a brief message

greetings all,

i just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday. i will be taking some time to deal with some health issues… i’m not ready to share details, but they are serious enough for me not to want to write about it just yet or pretend i’m not going through something. i’m also not feeling like posting random stuff. sometimes life is just serious, and requires presence of my mind and body to fully deal with everything. blogging is great and i enjoy it, and enjoy reading it. but i am not prepared to blog about this just yet. i need more answers and more confirmations, which will take some time.

i wish everyone well and hope to have some good recovery and life news soon…

in the meantime,

peace, love, and embrace the life you have gosh darnit!

Week in Review: Wino Santa’s

Happy Monday! we made it! 


I love this linkup, clearly as it’s the only one I actually participate in… maybe I should challenge myself to broaden my linkup horizon. NY’s resolution? how about just put in on my do-list. I’m not much of a New Year resolution person, but I do like making lists. Which is why this Week in Review linkup is my jam! 

Anyhow, please check out Meghan and her fab linkup, and linkup your self up to this crazy party. It’s a  Clean Eats Fast Feets good time 🙂 

So my week was great, there was so much going on I’m just happy I survived and had a good time!

Side note on stress: I am a stress cleaner. Not stress eater. Whenever I get stressed, I seem to take it out on chores and my laundry – the more that I have piled on my plate, the deeper I jump into laundry mode and clean every single washable thing I can. It helps to calm me when I know that even if the shit is hitting the fan, at least I have clean shit to wear and sleep on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE fan of emotional eating and boredom eating. However, I just don’t get hungry when I’m stressed, per say. I get fidgety! and want to clear up everything around me. It’s so crazy, but the more I have to do, the more I seem to try and cram in extra house-hold chores and errands. I guess I’m not good at always relaxing, but then again in my mind, the PRO of what I’m doing is getting ahead on my chores and errands while managing more stressful activities. I guess you could say laundry and bossing my invisible assistant around helps me manage. It used to be exercise, but that has gone by the wayside. Now I just exercise because I actually LIKE it, not to run away from my problems. That’s what laundry is for 🙂

Side note on emotional eating: it’s not a big deal. Sometimes I’m not hungry but want to nibble on a praline or cheese. My body doesn’t ‘need’ it but it sure does taste good. I wish there was not so much hatred on emotional eating, it’s just eating for fun. And it’s just food! I think it’s okay, and it probably means you won’t be as hungry later, or at some later point. Remember – some days you need more calories than others. Food is food, enjoy it! But try and enjoy life and get over it. OK? okay rant over.

OKAY, sorry about that tangent, yikes! 

back to my week.

Highlights of my week:

great walks with dogs

bird spotting

great food moments

a fun holiday potluck party with diverse women

some TV catchup

holiday party with hubby

santa wine tour in austin!

Walks with dogs

the weather last week was seriously gross and hot in Houston, where is the holiday weather? at least we had  nice walks

from a previous week but same scene, different day

Bird spotting

one thing I love about living near the Bayou Park is seeing all the birds! I never see this many together and they all looked like they were having a nice party

birds more birds

Great food moments

Monday night we had the most lovely impromptu date night of sushi. I’m not eating raw fish as the moment, but I loved the avocado rolls, cooked eel, and shrimp rolls. My hubby loved it all!

sushi date night

I made my best ever vegan meal this week: green beans mixed with curry, cashew cream, nutritional yeast, and topped with chipotle grilled tofu steaks. YUM

to balance that out, the next day my hubby made me steak and eggs. #nofoodrules

vegan meal steak and eggs

A fun holiday potluck party with diverse women

My dear friend (and broker) invited me to her annual holiday potluck of international and diverse women. It was such a fun night with amazing women, I feel very lucky to know these ladies!

I tried pomegranate juice and loved it, and got food from a Mediterranean market – here are some of the leftovers:

med dinner from party

Some TV catchup

On my day off I did a fair amount of Neflixing with my pups – no shame in my game

I just discovered Jessica Jones, How to get away with Murder… and I’m not sure if I’ll continue either. We shall see!


