Week in Review: Snot Bubbles & High Tea


It’s time! time for me to blow my nose and linkup with Meghan and her fantazmic Week in Review Linkup party. The ONLY party I’d consider attending in my snotty state right now. Linkup here.

blog seflie
I’m actually blogging on a Sunday, and here’s proof! oh yeah it’s for real. I’m a true dork

I’m not just blowing my nose, I’m blowing my own mind right now because I’m typing this on Sunday rather than the morning on Monday, which is usually frantic and rushed. Not to make it sound bad, I love this linkup and going over the week’s events. But Sunday’s have been beyond busy lately so I’ve not had the time. Today I do, it’s Superbowl day and my gift is an empty apartment as my hubby has gone to the in-laws for a day of golf and sports. Hallelujah!!!!! No offense, I’m sick and don’t feel up to that. Actually even if I’m not sick, I still don’t feel up to that. My mother and I have our annual anti-superbowl ritual of going to Nordstrom’s and wandering around, then having dinner together and enjoying the quiet city as everyone is out watching the sporting event of the year. I LOVE going out when everyone else is inside or occupied. One year I may host an anti-superbowl party… expect an invitation and and lots of saucy eats.

Being pregnant is one thing – it’s certainly a doozy but doable – but being pregnant with a respiratory infection is a whole other can of worms. I think I’d rather deal with a can of worms than this, but that could be the snot and eucalyptus oil talking. Maybe not worms, maybe gummy worms. Which I still find disgusting so it’d be a fair torture.

On the bright side, I didn’t completely fall apart or rush myself to the ER. I managed to still be a lucid and present partner most of the time, took great care of the fur babies, caught up on reading mindless novels and watched a cute movie, made chicken stock that actually tastes good, and took a few walks.

I even bought myself some cute stickers along with my cough drops.

cough drops

The weather here has been fantastic, and every day my only encounter with the outside world has been to take the pups out for a nice longish walk. I carry lots of tissues, cough drops, and off we go. I use them as the excuse to get fresh air, and I think they appreciate it. I also love the new dog jackets that we bought in San Francisco. They are perfect.

dog fashion dog park trees

Luckily I’ve taken most of the week to truly rest. I can’t imagine doing anything else during the day since most of the nights were spent blowing my nose and coughing, and of course disturbing the dogs in the process. Resting has been wonderful, I feel much better today than I did on Monday evening, when I thought my face was going to puff up and explode. Yeah, no more of that feeling. Now I’m just coughing up lots of gnarly colored stuff and hawking loogies like it’s a sport. I’m getting good at this.

My week ended in the most lovely of ways with a High Tea that my mother and dear friend organized, a pre-birthday celebration of sorts. I’m not much of the party animal these days and can’t even imagine trying to throw a birthday part for myself. However the idea of a beautiful High Tea with all the lovely tea and scones and tiny foods absolutely tickled my fancy. I loved it! Since my birthday is on Tuesday, I decided to make this a month long celebration. Why not?

tea menu tea ladies tea sandwich tea plate tea begins scones scones with creamhigh tea


So yeah, other highlights of my snot-filled week?

  • Watched The Second Marigold Hotel, twice
  • Watched the new series, Lucifer, and liked it
  • Watched the X Files. Loving the new season
  • Made smoky chipotle chicken salad, which I can almost eat
  • Made chicken stock
  • Made brown rice and chickpea paella – basically vegan paella. Hubby likey
  • Went out to a new Chinese dive and the food was so spicy, I loved it
  • Ordered a few more Jane Green novels on Amazon
  • Laundry and disinfected the germ-infested bedroom – that’s happening all day today
  • Went old school and steamed my face over a hot bowl of boiling water, with eucalyptus oil under my nose and a towel over my head. That stuff works, my great grandmother had the best remedies
  • Drank 18,866 cups of hot lemon water with honey
  • Ate 29 Riccola throat lozenges
  • Washed my hair twice. Wahoo!

Next week will be crazy fun but crazy. Chinese New Year celebrations and feasting begins tomorrow night, along with my birthday, dinner with friends, art class, and hopefully me feeling much much better.

Have you ever had High Tea?

Have you tried steaming your face over hot water with a towel, old school style?

Have you seen X Files or Lucifer? 

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3 thoughts on “Week in Review: Snot Bubbles & High Tea”

  1. Happy Chinese New Year. I had to order a bazillion fortune cookies for work today for it. They’re doing a little surprise for the employees and I got roped into the shenanigans.

    High tea sounds lovely as does an anti-Super Bowl party. I would come and I would bring snacks and fuzzy slippers.

    I’m sorry you got sick. I know it must be super rough since you can’t really take anything although I love the eucalyptus oil trick. I think my daily cup of warm lemon water is really helping keep me healthy. Knock on wood though because I felt a trifle stuffy this morning. In any case, if I get sick, I’m coming to you for some of grandma’s remedies. You share those and I’ll share my grandmas visually jarring, yet super comforting afghan.

  2. I’ve never had High Tea, but it sounds like a lovely early birthday celebration! And by the way, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
    I love the little dog jackets! They are so cute.
    I’m so sorry that you have been sick this past week! Being sick is awful when you’re not pregnant, but you’re right- it is SO bad when your preggers!
    I’m glad you bought the stickers- those would put a smile on anyone’s face!
    I want your vegan paella recipe!!!!!!

  3. I’m British, high tea is a staple in my parts! Haha! Glad you enjoyed it and how lovely to have it all arranged for you.
    I really must watch the second marigold hotel – I loved the first one but have never got around to watching the sequel! Fingers crossed I find it on Netflix!
    Happy Chinese New Year!

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