Week In Review: Pedis, Date Night, and Green Poop

when i think of runs my mind immediately goes to baby poop now. running will never be the same in my mind. when someone says pump, i think boobs. when i hear anything about food, my boobs throb. i feel like everything is revolving around boobs and poop, and that is totally normal for new moms. i certainly have no complaints! it takes the guess work out of life. instead of planning all this stuff to do, i just know there will be poop, pee, feeding/boobs, naps, play, cuddles, some fuss (because i’m realistic) and tons of happiness. anything else outside of those is a bonus. i guess i should include taking care of myself because that’s important, too. that certainly happens in between those things above, i haven’t gone a day without a shower and i can’t say the same for my pre-pregnancy self. funny how that happened!

to keep my sanity and feel like i have other things going on besides again, the aforementioned list above of poop/pee, i’m linking up with my soul sister and boob mother, Meg. because she’s awesome and gosh darnit i love her. link up here.


last week was another fun, my-baby-is-growing-like-a-weed, week. we had her 7 week checkup, which was supposed to be 6 weeks but they didn’t do the math correctly. no sweat off my back. Lulu and i don’t exactly love going to all the doctor’s appointments, we have mutual feelings about it.


the last few days i also dropped drastically in blogging/writing, time just seemed to keep escaping me. since i have no self imposed rules or requirements on blogging just yet, i don’t mind at all. my schedule revolves around the baby for the most part, which i’m totally OK with. any extra time gets to be spent doing whatever my heart desires: showers come before anything else, taking my supplements, food. then all the bonus stuff like exercise and blogging. that’s it. just baby and me, i like it.

i’ve mastered feeding her on one side while feeding myself with my free hand. it’s not the optimal way of eating but it gets the job done. i notice that i’m foggy when i skip meals and am feeding her for 1-3 hours so i must fuel up any way i can. which leads me to have feelings about the current Chewing Challenge craze i keep seeing on social media. i’m all about chewing your food, but as a new, breastfeeding mom it’s really not that practical to get into a chewing challenge right now. sometimes i don’t chew my food enough, sometimes i have gas, sometimes i inhale air. it happens. i’m not beating myself up or worried. the idea of the chewing challenge is nice, but honestly i’ve never been a person that ate too fast. this recent change of behavior is actually good because i always wanted to know if i was able to eat fast. now i see that even my fastest rate of eating is still slower than my hubby’s. i’m a naturally slow eater and tend to think about each bite, so i think i’ve been a  long time graduate of the chewing challenge.

chew toy for the chewing challenge

well now that my babbles are out of my system, here are some fun things i did last week:

  • went to Lulu’s pediatrician – she’s over 11 pounds of pure cuteness and chunk, and 21″ long. all that chunk is great for her brain, i’m happy and proud!
  • met up my gal pal for the best spa pedicure  of my life, with yummy champs. helloooooooo bubbly! only 1 glass for me now, i’ve become the lightest of weights. sad. i aspire to my old self… just kidding.


  • speaking of wine, hubby and i had our first date night post baby!!! we are oficially boring parents. after being gone for 1 hour, we pretty much didn’t know what else to do. we ate, so we decided to go get pie and another glass of wine. i ordered soft pretzels because i was feeling rebellious. worth it. since i’m such a light weight  now i had a really hard time the next day just from a couple glasses of wine. the old me wanted to party all the night, but the new  me was like hey have some water and snap out of it, MOM! MOTHER OF LULU!!! yup i snapped out of it.
  • had 2 lovely runs outside with my favorite running buddy at 5AM, which was perfection. love to see the dawn.
  • IMG_5779
  • speaking of runs, Lulu has had some runny diapers.
  • daddy introduced Lulu to baby einstein.


  • i had a few visits from friends and caught up on life.
  • my mom came a few times, once she brought friends and sushi one night and Mediterranean food on another, and banana bread yet another time.
  • our amazing family friends that babysat on our date night brought HOMEMADE indian food… omg it was so good, so much better than going out.
  • i spent over 8 hours making playlists for spin class, and rode my bike a couple times to practice.
  • on sunday i taught my spin class and had a blast, and was told by my friend that i should consider auditioning at higher-end cycle studios… well don’t mind if i do. sounds fun to me!
  • IMG_5810
  • shopped for groceries, prepped food
  • made Meg’s burgers and made enough for the week. we have already eaten them 3 ways since yesterday and yes they are that good. so versatile, we can eat them at every meal.
  • IMG_5824 IMG_5822 IMG_5819
  • last but not least, i had a lot of time with lulu in the baby bjorn and we had epic dance parties. shes loves missy elliott and cat stevens. i’m all about diversity so i’m being very supportive of her musical taste.

that’s it, time to go attend to baby’s desires!




do you like pedicures? ever had champagne while at the spa? that was a first for me.

have you made those burgers yet??? make them!


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2 thoughts on “Week In Review: Pedis, Date Night, and Green Poop”

  1. Ah, I love every single about this and YOU. I can relate to it so much and I can reassure you that one day in the near future, the feedings will start to last less and less. You’ll even start to wonder if something is wrong because the duration is so short comparatively. You already know my thoughts on making sure you get enough eats….it’s legit tough to do. I too became a champion one handed eater. Also, I’m pretty sure I didn’t taste my food those first eight weeks. I just hoovered. These days I absolutely have to remind myself to slow down. It’s strange.

    I am so proud of you for teaching spinning. I would love to attend one of your classes.

    Lulu has great taste in music.

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