Holiday party with hubby

Friday night was yet ANOTHER holiday party with the hubby and the same place we went to last week. I took no photos again, I didn’t stay long either because I had to wake up at 5am the next morning to drive to Austin…


The highlight of the week: The Santa wine tour in Austin!

So we made it! I played Matron of Honor and Host of the Bachelorette Party / Santa Wine Tour in Austin! I survived! We had a blast, the bride to be was thrilled. Everything went off without any issue, and we all got along. Overall we had a great, great time.

Here are pics from the weekend… I’m still recovering from lack of sleep but it was well worth it.

on my way good one texas hills on the bus woodrose winery lunch 12359918_10153860117022642_7917768420193265279_n 12348163_10208442568931993_1540514240023850332_n final fiesta winery better bus pic

Can you believe this lasted all day and night? It was a long day, but great fun.

Sunday was spent relaxing, shopping, and eating. By the time I got home I did laundry and passed out… after eating a pound of figs and grapes. It was lovely.

My highlight of  Sunday was this pancake – it’s happiness in my tummy and heart warming.

how was your week?

have you seen Jessica Jones or How To Get Away with Murder? 

Santa Wine Tour – Yay or Nay? 

the new normal


i woke up this morning and smiled… after cuddling my dogs and saying goodbye to the mister, i realized something: i’m hungry! so i had a grapefruit and some decaf coffee with lots of milk and raw sugar. later on i made some steak, green beans, and pita bread. i went about my business and took the dogs for their walk before running off to appointments.

as i was driving off it dawned on me: i’m totally at peace with my body. i am very at peace with food. i eat when i’m hungry and sometimes i eat out of boredom. however i don’t beat myself up about it, i just live life. i don’t worry about exercise yet i feel like my life is pretty active and i am in good health. i actually feel pretty darn good all things considered…

and it feels AMAZING right now to have arrived at this point in my life. 

i haven’t talked about recovery in a while. so i think it’s time i did because i’ve realized lately that i am in a totally different place today than i was just a few years ago.

i spent many, many years living in a food prison with silly rules. i spent days and nights worrying over every little thing that went in and out of my body. i was obsessed with my rules and created rituals that i had to follow, otherwise i thought i’d crack. or die. ? i withdrew from the world several times and hid in my tiny bubble. i was very miserable and would pray to be released from the mental prison that i felt trapped in.

my fear was that i couldn’t eat like a normal person, i didn’t even know what normal was anymore. a sandwich??? what the hell is that. i was terrified of eating proteins and carbs together. i was terrified of bread. i was terrified of meat. for whatever DUMBASS reason i was terrified of food. REAL FOOD scared me. condiments and shitty food like crackers were ok. it made no damn sense whatsoever.

it was the most ridiculous thing i’ve done, and i know now that i was running from my own demons. i was hurting  myself on purpose. it was not smart, and i was not being kind to myself.

thankfully, i am living proof that anyone can recover and be ‘normal’ around food. i know that if i can get over food phobias, anyone can.

it is possible to feel at peace, it is possible to feel free. food is to be enjoyed. 

LIFE is to be enjoyed. 

that’s all…





Week in Review: Eat Shop Eat

Greetings and Happy Monday, list lovers! yep it’s time for another stroll down memory lane and see what we all did this past week. To join the fun head on over to Meghan’s blog and linkup here. She’s the WIR hostess and link master to the upteenth degree. I don’t know what that means, but basically Meghan’s for rizzle. The real Mamma Jamma.



How was your week? After a crazy and awesome week in New Orleans – which you should read here if you haven’t read the NOLA adventure –  I feel like Monday DRAGGED. Yeah, coming back to life after spending the prior days having fun ain’t always easy. I had the Monday blues times 5.


I feel like all I did was basically work, eat, and sleep. Turns out I did a lot more, and by more I mean celebrating and shopping.

