Week in Review: 2016 Resolutions & Revelations

Happy 2016! 


I have a lot to catch you up on, especially with my last post and all… but that will come later. Promise.

This post is all about linking up to my favorite linkup: Meg’s Week in Review. I’m a list lover and can’t resist the urge to jot down crap with bullet points. I wish I could speak in bullet points, but that’s another issue.

Quick confession:

i have not taken any photos since december 20th. and i’ve pretty much been off social media except that day when i shared a Bag of Dicks with Meghan on IG. inside joke… ahem.

i’m keeping today’s post short and probably not sweet. so with all that nonsense in mind, here is my list of resolutions for 2016:

wash the dog’s plates immediately after they eat, or near after – rather than let them get crusty and need a long soak, or putting new food on old plates.

rinse my own bowl after i eat  – rather than leave it there because i know i’ll be eating again and will use it again. as husband pointed out – ewh gross.

figure out what direction i want my blog to go.

don’t be afraid to succeed and kick ass at my career.

don’t be afraid, period.

continue doing the “Personal Power” journaling and daily assignments.

exercise because you LOVE it, but seriously stop the running – you keep injuring yourself! wait till after June and then wait some more.

stop doing dumb shit!

reach out.


stop using old-ass makeup, gross.

utilize Amazon for makeup and beauty crap.

keep up with my hair and nails (major goal!)

learn to knit, or something crafty with my hands that can be also done with eyes semi-closed. important.

obsess less over dogs… trust that they know i love them and won’t feel abandoned.

rub my belly daily. 36 times.

and just for shits and giggles, here are some revelations that i’ve had recently to carry me forward into 2016:

it’s okay to take a break from social media.

there is SO much to do with my spare time!

just because i didn’t take a picture doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

there are lots of people that don’t get on social media and are actually happy and successful, know that.

no matter what life throws at me, everything is going to be OK!

i don’t care much about bullshit problems.

but i still like to watch some horrible realty TV.

not all friendships last forever and that is OK.

some people are just temporary.

some people are in it for the long haul.

there are surprises each day.

i learn something new each day.

baby steps are totally fine.

it’s okay to be a giver, but it’s also good to learn how to receive.


I’m very blessed, and hope everyone has had an awesome 2016 so far.

Cheers to the next 300+ days!







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