Week in Review: Snot Bubbles & High Tea


It’s time! time for me to blow my nose and linkup with Meghan and her fantazmic Week in Review Linkup party. The ONLY party I’d consider attending in my snotty state right now. Linkup here.

blog seflie
I’m actually blogging on a Sunday, and here’s proof! oh yeah it’s for real. I’m a true dork

I’m not just blowing my nose, I’m blowing my own mind right now because I’m typing this on Sunday rather than the morning on Monday, which is usually frantic and rushed. Not to make it sound bad, I love this linkup and going over the week’s events. But Sunday’s have been beyond busy lately so I’ve not had the time. Today I do, it’s Superbowl day and my gift is an empty apartment as my hubby has gone to the in-laws for a day of golf and sports. Hallelujah!!!!! No offense, I’m sick and don’t feel up to that. Actually even if I’m not sick, I still don’t feel up to that. My mother and I have our annual anti-superbowl ritual of going to Nordstrom’s and wandering around, then having dinner together and enjoying the quiet city as everyone is out watching the sporting event of the year. I LOVE going out when everyone else is inside or occupied. One year I may host an anti-superbowl party… expect an invitation and and lots of saucy eats.

Being pregnant is one thing – it’s certainly a doozy but doable – but being pregnant with a respiratory infection is a whole other can of worms. I think I’d rather deal with a can of worms than this, but that could be the snot and eucalyptus oil talking. Maybe not worms, maybe gummy worms. Which I still find disgusting so it’d be a fair torture.

On the bright side, I didn’t completely fall apart or rush myself to the ER. I managed to still be a lucid and present partner most of the time, took great care of the fur babies, caught up on reading mindless novels and watched a cute movie, made chicken stock that actually tastes good, and took a few walks.

I even bought myself some cute stickers along with my cough drops.

cough drops

The weather here has been fantastic, and every day my only encounter with the outside world has been to take the pups out for a nice longish walk. I carry lots of tissues, cough drops, and off we go. I use them as the excuse to get fresh air, and I think they appreciate it. I also love the new dog jackets that we bought in San Francisco. They are perfect.

dog fashion dog park trees

Luckily I’ve taken most of the week to truly rest. I can’t imagine doing anything else during the day since most of the nights were spent blowing my nose and coughing, and of course disturbing the dogs in the process. Resting has been wonderful, I feel much better today than I did on Monday evening, when I thought my face was going to puff up and explode. Yeah, no more of that feeling. Now I’m just coughing up lots of gnarly colored stuff and hawking loogies like it’s a sport. I’m getting good at this.

My week ended in the most lovely of ways with a High Tea that my mother and dear friend organized, a pre-birthday celebration of sorts. I’m not much of the party animal these days and can’t even imagine trying to throw a birthday part for myself. However the idea of a beautiful High Tea with all the lovely tea and scones and tiny foods absolutely tickled my fancy. I loved it! Since my birthday is on Tuesday, I decided to make this a month long celebration. Why not?

tea menu tea ladies tea sandwich tea plate tea begins scones scones with creamhigh tea


So yeah, other highlights of my snot-filled week?

  • Watched The Second Marigold Hotel, twice
  • Watched the new series, Lucifer, and liked it
  • Watched the X Files. Loving the new season
  • Made smoky chipotle chicken salad, which I can almost eat
  • Made chicken stock
  • Made brown rice and chickpea paella – basically vegan paella. Hubby likey
  • Went out to a new Chinese dive and the food was so spicy, I loved it
  • Ordered a few more Jane Green novels on Amazon
  • Laundry and disinfected the germ-infested bedroom – that’s happening all day today
  • Went old school and steamed my face over a hot bowl of boiling water, with eucalyptus oil under my nose and a towel over my head. That stuff works, my great grandmother had the best remedies
  • Drank 18,866 cups of hot lemon water with honey
  • Ate 29 Riccola throat lozenges
  • Washed my hair twice. Wahoo!

Next week will be crazy fun but crazy. Chinese New Year celebrations and feasting begins tomorrow night, along with my birthday, dinner with friends, art class, and hopefully me feeling much much better.

Have you ever had High Tea?

Have you tried steaming your face over hot water with a towel, old school style?

Have you seen X Files or Lucifer? 

Our 1st Babymoon: 4 Days in San Francisco

Babymoon Journal… so in my last post I mentioned the babymoon. Or “trip before the baby comes” trip. Now that I’ve caught up on the laundry I’m finally able to elaborate on all we did for 4 days – 4 days of nonstop action. Actually I’m still exhausted, but the show must go on. Right?