We had some great weather so I was able to take the pooches out for great walks, plus I took myself out for a run once this week.

peace shadow

12341598_10153849133107642_1531571323022530239_n 12243069_10153849133252642_7455087064368061918_n

I cooked one of my favorite meals at home: brussel sprouts caramelized in bacon fat and balsamic vinegar, topped with sweet chili jam. served with a huge wedge of goat’s milk brie, sweet potato fries… HEAVEN


I celebrated my mother and took her for another belated birthday dinner. Even though we celebrated her birthday earlier, I never got her a gift because she wanted a nice dinner. So nice dinner we did! We also celebrated my husband’s first semester in grad school wrapping up on Saturday night. There was a LOT of celebrating by him and his classmates. I took no pictures because the blackmail value alone was just too high #adultsgonewild

I love this pic of my mama and moi


my favorite dish from the birthday dinner: cauliflower with lemon butter sauce, pancetta, asparagus tips, and an egg. YUM


This is where my husband’s school celebration was, and everything was simply YUM.


Plus, I did enough shopping in one day to make it feel like that’s all I did all week. I’m not much of a shopper so I guess a whole day of shopping is a big deal in my mind. I called upon my favorite and best shopping partner in crime: my momma! She is the best shopping partner you could ever ask for, and she comes with this awesome thing called “good shopping luck” meaning whenever you’re with her, you magically find everything you like and want, and everything looks good. It also comes with a bill, but so worth it 😉 Plus hello, mom time! I love mother/daughter time especially when it means checking things off my to-do list 🙂

We found my matron of honor dress at Nordstrom – her colors are navy blue so I hope this works. I wouldn’t be wearing it with boots of course, and maybe an ice shawl or wrap and nice heels:

i got a few sizes too big because i happen to hate HATE tight clothes. i like my comfort

We also bought some blouses, a scarf, fun necklaces, and I found a cute holiday outfit from H&M. I also discovered that I LOVE H&M!


Sunday we took the pooches to the dog park and then I came home and made a pecan pie for dinner with our neighbors later on. I must tell you, it was the simplest and most delicious tasting pie I’ve made. 4 adults finished the pie in one night, that’s a pretty good sign… and hey, it was all good ingredients. Balance!


Later that evening we had a phenomenal meal at our neighbor’s apartment and enjoyed my pie. We fully intended to play games and have our usual game night, but after all the eating and drinking and chit-chat, it was almost 9PM before we realized the time. Oops! At least we had all this great food to end the week:

12341422_10153849099867642_4490860605368196756_n  11046320_10153849099772642_28921343150345505_n 12342294_10153849099922642_5338562475601124370_n

That’s all I got.

How was your week?

Have you been to H&M?

Do you have a pecan pie recipe that you swear by? I like mine with the nuts just on the top later rather than mixed in.. the results are quite sublime in my opinion 🙂

Hello, December

close up shots of our hallway tree
dear diary,
last night i had a dream that it was christmas eve and i got an early gift at the front door: a young man holding keys to an antique lime green 1965 dodge charger. i jumped in the car, into the backseat as a few teenagers were up front. they couldn’t even see me! i realized then that i was just watching this dream and not actually in it. these kids continued to joyride in ‘my’ christmas gift around town, throwing tinsle from the windows onto the streets. it was crazy. 
yours truly,

so that was a dream from last night. i also had a dream that i started a blog called, “dear diary” and treated it as such. i used to have journals and diaries as a kid; reading them recently reminded me that i was a) a big DORK, b) super imaginative, far too much. and c) i was obsessive compulsive from an early age.

so back to my point,


december quotes


can you believe it’s here? we are actually in the last and final month of 2015. i’m sort of freaking out inside and out, how about you?

before i begin, i wanted to make a list ( and because i’m a #listlover) of one thing i’m grateful for , for each month thus far in 2015. now i know that last month was november and ‘thanksgiving’ month, but who cares??? i’m thankful for the whole year and every month, and every day.

shall i begin?

monthly highlights from 2015:

