WIR – baby room & catching up

whoa what happened? i missed a week and didn’t even realize it. holy crap. well, at least i remembered early this time. i love this linkup, regardless if anyone cares or not i still love reflecting on all that’s happened over the last 7 (or 14 in my case…) days. a bit selfish of me but enjoyable ๐Ÿ™‚

ready to linkup? join Meg and her hearty party here. she’s the bomb dot com of the week in reviews.


i’ll try not to blather on about everything that’s happened in the last 2 weeks since that would just drive you and i both bonkers. instead i’ll go over the highlights, then expand more on my favorite parts (like doing the baby’s room!!!)

  • weekly OB visits
  • weekly chiro appointments
  • weekly prenatal massage – whoa life changing, thanks Meg!!!!
  • had my teeth cleaned and discovered i need some work done after the baby’s born – boo ๐Ÿ™
  • went nuts on Amazon ordering baby stuff and hospital stuff for me
  • volunteered at the Asia Society twice
  • worked on rental properties for clients
  • collected my art pieces and gathering my inspiration for next pieces
  • taught a 2-hour spin class with 2 fellow instructors – awesome day!!!
  • taught my weekly spin class plus a couple extra classes as a sub
  • joined my run group for saturday runs
  • hosted a game night
  • had lots of doggy cuddle time
  • celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday
  • saw old friends for brunch
  • attempted a date night in the form of a trip to IKEA to buy a nice rug ๐Ÿ™‚
  • survived all the rain in Houston – it’s been flooding weekly forever it seems
  • started watching Call the Midwives on Netflix… appropriate and addictive!
  • completed the baby’s room – took a few days and attempts

my favorite things over the last few days:

teaching and doing spin classes – this really helps to keep me feeling good and with my sleep, which is the BEST part of all. i love seeing others succeed in their fitness goals, and also love having fun with different music and formats. what can i say, it’s a dream job!

still spinning

my new diaper backpack – yup, it’s one of my favorite things. i love that it’s simple and a back pack!

tory back pack

volunteering – being at the asia society is always a very gratifying and enjoyable experience. being surrounded by art, in a beautiful building, just gives me a great sense of calm and peace.

volunteer as day asia society

my funny dogs – they really crack me up with their antics… i’ll leave it at that.

yorky love

last but not least, the baby’s room!!!ย so i’m an expert now. haha! here is my step by step guide to decorating a baby’s room:

  • have no plan
  • realize some sort of plan is going to be necessary…
  • decide color scheme
  • change mind completely about color scheme
  • procrastinate
  • look to google for advice
  • procrastinate more
  • find checklists online for more guidance
  • order everything in site from amazon
  • spend a day at baby’s r us
  • procrastinate more
  • finally create a deadline by inviting your mother-in-law to come see the baby’s room
  • wait till final day and madly decorate baby’s room
  • celebrate achievements!

sunshine guest bed crib love crib baby room closets baby chair

so that’s it. boom. i’ve still got a little more to do on the walls but i think at least the authorities would approve us as able to have a baby live here ๐Ÿ™‚

have you ever decorated a room?

baby’s room?ย 

been guilty of procrastinating?

work best under pressure? that’s me!


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One thought on “WIR – baby room & catching up”

  1. I LOVE the baby’s room especially your game plan for how it came about. That’s my kind of decorating right there. I had no plan for Ave’s room either, other than the mural which was on the wall when we bought the house.

    You amaze me with your weekly workouts. I am so impressed. You are one fit mama and this child will be lucky to have you for a role model.

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