the oh sh!t moments

everyone has them. those “whoa, shit!” moments where you need to grab something or think, holy crap. what just happened. or, did that just happen? or, oh my gosh! crap! basically just incidents in life that make you go, “crap!” or “shit!” if you’re like me and foul-mouthed.

i have my whoa, shit! moments a lot more frequently these days. but usually they are due to my baby did an epic poo-bomb or something else baby/bowel related. when i say, “whoa, shit!” i tend to mean it literally.

but today i had a whoa, shit! moment that was scary. i was coming down the stairs while carrying my sweet precious baby and on the second to last stair i slipped. whoa, shit!!! i didn’t fall, the baby was fine….

my angel!!!!

but i was FREAKING out inside. like, really. freaking. out. i called my husband after clutching Lulu tightly and kissing her madly, saying, “thank you Jesus, thank you God, thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!” to whomever is above us. my husband answered right away and i told him what happened. he joined me in the concern immediately and said he would go get some stick-on treads for the stairs at lunchtime. i love my husband so much, and this is why. he just know how to handle these moments. he’s the best problem solver i know.  much better than i am.

funny i was thinking earlier this  morning, which happened to start for me at 3AM.. eek, i was thinking gosh, i’m going to be tired today since we have her pediatrician appointment this morning, which means i don’t get to go back to sleep till later, if even then. i was feeling whoozy by 8AM and detest handling my precious baby when i feel that whoozy, but i figured i just needed to eat some breakfast. that usually helps my brain at least a bit. anyhow, on my way down that’s when it happened. my whoa, shit! moment to trump all moments.

it made me seriously think: i need to wake the F up and get it together… and buy some socks with rubber pads on the bottom. i ordered some right before i started this post, FYI. i will not be walking around on our wooden floors with plain socks any longer. no sir-ee. yes, i could go barefoot but we have dogs and there is always stuff on the floor that i rather not touch with my bare skin. i’m just weird about bare feet unless i’ve just worked out, then i don’t care. i like my feet covered. if there was no such thing as socks with treads on them, i’d go bare footed and suck it up of course, but i don’t have to worry since many other people have this issue. which is why such things were invented. i’m not alone. none of us are ever alone in our quirky ways. at least not that i know of.

anyhow, i’m going to keep it short today. there are just too many things happening around me and to my body post baby that are making go, whoa, shit! and honestly i just want it all to pass. hormones and our bodies and mother nature are incredible. incredibly frustrating sometimes, but incredible. our bodies post baby go through a lot. i’m still getting used to what my body is going through post baby. the big things and worse are the little things. like small armpit bumps that may or may not be related to breastfeeding. a lot of things happen when you breastfeed, that’s a whole other topic. don’t get me started.

happy hump day. xx

to the mom’s out there – anything crazy happen to you post partum? 

what are some of your whoa, shit! moments?

do you have a thing with your feet or other quirk? 

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