  • January: marrying Derek 🙂 and epic honeymoon in Chile
  • February: my birthday and Chinese New Year celebrations
  • March: we sold our house
  • April: we moved back into the city
  • May: i started real estate exam prepping
  • June: i got my license reactivated
  • July: found an awesome run club
  • August: found a new broker
  • September: tons of birthdays including hubby and brother and friends
  • October: brother’s wedding in Arizona
  • November: Thanksgiving in NOLA
  • December: tbd 🙂 

it’s been a hellofa year! also, i wanted to share a few goals i have for the month. now that we’re in the last month of the year and all.

goals for December:

  • get through my thyroid biopsy on 12/16
  • be the best Matron of Honor possible
  • help with Rose’s wedding stuff, see above
  • bachelorette party stuff
  • survive bachelorette party in Austin
  • throw a small bridal luncheon
  • make some DIY gifts
  • go to the craft stores
  • visit home depot to buy ceramic tiles for decorating
  • visit dollar stores to buy mugs and plates to decorate
  • buy some gifts
  • spend time with Mom
  • visit in-laws
  • spend time with brother when he arrives from Aberdeen on 12/21
  • run when i feel like it
  • try to run a bit longer each Saturday by .5 miles
  • take lots of bubble and salt baths
  • drink lots of hot apple cider
  • give lots of love to the hubby
  • lots of doggy love and baths
  • smile
i love ornaments year round
i think our tree needs ornaments…


okay so that’s all i got for now. it’s just a random list of some goals i have for the month.

all i wanted to say is that i’m thankful to be here in this very moment in life. right here, right now.

thank you!

your turn:

goals for december?

DIY gifts?




Week in Review: Turkey Trottin’ to NOLA

Happy Monday, ya’ll! Hope you made it through Thanksgiving, or if you’re not living in the USA than I hope you survived last Thursday 🙂


In the spirit of thanks, I’m giving Thanks to our Queen Bee, Meghan, and her Week in Review linkup. This party wouldn’t be happening without her. Check her out and linkup here! 

12311303_10153826052397642_7259248953776627474_n - Copy
I’m thankful every day but I do enjoy celebrating being thankful with a nation of strangers and loved ones
12115472_967823936597485_6310037718161129351_n - Copy
I’m always caught like this! guilty
12311220_1006845426019050_7474234478906799964_n - Copy
my sentiments exactly, this year we did NO dishes and were so thankful

Our week was jam-packed… mmmm jam. Seriously, we had a lot to do. I worked on Monday and Tuesday, then spent all day Wednesday prepping for our trip, shopping for Bachelorette Party stuff, and cleaning our apartment. Tuesday we had a potluck with friends where we all brought some holiday dishes, and that was nice. I didn’t take photos but trust me – it was very good. Thursday morning we met our friends and did a Turkey Trot 10K, then zipped home, showered, and got on the road: we were going to NOLA for the holiday weekend! It was overall a busy and grand week. I pretty much ate, napped, ate, and napped. I know I did a bunch of other stuff but it seems like the food played a starring role, with nap time a close supporting actor.

Our week pretty much consisted of this:

WORK – I worked a lot on Monday and Tuesday, and my poor hubby had to not only do tons of homework, but had loads of work going on at his real job. 

PACK – Laundry and cleaning and packing. Oh my! 

TURKEY TROT – a fun 10K before our road trip, why not? 

NEW ORLEANS – NOLA is the center of the universe! 

EAT… NAP… WALK… REPEAT – that’s pretty much all we did. 

HOME – more laundry and finally our lovely bed. Home. Sweet. Home. 

nuff said?


Okay, here are pics of the week. I took tons! Mostly of NOLA because when you’re in New Orleans it’s pretty much par for the course to drink eat and take pics of random stuff.

