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it’s been a hot minute since i’ve done a blog post. i realize that. i thought about whether or not i should continue blogging at all, but quickly decided not to overthink it and take advantage of the free moments i have.

life is good. i have a precious baby in the other room, happily napping. (i’m watching her on my monitor as i type this, technology is amazing!) i’m clean, i’ve had coffee, and bonus points for a run and dog walk. i feel like i have conquered the world in the last hour!!! anytime i have a shower i feel like high-fiving someone. it’s that awesome.

crib baby room

much to catch up on – so for my Week In Review, hosted by the lovely momma and inspiration to my new-mom-self, Meg, i will try to summarize all that’s happened in the last week then try to catch up on what’s actually happened in the last few months in another post. to join the WIR party, link up with Meg here – she’s clean and fast on her feet. hehehe wink wink.



so clearly life has changed. i had a baby. Lucinda Helene Smith. this precious tiny human was inside my body and entered the world on june 27th, at 2:33am. this is the work of angels and powers greater than i can comprehend. mother nature is mind blowing. growing humans is mind blowing. i still can’t believe i grew and carried a baby, then had her lifted out of my bowels and into the world, and now she’s gurgling happily in the next room.


okay i can go on forever… this whole has got me like WHOA. science. the human body. women. it’s all epic shit.

so back to my WIR, i’ll start with what i actually did this last week. my brain is scrambled up so this list will be scrambled, too.


the daily stuff:

  • breastfed, burped, changed diapers, rocked baby, napped, ate, laundry x a thousand times, cleaned, more diapers, some pumping

other stuff:

  • walked to a cafe for breakfast with friends 2 x
  • saw my dentist once, had a tooth pulled once
  • took antibiotics for tooth infection for a week
  • hubby took off work to help with baby while i did the dental torture: 1 day
  • had my post natal OB appointment and took the baby, so it lasted 3 hours
  • saw my girlfriend on friday for happy hour – 2 hours of adult time
  • grocery store: 1 x
  • workouts: 30 mins x 5, plus an easy run on sunday with my gal pal
  • dogs walked: 1 time 🙁 sadly they get the short end of the stick
  • mother’s helper came over to help: 3 x
  • days where i stayed on the couch and felt tied to the baby station: 2 x
  • went to my mom’s house with the baby: 2 x and brought dogs
  • meals cooked: ???? cooking? i baked bread. i’m surprisingly good at that.
  • baby vomitted milk: 3 x
  • baby spit up: 10-20 x little spit ups
  • calls to the pediatrician: 1 x – said to eliminate all foods from my diet but potatoes and turkey and rice…
  • cried about feeling overwhelmed at changing my diet: 1 x
  • calls the the lactation specialist: 1 x – she said the change the feeding position. this actually worked immediately.
  • attempts at work stuff: 2x
  • paperwork done to return back to teaching 1 day per week of spinning classes
  • got my hair done on saturday while hubby watched Lulu
  • glasses of wine all week: 4

ok so the sweet baby girl is waking up. i’ll end this quick with a blast of photos of the last 5 weeks and 1 day.

how was your week? 

when was the last time you got  your hair done? 

ever had a tooth pulled? 

IMG_5694 IMG_5643 IMG_5629  IMG_5586 IMG_5477 IMG_5475IMG_5696IMG_5659IMG_5632




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i am sweating out a 36 year sriracha habit from my pores. and loving life. and spreading joy and happiness. i've hit some pits and seen the light, and damn it feels good to be me right now. so thanks for reading, we're blessed to have technology!

4 thoughts on “Week In Review: Life with Lulu”

  1. Baby LuLu is beautiful and you are a rock star for accomplishing so much!! I mean, workouts/runs?!?!?!
    Super mom! I don’t think I even attempted anything like that until Matilda was like 3 months.
    I’m so glad that every thing is going well. Except elimination diet- that sucks.

    1. thank you!!! i think the workouts are just the best way for me to deal with the chaos and overwhelming feelings i have. i try my best every day to keep it together, holy crap it’s hard stuff!!! i think ALL moms are amazing!!! you are a rockstar and your daughter is a gem 🙂

  2. I love the blast of photos and the return of you to the WIR. I was hoping to see a post from you and low and behold you delivered.

    You are doing AWESOME momma!

    For what it’s worth, I read baby gas issues rarely actually have to do with momma’s diet, so maybe you can have real food again. There’s hope.

    1. thank you!!! you’ve really inspired me a lot along the way and have totally been motivating to not give up on blogging. right now i’ve decided to use it as an outlet and not worry about perfection. not worry about improvement or being ‘just right’ and just write 🙂
      you are awesome times infinity plus 1!

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