Week in Review: 1st Year of Marriage

Happy Monday!

Greetings everyone, we made it through another week in 2016. I’d consider that a success.

I know sometimes it seems like you don’t have much going on, or on the flip side it feels like you can’t keep up. That’s what I love about Meghan and her Week in Review linkup, it lets you list it all out listy-list style and see how awesome you are. Everything counts! or not. Up to you. I like to think I did nothing but take baths all week… in my mind at least. Join her and the list part here. 


First on a bit of a sad note… I read this morning that David Bowie passed away from cancer at age 69. No! That is so utterly sad. His birthday was just two days ago.. bless him and his loved ones. He was my Goblin King forever, and I’ll always have a place for him in my heart. I will be sharing the movie Labyrinth with my daughter and my love of David Bowie when she’s the appropriate age. RIP David Bowie


So this past week:

I still took barely any photos. I’m slowly re-joining social media ‘society’ again, meaning peeps at Facebook here and there. progress. I still get irritated at the crap I see, but I’m trying not to notice the crap.

Doctor’s appointments – saw my OB for an ultrasound, baby Smith is doing great. She’s fist pumping and dancing away in there. in my uterus… #weirdthoughts

Also saw my chiropractor to help with my lower back and hip pain. Pain gone!

Symptoms – a few migraines, one of them was a doozy. I didn’t know a migraine could make you wretch, and hoping I don’t experience that again… positive thoughts.

I did lots of walking, less gym time and more outdoor time.

We had several dinners and a farewell lunch with my brother before he departs today for Aberdeen, Scotland. He is very Vegan right now, and therefore we did our best to find all the best Vegan restaurants we could. I really admire him for his beliefs and standing up for a cause. I still had some ranch dressing moments and eggs… He leaves this afternoon while I’m at MD Anderson getting my testing. I miss him already!

The hubby and I had a couple random date nights

Netflix: we watched the entire series, Making a Murderer, and got very pissed off with the legal system. Grrrrrrrrr!

making a murd

Saw a Friday afternoon movie with my bro: spector. Very good, typical Bond movie. The Ipic theatre however is my new happy place… I love Ipic!

Sunday was our 1st year wedding anniversary!

We celebrated our anniversary day with a walk with the pups around the park. They liked our special day, too.

I got surprised by anniversary earrings, bling bling!


I baked! and made blondies for my honey  – I underbaked them a wee bit and they turned out so gooey and yummy. He was very pleased. As was I.

blonde brownie


We had our anniversary dinner at the restaurant where he took me on our first date, Backstreet Cafe. Sadly I got a bit sick after, but I swear it was not the food! It was overall a magical, love-filled day.

anni dinner

After dinner we watched the new episode of Good Wife and I took myself to bed. The end.

And now I’m getting ready to go to the hospital now for a day of testing, yeehaw.

Happpppy Monday, ya’ll!

Have you seen Making a Murderer? 

Have you had Blondies? 





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5 thoughts on “Week in Review: 1st Year of Marriage”

  1. It sounds like an overall lovely week! And I love your anniversary bling! Very pretty!
    I’ve not seen that show, but now I’m intrigued. We are currently watching The Mindy Project and it IS SO FUNNY!!!
    I’ve had blondies, but never made them.
    And yay for healthy, dancing babies!

    1. Thank you! I need to watch the Mindy Project. I could certainly use a good comedy. I tend to go for crime or really serious, dark stuff. LOL it’s sort of silly really.

  2. I’m from a small town just outside of Aberdeen! Love Scotland and loved growing up there… But having a blast now in Australia!
    Happy anniversary! Glad to hear you had a great time. Also congrats on the baby! I have been away from blogging for a few weeks as my parents are visiting -very happy to hear your news! 🙂

    1. that awesome, my brother is totally in love with Scotland and living in the UK. i’m sure he (and I!) would love Australia. we all love to travel 🙂 it’s in our blood!
      quick question – i subscribed to your blog a while back, like a couple of months, but never get any email updates… any idea?
      hope you had a great time with your folks! i took some time off as well, it was much needed and appreciated.
      cheers and happy 2016!

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