Derek and I before our Turkey Trot.. it was such a fun morning, and we honestly had a good time. I hadn’t run that far in a LONG time but we kept a slow jog and I managed to feel comfortable the whole time. I did have to stop and pee once but luckily so did my partner 😉

12294727_10153826144172642_3089464448314566116_n - Copy 12249709_10153826143952642_5429097709166100744_n - Copy 11202450_10153826144192642_5549455312540609630_n - Copy

and a few hours after our Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot, we arrived in New Orleans!

The drive was super easy.. less than 5 hours. We practically flew there! However it took us 8 hours to get home. Love that holiday traffic. NOT.

12295350_10153833535732642_8492331274249751411_n - Copy
Here we are! about to arrive… Our hotel was in the French Quarter

Random walking pics… below is the cemetery where Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau’s tomb is found. We tried to get in but sadly it required a tour guide and we missed our shot. At least it was fun to walk around and take cheap shots!

12299300_10153833493922642_4493112147675345622_n - Copy

11013485_10153833493987642_7526185739802065451_n - Copy

Galleries galore

12295350_10153833492812642_301656082039157950_n - Copy 12308420_10153833492562642_2069416848112075695_n - Copy

12311120_10153833492727642_2718815568184506854_n - Copy12316588_10153833492642642_5709272025101793780_n - Copy

We attended a haunted history tour and had such a blast walking around the French Quarter and learning about all the gory history of the past. I can’t believe some of the things we learned! and we had the best tour guide. If you ever visit, look for Ariadni. She’s one of a kind!

12308682_10153833492492642_7702513522247000407_n - Copy

The creepiest site? The LaLaurie Mansion. Read about it the history, but not before bed!



Beignets: It’s a true New Orleans specialty. We had them twice, they were so good! My favorite were from Cafe Beignet. The fresh strawberries were just tres bien!

12313642_10153833531052642_6561078594166226921_n - Copy12316187_10153833492917642_702455132061834795_n - Copy

11221760_10153833492967642_835717685140367681_n - Copy  12291188_10153833493117642_5759492509924914312_o - Copy 12289515_10153833531152642_846114184688441525_n - Copy

12314392_10153833493222642_6948587794571030576_o - Copy

and there was a lot of shopping… I bought souvenirs and gifts, but I really went gah-gah at the vintage shops. Here are two pieces that came home with me:

12249626_10153833447792642_1319868977251699419_n - Copy12311258_10153833447597642_5103338137273089063_n - Copy

And then there was all the FOOD… I can’t even begin to share how good it all was. Every place we went was special, and we did it all: high end to low end dives. I loved trying all the new flavors and meeting cool locals. The local residents love their city and love to share it with everyone. What a great city!

12314358_10153833531567642_3720288708923853612_o - Copy

Arnaud’s is where we had our glorious and delicious Thanksgiving meal. It was such a special place! and after we toured the museum upstairs that belonged to the owner’s daughter: The Germaine Cazenave Wells Mardi Gras Museum. It showcases all of her gorgeous gowns and hats. Totally worth checking out! and the upstairs above that is also haunted, but we didn’t go that far… it was rather late 😀

12294900_10153833531527642_6729297981421347734_n - Copy
My Thanksgiving Fish
12313642_10153833531352642_305452876034105519_n - Copy
Derek’s Thanksgiving Fish dish
12295462_10153833531272642_6223944637933682674_n - Copy
Thanksgiving Pie – Pecan

and last but not least: more food.

Dive bars, Fancy places, and everything in between:

12279017_10153833493842642_2230036143907720647_n - Copy   12308420_10153833484172642_181275793938513611_n - Copy  12295344_10153833484247642_8239702404780654816_n - Copy 12310482_10153833493577642_8146804175168602052_n - Copy    12313631_10153833457937642_1121490565544007671_n - Copy     12316256_10153833483967642_5262979651330425006_n - Copy 12316353_10153833493637642_4628027400016786117_n - Copy 12316542_10153833447987642_894949257222409494_n - Copy 12316586_10153833453582642_8612839639751977928_n - Copy

Okay, I’m stuffed and pooped.

How was your week?

Ever been to New Orleans?

Are you in to haunted history?