Week in Review: Spin Spin Sugar

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This past week was not bad, not boring, and certainly not crazy. I’d say it was on the ‘good’ side, so that’s reason to celebrate in my book. My form of celebration usually involves either a bubble bath or cup of tea. I’m wild, yeah. Wait – I think some Hello Kitty polish would tickle me silly, I’m very obsessed with my Hello Kitty pajamas so matching polish would be fun.

hello kitty polish

Rather than taking 0 pictures, I took 2 or maybe 3. It’s progress 🙂 Here is a random funny meme from the interwebs that brightened my day:

funny cat pants

Here’s what I managed to get done:

Had two Doctor’s appointments and good news – 

I spent all day on Monday at MD Anderson getting myself registered and then undergoing new tests; Tuesday the hubby came with me and we waited and waited all day, till finally we met the team of specialists that I’d be working with. They talked to us for a long time, explaining the procedure and everything that’s involved. Then they went over the pro’s and con’s of having the surgery now versus waiting till after the baby is born. Ultimately we all decided that waiting till after the baby is born is the safer way to go. I did not realize all the risks to baby the surgery would cause, and the health of the nugget is the most important thing. Do I feel a bit anxious about it? Sure! But I know it’s the best choice for the nugget, so there. In the meantime, I’m being closely monitored and am apparently considered high risk and special. I guess that’s OK… it’s always nice to be special, right? womp womp.

Household chores – the never-ending battle continues

Normally I forget to mention household activities, but laundry seems like it’s a daily task, as well as doing dishes and grocery shopping. I try to do the shopping as efficiently as possible, meaning going to the shops no more than twice a week if possible. However being pregnant has me not wanting anything till I absolutely want it, and then I must have. So therefore I must send the Man to hunt, or I must go gather. It’s quite worth it to have exactly what I want – ie grapes, steak, tofu nuggets, etc. as I want them, but does require some effort.

Food and cravings

Speaking of food, I had a few cravings this week that just seemed all-too stereotypical. I couldn’t help it. On Wednesday I met a dear friend for lunch and was craving dessert rather than food, so I had not one, but three. Thursday I was craving steak for breakfast with potatoes, and lunch was sweet potato fries with pickles, ketchup, and a bowl of ranch dressing. The waitress said to me, “ya know, I’ve never had anyone order that before..” I didn’t mind being the first. Plus a slice of blueberry pie for dessert. I would say those were the ‘oddest’ of cravings, but each day I do my best to eat what I want, otherwise I end up with a headache. I’ve learned the hard way that if I go 3 days without red meat, I will get a migraine that lasts for ages. Somehow the red meat seems to be the migraine antidote, where as chocolate is the opposite, and frozen yogurt made me sick! In fact, I can’t stand anything with mint or chocolate, and crave yogurt but it makes me sick every time. Who am I???

three desserts

Fitness dream coming true: spin spin sugar

I’ve been going through all my life goals lately, and making a list of things I never did but always wanted to do. Taking spin classes has always been a favorite of mine, mainly because I love the loud music and feel like I’m in ‘da club’ without actually being rubbed up on by creepy dudes. Being a spin instructor was one of those things I always wanted to do, ever since I took my first class, but left it undone because I thought a) I’d be no good, b)too shy, c)nerves, d)might mess up the music, and e) seems so complicated. Well, I finally put my big girl panties on and said to heck with my fears, I’m going to sign up and become certified! Damn it! So in a couple of Sundays I’ll be taking a full day and by the evening will have my instructor certification. After that I hope to be able to teach, and then take over the world… of course. I know a lot of bloggers are spin instructors so I’ll be catching up and seeing if I can get any advice.

Office furniture fix and organization

Despite cleaning the kitchen to my standards, and I mean that in the most loving way, my darling husband is exceptionally tidy and organized when it comes to his office space. His office away from home is spotless and so organized that it makes me feel inadequate! I jest, but seriously my hubby rocks the organizational world…(now if only he could rinse dishes properly, but I’ll take him as he is any time.) However our office at home was not exactly to his liking, and drove us a bit crazy. I can happily ignore the piles of receipts in my box and stacks of papers because though I can’t sleep if laundry or dishes are dirty, I can ignore the mess near my desk. Not Mr. Smith, oh no siree. The mess finally got to him and he decided it was due to the lack of file cabinets in our office; it has disabled his productivity. We seized the day and finally went to procure file cabinets. The happy man spent all day Saturday organizing his office space, humming happy tunes the whole time. Now I feel like the one who is behind! I have a lot of filing to do… oops.