There was so much that we did, it’s tempting to just say yeah! we ate, walked, ran, saw stuff. It was great! then post a bunch of pics. That is seriously tempting.. nothing wrong with that approach, I’ve done that before. I’m fine with that approach. I get that approach. But this time I feel like sharing details.

Details, details, details. 

Maybe it’s the lack of booze in my life, or maybe it’s the hormones. I guess I just feel like mixing it up and sharing more. Oh, and remember how I was in a photo taking funk? Well apparently San Fran cured me of that. I became ‘that person’ that was taking pics of all my eats without any shame. I can be the type that doesn’t give a flip about pictures, but for this trip I wanted to document it all. I used to keep travel journals when I was a kid for the cool places I’d visit, so this is sort of like an homage to that.

Day 1

I started out the trip with a workout: a morning jog indoors using my Apple Watch to make sure my heartbeat was not too high. Then we scurried over to the airport and had breakfast – I was craving blue cheese and bacon, so a wedge salad was the answer. No wrong time to have salad!

Our flight was easy and when we landed, we Ubered over to our hotel. I loved how easy the Uber (and Lyft) transportation systems were in this city. We did a ride share from the airport to the hotel and it was super easy and interesting to see a couple of different places right away. We learned that not only were we in town for the San Francisco Restaurant Week, but also for the Superbowl 50 festivities. Wow! I didn’t care at all about the Superbowl festivities, but it made my husband pretty happy. I was excited about the food, so I’d say we both had our wishes granted. Soon we arrived at our hotel, checked in, and decided to head straight out to the Ferry Terminal to get a snack and walk around. As we walked up to the Ferry Terminal, we signed up for Lyft and were given 5 free Lyft rides each. It was a great deal and I wish we had Lyft in Houston.

Once inside the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, we headed over to Hog Island Oysters to have some late lunch, then we walked along outside, then I had a sweet craving. So off to one of the amazing boutique ice cream stands inside the Ferry Market it was. I had the Rootbeer Butterscotch, and hubby had Smoked Chocolate Malt Rosemary. Both were out of this world!

After that we walked up and down Embarcadero, which was along the bay, and then it was dinner time! so we headed over to Chinatown. The Chinatown in San Fran was truly spectacular, it really reminded me of Hong Kong and just made me feel like a little girl again. I know why my great-grandmother talked to fondly of it! We poked around the little shops and then finally found a good place to have dinner. We ordered dumplings and then a main dish of shrimp with green beans. Both dishes were the best tasting we’d had, almost as good as my great-grandmother’s home cooking! They just know how to cook good food, that’s all there is to it. And I suspect all the ingredients are local, or magic.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and called it a night, it had been quite an awesome first day.

Here are pics from Day 1:

breakfast at the airport jan 25our hotel hyatt hotel san fran hotel hyatt regency hotel hubby hogg landing lunch day 1 hogg island oysters healthy seagull at ferry terminal ferry terminal by hotel ferry market dumplings dinner in chinatown hunan garden day 1 day 1 selfie at ferry terminal market chinese food shrimp and green beans butterscotch root beer ice cream  bread bouillaibase


Day 2

After a good night of sleep in the awesome hotel beds, we woke up early to take the 8:45am ferry to Alcatraz. The Alcatraz Ferry Terminal was just over 20 minute walk from our hotel, so we decided to leave our hotel by 7am so we could have time for walking and breakfast. We had a nice walk and then breakfast at the cafe at the ferry terminal, which had surprisingly awesome food! My hubby had a breakfast burrito that he said was great, and I had yogurt and grapefruit because that’s what baby wanted. My hot chocolate was SO good, my  hubby tried it and ordered one for himself. San Fran does everything right!

Then we boarded the ferry and sailed over to Alcatraz Island. It was raining, which was rather fitting for the experience in my mind. I’m not afraid of rain! We decided to take the Alcatraz Garden Tour, and were able to see the hidden gardens of the island and learn about some neat history. We then spent the rest of the time walking around the prison, and then finally it was lunch time and we took a ferry back to the island.

gardens at AZ prof

It was still raining and actually rained all day, so once back we purchased some umbrellas and decided to walk to North Beach. The North Beach area was another fantastic part of town, but we were in search for the world’s best pizza!!! So Tony’s Pizza Napoletana it was, and oh my did it deliver. Never have I had pizza that good, it was mind blowing.

