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as i type this i just finished off yet another spinach lentil burger patty topped with a fried egg. i’ve decided these burgers are the perfect food. breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. they are good cold and are easily eaten with one hand. they have everything i could ask for in a food: flavor, portability, and nutrition. get this recipe now if you haven’t already. recipe here for: the unicorn of burgers.

coincidentally the creator of these magical ‘unicorn’ burgers is also the hostess of this week in review linkup. yes, the only reason i seem to get my arse to my computer these days. oh joy, yes. linkup with mistress meg here. she’s wicked fun


since i’m short on time i’ll get started with my list list list list list… (work work work work work… ) that song is in my head, oops.

my highlights for the last week included:

  • usual stuff:
  • laundry, pumping, feedings, playing, napping, diaper changing
  • bonus stuff
  • more playtime
  • dance parties in the baby bjorn
  • singing to baby
  • practicing my playlist songs in front of baby and doing dance moves to entertain her. she was very amused.
  • Baby Lulu turned 2 months old on Saturday
  • Daddy got her to fall asleep in her crib.. mommy struggled with this. my girl is independant already. say it ain’t so!!!
  • hooked up this beautiful nightlight filled with stars 🙂
  • Lulu  enjoyed the weekend mornings with daddy
  • speaking of daddy, she has become a daddy’s girl
  • We had a day trip to Conroe for some in laws, cousin fun, and my mom/stepdad joined us, too
  • i had the best spin class on Sunday that i taught, loved every second of it! it’s my calling.
  • thursday and saturday morning i tried out 2 other boutique spin studios – had fun but still like my workout style better. personal preference, i’m just  not into doing pushups on the bike.
  • wednesday and saturday i had morning bliss running dates with my running pal
  • got a cold sore, yuck
  • had a visit from my bestie
  • helped out a friend find a new home, so got to actually get some work done and nobody was harmed.
  • bought a million things online. i’m a true amazon shopper
  • had my final postnatal checkup. i’m all clear by OB. we talked about spinning – can’t wait to finally try soul cycle.
  • foodwise: cooked turkey curry, ate more lentil burgers, had the best pizza, and enjoyed an entire bag of dove chocolates.

that’s it – here are pics. life on the run!

IMG_5834 IMG_5864 IMG_5880 IMG_5882 IMG_5888 IMG_5891 IMG_5893 IMG_5901 IMG_5902

do you like night lights?

ever tried a boutique cycling studio? 

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i am sweating out a 36 year sriracha habit from my pores. and loving life. and spreading joy and happiness. i've hit some pits and seen the light, and damn it feels good to be me right now. so thanks for reading, we're blessed to have technology!

2 thoughts on “WIR sleep less play more”

  1. She is such a cute little stinker, emphasis on the stinker part when she resists those naps. Been there, done that, did it again today. 🙂

    I love how much exercise you’re managing to fit in. You’re amazing and now officially my fitspiration. I would love, love, love to take one of your spinning classes.

    Congrats on the day trip; that is HUGE! It does get easier, I promise. The first one, I white knuckled the steering wheel the whole time I was so damn anxious.

  2. I realize this is not a recent post so my comment is coming quite late, but wanted to say belated happy birthday to miss Lulu. She is gorgeous. And Daddy’s girls turn out pretty well…. speaking from experience 😉
    Yeah no thanks to pushups on the bike. Wish I could take one of your classes. So great hearing how much you love to teach. Soon baby will be able to join you in all those dance parties.

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