Cycle Me Crazy

despite all the craziness that is going on around me (like flooding, yes our poor city got flooded again quite badly… oh and packing/moving. there’s that going on also… and being pregnant. that’s not new) i have been using indoor cycling as my escape. as i mentioned in my latest WIR, indoor cycling, spinning, whatever you wanna call it, it’s my current love. not only has it kept me sane during pregnancy, but now that i am teaching the cycling classes, i have found a whole new reason (besides getting a fun workout,) to love it: MUSIC. oh yeah, i love getting a good sweat but more than that, i love sharing it with others. and i truly love seeing people get a great workout to my personal tunes. once upon a time, i wanted to be a dj, and i also thought about being a personal trainer. well for me, being an indoor cycling instructor marries these two worlds together beautifully. yeahhhhhhhhhh boy. uhhh. let’s get this party started.

scratch that last one, there is no party going on right now but i’m still excited to share my latest cycling class workout with you. before i begin i’ll go over some history:

  • i started spinning in 2003 after i had back surgery in 1999 (to stay sane and in shape, and get over my fear of bicycles) and to cross train with running
  • i got a bike in 2004 and started road riding, while still spinning indoors for fun
  • this eventually led to triathlons, and eventually Ironman Texas 2013 & 2014 – yes i really DO blame spinning for getting me into the Ironman World of Crazy!
  • i stopped cycling outdoors when i got pregnant a few months ago, and started spinning again
  • got certified by Schwinn to teach power meter indoor cycling classes in Feb of this year
  • got hired by 24 Hour Fitness a month later

since February, i’ve been going cray cray with the spin classes by going to as many different classes possible each week to see what the different instructors do. when i was doing serious triathlon training back in 2012-2014, i took spinning a few times a week through LifeTime Fitness. to me it’s all the same but mainly it’s the instructors that keep me coming back or wanting more. i used to love my morning classes because the music was good. when i’d try other classes with different music, i sometimes felt disappointed. it always made me want to teach my own class so i could have own music. *yes, i realize that not everyone will like my music either but that’s ok! it’s all about the energy.

now that i’ve got some classes under my belt and sampled a butt-load of other teacher’s classes, i’ve come up with my own framework that i love.

i love my classes to go something like this:

  • warmup
  • intervals
  • speed work
  • hill climb
  • intervals
  • speed work
  • hill climb
  • intervals
  • speed work
  • isolation work/core
  • hill
  • sprint
  • cool down

My playlist from this week was:

  • Sound of Now/Avicii – Warmup
  • Born this Way/Lady Gaga – Interval
  • Alive/Krewella – Speed/sprints
  • Left Right/Chemical Brothers – Hill
  • Safe and Sound (cash remix)/Capital Cities – Intervals
  • The Drift/Blackmill – Hill
  • Somebody that I used to Know/Tiesto remix/Gotye – Intervals
  • Blow/Kesha – Intervals
  • RESPECT/Club Edit/RLP Barbara Tucker – speed, sprints
  • Turn Down for What/DJ Snake and Lil Jon – isolations and core
  • Everyday I’m Hustlin/Vladss – hill
  • Sandstorm/Darude – Sprint
  • Bitter sweet Symphony/The Verve – cool down

So there you have it! my fun for the week. I’ve got a class on Friday night and I’ll probably change it up a bit, song wise, but I like to always have intervals, speed, and hills/strength. Isolation exercises are fun, too!

Anything you like in particular about your spin classes? music

What type of music do you like to spin to? I like anything with a good beat.


WIR – Back in the US, Cycling Classes, & Why I Love Traveling with a Veg Bro

greetings earthlings! ti’s been quite a minute. yes, i’m well aware. there’s been a lot going on and i tend not to write unless i feel moved to do so. today i felt moved: seeing Meg’s post of her glowing, gorgeous self with her precious newborn made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. i look forward to sharing the experience in just 2 more months. gulp!!

without further adieu, i’ll begin my glorious Week in Review. courtesy of the most beautiful mamma on this side of the globe, Meg.


so a lot’s been shakin’ in these parts over the last few weeks! i’ll try not to go too far back and dive into the nitty gritty of all the going’s on’s, but basically we are getting ready to move, hubby is finishing up his 1st year of grad school (brutal!) and we just took a spontaneous/impromptu trip to Barcelona for my baby bro’s spring break. oh yeah, and i started teaching cycling classes at 24 Hr Fitness! as a sub, but i’ve picked up a regular class till i have to take maternity leave. plus i’ve been subbing 2-5 classes a week, it’s been amazing fun but rather crazy as a preggo lady and all. don’t try and imagine it.