After our incredible lunch of pizza (and beer for my husband,) we walked over to the Ghirardelli Market area, another fun part of town! We hit up lots of boutiques and did some shopping, sampled some great chocolate of course 😉  then ended the afternoon in an underground wine tasting tavern where my husband got to taste lots of local wines, and I had some yummy local cheese. How fun! and the sommelier there recommended where we had to go for dinner: La Mar, right near our hotel. How great was that? We made reservations and decided we would have just enough time to walk back, shower, relax, then head out for dinner and fun.

After a shower and change of clothes, we headed out in the rain again and had an incredibly memorable dinner at La Mar. It is a Peruvian restaurant and the most authentic we’ve tasted, and how tasty! After dinner we headed over to a recommended bar, Hard Water Bar, nearby for mocktails for me, and whiskey for they hubby. The night was still young and we were feeling energetic, so we decided to get a Lyft over to Top of the Mark at Nob Hill for a late night dessert and listen to their live jazz band. The restaurant is at the top of a hotel and has a 360 degree view of the city, and was totally worth the trip and late night.

What an amazing day!

tony spinach tony pizza tony pizza at north beach tony cafe late sashimi la mar salmon la mar north beach n beach n beach 2 ghirardellie market ghiradellie square gardens at AZ gardens at az 3 gardens at az 2 garden cannonballs now flowers day 2 pecan dessert day 2 mocktail after dinner hard water day 2 top of the mark nob hill day 2 market rainy day day 2 dinner at la mar day 2 dessert pot de creme day 2 breakfast alcatraz cells at az alcatraz view alcatraz island alcatraz from ferry at alcatraz beef skewere la mar


Day 3 

This was our big athletic day – we decided we would run across the Golden Gate Bridge and spend all day hiking and walking around. We totally hit the goals and ended up with 16 miles total of walking, with 5 of that running. Whoa!

The morning started early again despite the late night. The sun was out and air was crisp – perfection. We had a quick bite at a Mc D’s because hey, it was convenient and I was craving a hash brown. 😀 Then we got a Lyft over to the Golden Gate welcome center, jogged around taking pics, then ran over the bridge. It was phenomenal!!!! Once on the other side, we took tons more pics than hiked around for a while. Then I realized my stomach was grumbling and we needed to eat, so we ran/jogged about 2 miles to Sausalito and had lunch right there on the bay, in this gorgeous restaurant right in the middle of Sausalito called Barrel House Tavern with amazing views. I think this place was a dream, it was all just too perfect. After lunch we walked around, did a bit of shopping, then took a Lyft back over the bridge to the Golden Gate Park. We spent the whole day walking around the parks, the gardens, and walked all the way back to the hotel. We were pooped! We asked the concerierge where we should go for dinner, and he recommended a little Italian place called Palio, so we got reservations, showered, and were off once again on foot. Dinner was OK, nothing spectacular plus we were too tired to figure out what we wanted. After dinner we decided to be adventurous and stopped into a nice looking tavern, The WayFare Tavern, for dessert. What a great surprise, this place was amazing! The place was packed but we got a place at the kitchen bar and were able to watch the kitchen pump out beautiful food with the precision of ballerinas. It was really a site, plus the desserts and fresh popovers were sublime. Once again, a perfect day.

day 4 wayfare tavern dessert day 4 italian dinner day 4 salad day 4 popover fresh day 4 lobster bisque day 4 dessert day 4 dessert at tavern day 3 sausalito day 3 sausalito selfie day 3 pre run breakfast day 3 post run selfie day 3 lunch day 3 lunch sandwich day 3 lunch salad day 3 lunch plate day 3 ice lolly day 3 golden gate day 3 golden gate selfie day 3 golden gate park day 3 GGbridge day 3 gg view day 3 gg sail boats day 3 gg run day view day 3 food 12662669_10153978061452642_804051562481517723_n

Day 4 

Our last day was half way filled with travel back home, so we wanted to make the most of it. We had an early morning breakfast at the Ferry Farmers Market, at a place called the Cowgirl Creamery, which was quite fitting since we’re Texans! and it was perfect and overlooking the water. After we got coffees, then we ran from there all along the Embarcadero and past Ghirardelli Market. We stopped to take lots of pics of course, then walked up and down the gettys and took our time walking around all the neighborhoods. By the time we were done, it was time to shower, pack, and start the journey back home! We had some time to relax but mostly we wanted to get going so we could have a late lunch at the airport – believe it or not, the food at the airport was awesome! Of course it was. It’s San Francisco. Everything is good there!

