Week in Review: Wino Santa’s

Happy Monday! we made it! 


I love this linkup, clearly as it’s the only one I actually participate in… maybe I should challenge myself to broaden my linkup horizon. NY’s resolution? how about just put in on my do-list. I’m not much of a New Year resolution person, but I do like making lists. Which is why this Week in Review linkup is my jam! 

Anyhow, please check out Meghan and her fab linkup, and linkup your self up to this crazy party. It’s a  Clean Eats Fast Feets good time 🙂 

So my week was great, there was so much going on I’m just happy I survived and had a good time!

Side note on stress: I am a stress cleaner. Not stress eater. Whenever I get stressed, I seem to take it out on chores and my laundry – the more that I have piled on my plate, the deeper I jump into laundry mode and clean every single washable thing I can. It helps to calm me when I know that even if the shit is hitting the fan, at least I have clean shit to wear and sleep on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE fan of emotional eating and boredom eating. However, I just don’t get hungry when I’m stressed, per say. I get fidgety! and want to clear up everything around me. It’s so crazy, but the more I have to do, the more I seem to try and cram in extra house-hold chores and errands. I guess I’m not good at always relaxing, but then again in my mind, the PRO of what I’m doing is getting ahead on my chores and errands while managing more stressful activities. I guess you could say laundry and bossing my invisible assistant around helps me manage. It used to be exercise, but that has gone by the wayside. Now I just exercise because I actually LIKE it, not to run away from my problems. That’s what laundry is for 🙂

Side note on emotional eating: it’s not a big deal. Sometimes I’m not hungry but want to nibble on a praline or cheese. My body doesn’t ‘need’ it but it sure does taste good. I wish there was not so much hatred on emotional eating, it’s just eating for fun. And it’s just food! I think it’s okay, and it probably means you won’t be as hungry later, or at some later point. Remember – some days you need more calories than others. Food is food, enjoy it! But try and enjoy life and get over it. OK? okay rant over.

OKAY, sorry about that tangent, yikes! 

back to my week.

Highlights of my week:

great walks with dogs

bird spotting

great food moments

a fun holiday potluck party with diverse women

some TV catchup

holiday party with hubby

santa wine tour in austin!

Walks with dogs

the weather last week was seriously gross and hot in Houston, where is the holiday weather? at least we had  nice walks

from a previous week but same scene, different day

Bird spotting

one thing I love about living near the Bayou Park is seeing all the birds! I never see this many together and they all looked like they were having a nice party

birds more birds

Great food moments

Monday night we had the most lovely impromptu date night of sushi. I’m not eating raw fish as the moment, but I loved the avocado rolls, cooked eel, and shrimp rolls. My hubby loved it all!

sushi date night

I made my best ever vegan meal this week: green beans mixed with curry, cashew cream, nutritional yeast, and topped with chipotle grilled tofu steaks. YUM

to balance that out, the next day my hubby made me steak and eggs. #nofoodrules

vegan meal steak and eggs

A fun holiday potluck party with diverse women

My dear friend (and broker) invited me to her annual holiday potluck of international and diverse women. It was such a fun night with amazing women, I feel very lucky to know these ladies!

I tried pomegranate juice and loved it, and got food from a Mediterranean market – here are some of the leftovers:

med dinner from party

Some TV catchup

On my day off I did a fair amount of Neflixing with my pups – no shame in my game

I just discovered Jessica Jones, How to get away with Murder… and I’m not sure if I’ll continue either. We shall see!


Holiday party with hubby

Friday night was yet ANOTHER holiday party with the hubby and the same place we went to last week. I took no photos again, I didn’t stay long either because I had to wake up at 5am the next morning to drive to Austin…


The highlight of the week: The Santa wine tour in Austin!

So we made it! I played Matron of Honor and Host of the Bachelorette Party / Santa Wine Tour in Austin! I survived! We had a blast, the bride to be was thrilled. Everything went off without any issue, and we all got along. Overall we had a great, great time.

Here are pics from the weekend… I’m still recovering from lack of sleep but it was well worth it.

on my way good one texas hills on the bus woodrose winery lunch 12359918_10153860117022642_7917768420193265279_n 12348163_10208442568931993_1540514240023850332_n final fiesta winery better bus pic

Can you believe this lasted all day and night? It was a long day, but great fun.

Sunday was spent relaxing, shopping, and eating. By the time I got home I did laundry and passed out… after eating a pound of figs and grapes. It was lovely.

My highlight of  Sunday was this pancake – it’s happiness in my tummy and heart warming.

how was your week?

have you seen Jessica Jones or How To Get Away with Murder? 

Santa Wine Tour – Yay or Nay? 

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7 thoughts on “Week in Review: Wino Santa’s”

    1. isn’t that funny? i’m an emotional and boredom eater. but for some reason if i’m feeling edgy, i need to make sure all the laundry is done, and then some! then once i’m done i’ll eat. LOL

  1. Yes, yes, yes to the Santa wine tour…in about four months that is. 🙂

    I stress clean too. It helps bring order to the chaos giving me a sense of comfort and control.

    Amen to the emotional eating rant. I emotionally ate three Dove mints tonight and I loved every bite.

  2. A pound of figs and grapes? Sounds ideal to me! I could eat both of those forever and never get bored!
    And I’m with you on being a fidget when stressed. Well at least if I have to be stressed I’m getting things done at the same time!

    1. Oh gosh, fresh figs and fig jam are just totally my thing right now… dare I say I prefer them to chocolate? Sadly I’ve gone off dark chocolate. But for some reason white chocolate and figs and cranberries make me happy 🙂

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