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i’m thrilled it’s friday. i’m not sure why, but i still get excited about friday even though i’m no longer working a corporate 8-5 job. i guess it’s just the energy or something in the air, i’ll always be happy for friday.

this morning was rough! instead of getting at least 3 hours of sleep, we got woken up every 15 minutes for 3 hours because my husband’s toothbrush was malfunctioning and making the strangest and loudest noise. it was enough to get me to tears since it took me 2.5 hours to get Lulu to sleep, but luckily i kept myself together. at 4am i texted my running buddy and she met me for an hour run. honestly, i typically won’t workout if i’m not rested but i was so upset and frustrated, the run and fresh air soothed my soul. i knew if i stayed there i was going to say mean things and get mad at my husband for keeping a toothbrush for 8 years, but once i got outside and blood was pumping, i realized hey, it’s not his fault. whoever said running is like therapy was right. exercise is my therapy much of the time.

so i thought i would list out what i have been loving this week and what my favorite things are.

Snap Kitchen

i recently discovered SNAP Kitchen, which is a place that offers healthy, prepared meals to-go. you walk in and it’s like a giant fridge with ready-made and packaged meals. all you do is grab what you want, pay and go. they make everything fresh and provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, and drinks. all the ingredients and nutrition is on the box, and instructions for heating if necessary. they offer meals for every diet, ie vegan, paleo, low carb, gluten free, pescatarian, etc. what i love is that the food is all normal and natural ingredients, no preservatives. it’s basically like going to a grocery store and getting their ready-made food to go, but much better. the ingredients are fresh the flavors are delicious. eating nutritious food is important and i’m not good at having balanced meals right now, so this place has really helped me stay on top of my protein. up until this i was living on nuts and toast and coffee with tons of sugar. not. good!!! so i’m giving 2 snaps and twist and twirl for snap kitchen. i figure i will use snap kitchen and get recipe and meal ideas so i can start to prep meals myself. this will take some planning on my part, but this is good motivation and inspiration.

their food is so yummy! and looks pretty easy to concoct from what i can tell looking at their ingredients. my favorite one so far is their little breakfast box with hard boiled eggs, bison patties, and spinach. the bison patties are amazing and only have like 5 ingredients. this definitely makes me realize i really need to make 2 dozen hard boiled eggs and have them ready in the fridge. i’ve been eating the crap (or yolk) out of hard boiled eggs now that i’ve picked up a few boxes from snap. the bison patties require more effort but i think i’ll start with Meg’s lentil burgers. anything that’s a patty and a hard boiled egg are making me very happy these days. grab and eat. don’t even need to heat it up for me. love it!

5 AM run dates x 2

i already mentioned my near breakdown this morning. well, the run really did make me feel better. last week my running friend and i said we’ll try to meet up twice a week, that’s 2 mornings per week at 5AM, and see what we can do by 6AM. that gives me 1 whole hour of me time with daddy at home watching the baby. this is a huge help and huge deal for me! i feel like a better wife and mother already because i love the mornings, i love physical activity, and i love seeing my good friend before the sun comes up. i love fitness friends! i’m in a better mood during the day and 2 days a week is plenty for me. everything else is just a huge bonus. like my sunday spin class! huge bonus.

blog friends

it’s amazing how connected you can feel to someone you’ve never met. it never ceases to amaze me how connected i feel people via blogs and social media. not everyone, but some people just stand out and feel like their speaking my language. these special people feel like real friends, and like real friends are there when i need support. hopefully vice versa. it’s so incredible to know that you can reach out to someone when you’re feeling in a funk and they will not mind or at least pretend to not mind. i feel very blessed to have come across such amazing people via the interwebs. i can’t wait to meet in real life because like any friendship, i see them as lifelong friends. no rush, but one day πŸ™‚

update, i had to stop this post and now it’s saturday. life happens, right?

we’ve got a busy day ahead so with that i’m cutting this short and off to be a much more present wife and mother πŸ™‚

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every tried these ready-made meal places?Β 

good at meal planning?Β 




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2 thoughts on “favorite friday fun”

  1. Do whatever you need to do to get good food in your pie hole fast. I found myself often crashing from a lack of enough food….nursing means you need to eat often. Once I got the food under control, it made a big difference. Also don’t worry about prepping now. Just the basics work and if Snap kitchen makes those basic possible, utilize it.

    I said mean things to the Hubby. Going for a run would have been a better idea. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    You are doing awesome!!

    1. trying my best has taken on a whole new meaning. at the end of the day i just ask myself, “is she safe?” yes. is she loved? yes. ok then. everything else is just other stuff.

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