On the fun side, I saw these while were out getting file cabinets… too cute. He’s grouchy and forgetful, and I’m rebellious and loopy. Fitting.

candy bar feelings

Date night

We had a few nice meals out this past week. On Wednesday we met a good friend and my mother at Local Foods, Thursday was a yummy Mexican restaurant to celebrate the good news from the doctor, and then on Friday we went out to a fancy Italian place and rented The Martian. The movie was seriously the best I’ve seen in a while, it lived up to all the  hype. Five stars! Saturday morning we had a yummy breakfast at a local Jewish deli because baby nugget needed her some Matzo ball soup… and a cinnamon roll. We were all very happy with our food choices.


Light reading

Finally finished up one of my Christmas books, Fly Away Home. It was actually really good, even though I didn’t think I could get into it at first. It ended up luring me in and kept me interested the whole time. I loved it. Now I’m ready Crazy Rich Asians and LOVE it!

crazy rich asians

fly away home

Apartment hunting

Since we decided that we will stay renters, I went out on Wednesday to view some apartments in our area. That was a good thing because I saw two places I thought I’d like that I totally didn’t, and one place I never considered that I fell in love with. Our lease is not up until end of April, so we have lots of time still. I just like to see what is out there.

Marathon Sherpa Weekend

Sunday was the Chevron Houston Marathon and Half Marathon, and my darling husband ran in the full marathon! I got to be the Sherpa wife and took the dogs, and we all dropped him off at the start, then cheered him along the way. Being able to cheer for all the runners was fun, and seeing all my friends running was very invigorating. I also got to run the last 4 miles with my hubby as I had my bib and was legally allowed on the course. We figured why not? I paid for the bib. So we crossed the finish line together and I felt so good knowing that I was helping him. When he saw me at mile 22 he was hitting a wall, so we took a lot of walk breaks and I got to dote on him for once, it actually felt good 😉 Plus it’s nice to know that our baby was in a marathon. Haha! I did secretly wish I could wear a shirt that read, “I’m pregnant and not allowed to run per my doctor’s orders but otherwise I’d be going faster… ” 

marathon post

Bunny Ears & Best friend belated birthday dinner

Post marathon and half marathon, I had very busy Sunday. I attended a charity event at a drag queen club, which was beyond interesting. It was called “Bunnies on the Bayou.” There were pink bunny ears at the entrance, men wearing bunny tails, and really good music. At 5PM the place was packed!(Now I know where to go to hang out with gorgeous queens and hear good spin class music.) Sadly I could only stay for 30 min because I had made reservations for my best friend and  bride-to-be out for a nice French dinner; we were to celebrate her half marathon and belated birthday, and upcoming nuptials! Afterwards we decided to watch our favorite all-time movie, “Love Actually” in honor of the dear Alan Richman. Oh why does cancer take away all of these lovely souls? I’ll never know.

pink bunny


Have you taught spin or fitness classes? Any tips?

Is your office area organized? any tips???? I hate filing 

If you have been preggo or are preggo, had/having any food cravings? 

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6 thoughts on “Week in Review: Spin Spin Sugar”

  1. I always wanted to be a spin instructor too, although it’s been so long since I’ve been spinning, it feels like forever ago.

    I love the bunny ears; they suit you perfectly.

    Yes to honoring those crazy cravings. I am right there with you, although I keep trying to sneak in a side of spinach. In the first trimester, I didn’t even want to see a vegetable, unless it was a potato.

    Happy Monday and I linked you up. Blows kiss. 🙂

    1. Thanks for linking me up!! Oh my, pregnancy brain seems to be a real thing and apparently has taken over my brain. I just hope it’s temporary. I wished my niece happy belated birthday… except her birthday is not till March. Ooops!

  2. First off congrats to the hubby on the marathon! And how awesome that you could do the last few miles with him!
    I am the same as your husband, my desk has to be perfect, organised down to the pencils and pens. David makes fun of me because of it – I don’t see the problem with everything having it’s set space and being tidy! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! He really appreciated the support and I actually loved being there for him, rather than participating. I actually love how organized he is, it really inspires me. I’m quite tidy in every other area in the home but for some reason just have not been in the habit of organizing my desk in our apartment. I have a long list of excuses, but I know I just need to get off my a$$ and do it 🙂

  3. Yay for becoming a Spin instructor!! I know you’ll be awesome! The biggest hurdle for me (in becoming a BP instructor) was the confidence aspect. I’ve learned to fake it when I don’t have it. Repeat after me: I am a DAMN good instructor!!
    Chocolate sounded weirdly gross to me during my first trimester, but it was okay after that. I’m so glad that you are honoring your cravings! 3 desserts for lunch sounds like heaven
    CONGRATS on finishing the marathon with your hubby! That is so cool!

    1. Thanks so much, Heather!! You were actually one of my inspirations for the fitness instructor goal. I’ve wanted to do this for years, but just always made excuses for putting it off. Lately I’ve been realizing how many things I’ve been putting on hold because I didn’t have the confidence, but finally just decided to go for the things that were on my list that have scared me the most. I”m very nervous and excited!

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