Hello, December

close up shots of our hallway tree
dear diary,
last night i had a dream that it was christmas eve and i got an early gift at the front door: a young man holding keys to an antique lime green 1965 dodge charger. i jumped in the car, into the backseat as a few teenagers were up front. they couldn’t even see me! i realized then that i was just watching this dream and not actually in it. these kids continued to joyride in ‘my’ christmas gift around town, throwing tinsle from the windows onto the streets. it was crazy. 
yours truly,

so that was a dream from last night. i also had a dream that i started a blog called, “dear diary” and treated it as such. i used to have journals and diaries as a kid; reading them recently reminded me that i was a) a big DORK, b) super imaginative, far too much. and c) i was obsessive compulsive from an early age.

so back to my point,


december quotes


can you believe it’s here? we are actually in the last and final month of 2015. i’m sort of freaking out inside and out, how about you?

before i begin, i wanted to make a list ( and because i’m a #listlover) of one thing i’m grateful for , for each month thus far in 2015. now i know that last month was november and ‘thanksgiving’ month, but who cares??? i’m thankful for the whole year and every month, and every day.

shall i begin?

monthly highlights from 2015:

  • January: marrying Derek 🙂 and epic honeymoon in Chile
  • February: my birthday and Chinese New Year celebrations
  • March: we sold our house
  • April: we moved back into the city
  • May: i started real estate exam prepping
  • June: i got my license reactivated
  • July: found an awesome run club
  • August: found a new broker
  • September: tons of birthdays including hubby and brother and friends
  • October: brother’s wedding in Arizona
  • November: Thanksgiving in NOLA
  • December: tbd 🙂 

it’s been a hellofa year! also, i wanted to share a few goals i have for the month. now that we’re in the last month of the year and all.

goals for December:

  • get through my thyroid biopsy on 12/16
  • be the best Matron of Honor possible
  • help with Rose’s wedding stuff, see above
  • bachelorette party stuff
  • survive bachelorette party in Austin
  • throw a small bridal luncheon
  • make some DIY gifts
  • go to the craft stores
  • visit home depot to buy ceramic tiles for decorating
  • visit dollar stores to buy mugs and plates to decorate
  • buy some gifts
  • spend time with Mom
  • visit in-laws
  • spend time with brother when he arrives from Aberdeen on 12/21
  • run when i feel like it
  • try to run a bit longer each Saturday by .5 miles
  • take lots of bubble and salt baths
  • drink lots of hot apple cider
  • give lots of love to the hubby
  • lots of doggy love and baths
  • smile
i love ornaments year round
i think our tree needs ornaments…


okay so that’s all i got for now. it’s just a random list of some goals i have for the month.

all i wanted to say is that i’m thankful to be here in this very moment in life. right here, right now.

thank you!

your turn:

goals for december?

DIY gifts?




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4 thoughts on “Hello, December”

  1. I love your monthly thankfulness list!! I really need to do something like that, especially for long winter months like January and February when I am always the saddest.
    I love the idea of diy gifts!! In fact, I’m hoping to make a few for this year. A snicker doodle pancake mix, ornaments, and maybe a picture collage if I’m feeling really ambitious!
    My goal for December is to enjoy more and stress less,

  2. I love lists, in all shapes and forms.

    I also appreciate that while your December To Do’s is crazy busy and ambitious, you all pepper it with bunches of self care too. That’s the way to do it. You get two snaps and a twirl from me.

    1. Thanks! actually as of 12/2 my doctor said 86 the running.. oops. no wonder it was feeling so rough at times. yeah yeah get through first ‘tri’ and all and then if i feel like it, do whatever. my bad. the gummi bear had a growth spurt and i’ve been feeling zonked! so extra bubble baths, sleep, and cuddling with dogs are on the list in bold. 🙂

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