Moving on up:

we’re getting ready to move, so in the spirit of moving we did absolutely nothing last week for our move this coming weekend. zilch. zip. nada. yeah…. i blame nobody. we’re just last minute type of people. actually i’m not, but i’m 30 weeks pregnant and my hubby said not to worry about it, so i’m doing just that. OK, i finally broke down and asked him if i could hire a mover at least to help him… thankfully he agreed. i love our crazy life. #weareTHOSEpeople

Return from Barcelona:

we took a very spontaneous babymoon #2 to Barcelona, Spain the week before last to spend my baby bro’s spring break together as a family. my mom, stepfather, hubby, and baby bro, all one big crazy bunch in Barcelona for several days. they never knew what was coming till we arrived, let me tell you! the trip was a whirlwind of fun, food, and activity from dusk till dawn. i’ll leave it at that. i posted a bunch of pics on IG, and still have more that are just sitting there collecting cyber dust, but oh well. anyhow, we got back early last week and immediately hit the US soil running. i had spin classes to teach and clients to help. and a baby to continue to grow in my belly. and our sweet fur babies to collect and love on. the week totally flew by and i’m proud to say i had no jet lag coming home, nor did i have any issues while were were overseas. in fact, i had quite a lot of energy and not just for a preggo lady. my hubby said our vacations during my pregnancy have been more active than when i was without child. fancy that!

Cycling Classes:

my little cycling hobby and love of fitness has finally paid off literally, i’m actually getting paid to sweat. YEAH BABY. i got hired as a cycling instructor at 24 Hour Fitness just over a month ago, and since then i’ve picked up a bunch of classes that i’m subbing. i dipped my toe in the water slowly at first, but now i’m hooked. i absolutely love teaching cycling classes, and love giving people a good workout. i also love putting together playlists just as much – i wanted to be a dj in another life so i’m making my dream come true with each class. i don’t mind if i’m annoying because i’m really excited to be teaching, and i know my time is limited since Baby Smith and maternity leave are just around the corner. each day is a blessing and i feel privileged to be able to still feel good each day that i do. gotta make the best with the time we have! i’d love to write a post on my spin classes and the type of workouts that i like to create, and share my music list. it’s really been the only thing that makes me feel like blogging, go figure?!

Traveling with a Veg Bro:

this isn’t exactly something that happened last week, but it still had me pondering for days so i’m including it. my baby brother is a vegan, and traveling with him was so incredibly fun! i’ve been vegan and traveled before, but felt like i was missing out. and honestly i’ve never been able to stick to a pure vegan diet for more than 90 days. but my brother is amazing, he’s been vegan for almost 2 years and i’m just so proud of him. he has traveled a great deal over the last 2 years and always managed to find delicious veg friendly food. he was also able to find veg friendly restaurants/eateries in Spain and we tried them out as a family at least once a day – and they were all so wonderful! i loved traveling with him and dining around Barcelona with a veg head because it really allows you to see places you wouldn’t normally see as an omnivore tourist. my brother is truly an inspiration to me, and i’m proud to say that some of the BEST meals we had in Barcelona were veg friendly, and in the COOLEST parts of the beautiful city. cheers to you, bro!

Couples Counseling:

that’s pretty much all i got for now… well almost. my hubby and i decided to go see a counselor to help us get ready for the baby. we love each other endlessly, but we’re both the type of people that like to be PRO active rather than re-active. we know that life is stressful right now with my hubby working full time and in school full time, and pregnancy and cancer… etc. and it ain’t going to get easier with a baby. LOL no really. so i can honestly say that it was incredible to be able to talk to someone together. we both feel better, stronger, and more prepared for what’s to come. we knew we could figure it out on our own, but decided it’d be worth reaching out and asking for a coach along the way. so that’s what we got: a baby coach. our counselor will see us and help us get through the next few months, and i couldn’t be more happy about it. she helped me remember a lot things i forgot, all in just 60 minutes, and i can’t wait to see her again next month.

that’s all folks, sorry no pics. just couldn’t be arsed…. (brit slang;)

have you ever traveled with a vegan/vegetarian? 

have you been to Spain?

do you take spin classes, and if so do you have a great instructor? 

what makes an instructor good or bad? 

ever gone to couples’ counseling?