Week In Review – Grooving with Lulu

good morning peeps. it’s 6AM here at Smith headquarters and i’m utilizing this quiet time after just putting Baby Lulu down for a nap. we just had a nice little feeding time together and even though i could go back to sleep (for hours i wish!) i rather get a few things done. like get lemon water and write this post. ain’t no time like the present, right?

so i’m linking up with my girl, Meg, for her WIR weekly party. i live for this. ok well not literally, but it’s nice to have things to look forward to. incentives. goals. stuff happening besides… well all my usual new-mom-life stuff. LOVE it all but nice to have variety. 😉




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going backwards, sunday (yesterday) was a great day. got about 5 hours of sleep thanks to hubby. this feels like a lot now believe it or not. taught my first spin class in 9 weeks and felt amazing. my friends visited. granny jan visited. hubby made me the best egg sandwich ever, AND the best spaghetti squash pesto dinner ever. i did 5 loads of laundry and hubby washed the fur babies. in my world, this was practically a perfect day. well minus Lulu being very cranky for much of it. she’s growing so fast, it must be uncomfortable. poor thing. i’m taking so many photos of Lulu but not really of much else. i try, sort of, but then don’t worry much about it. when i’m eating really good food now i just sort of enjoy it and don’t feel as compelled to photograph it. i’m shifting inside i guess, or just can’t be arsed. i like seeing nice food pics but don’t feel inspired to do the same. i’m grateful for good food but writing about it is quite enough for me.

ok tangent!


it was a great week overall. plans changed a few times but no worries. it comes with being a new mom and having a 7 week old baby. by the way, Lucinda is 7  weeks old today!!! that’s bananas. how did that happen. ohhhhhhh time is going too fast already.

recap of the last week:

  • emergency Doctor visit – everything’s fine, just had to look at something on my tummy. Lulu didn’t like going so that made it challenging.
  • two runs with my friend, heavenly
  • confirmed i got the sunday morning spin slot – this is huge because it’s a super packed class and my hubby is home. yay for childcare.
  • worked on my class structure and new techniques
  • taught my first spin class since before baby, 9 weeks ago
  • had friends over to celebrate a 50th birthday and have game night, which totally went ass backwards but had nothing to do with us. emotional issues, i’ll leave it at that.
  • had another friend over for an 80’s movie night
  • a few family visits plus in laws
  • started elimination diet of basically rice and potatoes but then abandoned it 5 days in. it actually upset my tummy! and discovered the latch was more the issue… so much stuff to learn.
  • Attempted to watch several movies
  • Actually watched zero
  • Blogged, yay
  • Daily photos of baby Lulu
  • Sorting new baby clothes – so many cute outfits
  • Bought water dispenser plus water jugs – this was a highlight of my week! i love having water… i’m always thirsty. thank you breastfeeding 🙂
mama’s back, watch out

my thoughts about the week….

sort of getting into a groove. basically i know there will be mass amounts of feeding, diaper changing, laundry, and some naps all day and night. it’s the in between stuff that i’m making more sense of. the in between moments are where things may or may not happen. i’m learning to abandon control more and more each day. there are still things that i make as goals and do my best to orchestrate everything to make them happen. but most of the time i just allow life to flow and Lulu to be the captain. it’s much easier that way.

i’m also stupidly excited about:

  • having a water dispenser at home. feels so fancy!
  • my new class and my new personal method. i’m creating a facebook page so people can follow my classes – i want to eventually grow this.
  • the playlist i had on sunday was DOPE
  • being able to have a couple of morning runs with my friend. so nice to get out of the house.
  • Lulu’s outfits, we are finally able to wear cute dresses. we meaning her of course.
  • my hubby’s class schedule – he may have a free saturday this semester!
  • date night this week – my mom has agreed to babysit this friday so we can have a date night before hubby gets crazy busy again
  • my friday spa date with my friend – my mother’s helper will be  here so i can go have girly time and get my toes did… so excited about that!

okay that’s a wrap, lots to do.

how was your week? 

what are you stupidly excited about? 

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2 thoughts on “Week In Review – Grooving with Lulu”

  1. I’m really loving the sound of your week, and it sounds like its put you in a pretty nice place with a lot to still look forward to. Big congrats on returning to your spin class – that must feel so great! And very exciting to start planning on growing a following through Facebook etc. Maybe you should share your playlists on the page too!?
    I also conquered a goal of starting many movies without many/any finishes. Story of my life.
    I hope you enjoy date night! Well deserved.

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