ruff. no, my goal is wake up in the morning and go “yee haw, FU*K yeah!” not “OH NOooooo!” so with that in mind, it was time to get crackin on my plan.

naturally, i made a spreadsheet. this happened a few months ago. after all, when in doubt make lists, charts, and use that trusty Excel thingy on the weird computer machine thingy. it’s like having your personal office wizard, right? i still think technology is ancient wizardry with a modern twist to trick us, but i’m totally OK with it. i digress…

so on my spreadsheet called, “what makes me happy = dream job” i had columns: elements of my perfect morning, what activities make me happy, favorite skills, things i love, things i dislike, things i won’t tolerate, dream jobs. then i wrote about how my perfect day would go, and really thought about it. like actually imagined myself getting up at the perfect hour, minute by minute, then how i’d feel and what i’d be doing, how it would feel, how my afternoon and evenings would go, how i’d feel, etc. i think my diva goddess Louise taught me this.

after filling in the spreadsheet, i was able to figure out that i actually would be happy doing a lots of fun things: real estate, teach, write, real estate investor or house flipper, health coach, massage therapist, makeup artist, restaurant owner, philanthropist, and lady that lunches.

i ruled out a few of them based on reality, then i was left with my top choices: real estate, writer, teacher, health coach.

then i started to research everything it would take to become each of those. immediately i decided not to worry about trying to be a writer, just start a blog and start writing. so here i am. i’m doing this because i love to write, not for anything else. at least not that i’m aware of.

then i investigated teaching – and talked to my friends that are teachers. i determined that it was not my top choice, i love the idea but maybe not the reality.

next was health coaching – i really loved the idea and began talking with schools, but then i realized that i am going through my own recovery. as much as i want to help people, i don’t want my entire life to be about feeling like i have to be perfect. because i’m not. vodka and wine have regular appearances and i’m not sure if you want me to coach you, unless you don’t mind me giving you pickled advice. sure, but i’ll do that for free. because i love you all. muwahh.

finally it was real estate – now this is interesting. i love it! i used to work in real estate many moons ago and actually loved it. i grew up with a grandmother that loved fancy houses and used to take me to all the open houses every weekend; she’d pretend to buy every house but she really just wanted to see the bathrooms. i loved the architecture and seeing all the homes. later on i used to work in real estate and hosting open houses, and then got my license. long story short i stopped because i lost the nerve, but anyhow i’m here today and i am about to take my exam.

so if all the planets align, i’ll be actually doing something that makes me happy.


i’ll be waking up and punching air!

i’m ready. i know it won’t be roses and kittens, i’m no fool. every job has challenges, even our happy-place jobs.

but who cares, it’s better than spending time doing something that has no meaning at all.

it’s all about you, or actually it’s about me. but you get the point. someone could love one job, and i could hate it. and vice versa. just like not everyone likes Sriracha… i shudder but the truth is not unknown to me.

i’m at peace with who i am and i want to live my life being true to my gifts and my experiences. that’s the least i can do.

so stay tuned… i’m enjoying my last days in the meantime and every day is a celebration. i’m cutting loose and feeling GOOD.

i leave you with this, my lovely gorgeous gals in sauce and shoes…..

in sweat&sriracha,