It took what seemed all day to get home since we didn’t land till late that very late that night. We tried to make the most out of the time and soaked up all we could. Neither one of us wanted to leave San Francisco and it was a very quiet plane right back home 🙂

day 4 breakfast day 4 pre run coffee at ferry day 4 pre run breakfast day 4 last run selfie day 4 view

By the time we finally got home it was close to midnight… so after some bedtime yogurt and snacks, we crawled into bed. I’m still recovering from this Babymoon of a lifetime, and can’t wait to return to this part of country with my baby girl in tow.

Have you been? 

Favorite places?

Anyone want to run over Golden Gate Bridge with me next year??? 



Week in Review – Art Class & Babymoons

day 3 GGbridge

Greetings! What a week, another crazy blur of a week has somehow managed to roll by me. I am hanging on to life with all my might, and sometimes I feel like if I don’t grip with firm, white knuckles, that everything could just come crashing down. That sounds really freaking sinister… but I’m very at peace with my dark side, as well as my frilly pink puffy heart side.


Speaking of puffy hearts, it’s time to join Meg’s party and list what happened last week. Check out the Queen Bee of Lists and linkup here.

Week in Review:

The week was filled with more high’s than low’s, and that’s always a good thing. I got an early birthday gift – an Apple watch – from my hubby who has decided it’s very important to track everything at all times. I am not complaining.

Aside from the usual TONS of laundry, reading my books, reality show watching, and daily workouts, here are the highlights:

apple watch

I somehow managed to eat a dozen grapefruit in just 3.5 days… I don’t know if this craving will end but I’m not afraid. I smell like citrus and it’s nice.


on Tuesday I began my Art Classes and started my first oil painting – first one in over 20 years I should say. It’s so good to be back in the art saddle again! I missed using paint brushes and this is truly a happy place for me. I have a great art teacher and it’s really like having a private class since there is only one other student. I love it! He took some pics of me painting to post on our class Facebook page. I thought that was rather cool 😉

art class photo

Wednesday my friend and I went for a long walk around a beautiful old neighborhood in Houston, and then went to a matinee where we saw Spotlight. Have you seen that? it was quite interesting, but I confess: I fell asleep during the first few scenes. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m pregnant or that I just get really dozy in movie theatres if they are warm. I swear it was too warm in there, and very comfy. Perfect for a nap, which apparently I took. It’s embarrassing because I just can’t help it, and I really don’t feel tired before.It’s not all the time, just during some movies. Anyone else have that problem?


Thursday we got up early and headed out for San Francisco! My husband planned a Babymoon for us earlier, in December. I can’t believe what an incredible trip it was.

Background story on the Babymoon:

What is a babymoon? According to Google, a babymoon is

  1. a relaxing or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born.
    “on the eve of my third trimester, we boarded a plane for a week-long babymoon among the quiet canals of Amsterdam”
    • a period of time following the birth of a baby during which the new parents can focus on establishing a bond with their child.
      “a babymoon is regarded as a crucial time for a family to establish itself”
I’ll begin by saying that during the holidays, things were a bit grim. I just got the cancer news and went into a major funk, and probably mild depression. It happens. My darling partner in life decided that he needed to cheer me up, so he planned a Babymoon for us. I was supposed to have the thyroidectomy this month, February, and we were going to take a quiet getaway before the surgery. Luckily the angels at MD Anderson told us that it’d be better to wait till after the baby is born to have surgery, so the panic can be held off for now. However, the Babymoon was already booked and now there was reason to celebrate.
So off to San Francisco it was!
We were gone from Thursday morning and we literally just got home. I’m running on fumes and grapefruit in case you’re wondering…
The trip was simply magical. I’ve been to many parts of California, mainly LA and the surrounding areas to see family, but have NEVER been to San Francisco. I’d been wanting to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Chinatown in San Fran, ever since I was a tiny tot. My Chinese great-grandmother spoke about it like it was some heavenly place where girls go if they behave. Needless to say, the trip was a dream come to life.
The food.. the sites….the views… the parks… the food! and I wasn’t able to drink but the wine culture there is just remarkable. The food scenes, the arts, the transportation. Everything! of course I wanted to move there right away, but we decided it’d be cheaper to fly there once a month and live in Houston. 😀 a girl can dream, right?
I will be doing a detailed post about our trip, but for now I need more sleep and my watch just told me to stand up…
so bye bye for now.
day 2 top of the mark  nob hill day 3 post run selfie day 3 sausalito selfie
Have you been to San Francisco?
Have you heard of a babymoon?
Have you fallen asleep in movie theatres?
Do you like grapefruit?