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Greetings folks! Howdy. Congratulations for making it through another glorious week.

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that was my strategy this week: stay alive

This past week felt NUTS. I can’t complain, everything that is going on and that I’m organizing is good stuff. However I’m blaming my hormones because there were a few mornings where I was a little short, and I Β don’t mean my 5’2″ self… needless to say, my hubby got major cookie points for being super patient.

I’m going back to categories, so here’s my week in the following groups:

  • Food
  • Fitness/Health
  • Home/Dogs
  • Work
  • Party Planning


I’ll begin with my favorite one, and that’s food. Yes, food! I feel like we ate really well this week. By well I mean pretty much home-cooked meals with a few fun things thrown in, like a huge burger one night. I ate the whole thing myself, took no picture, and sort of felt amazing. I guess my body really wanted that burger; my husband was impressed.

Food I prepped ahead:

  • Broccoli
  • Cooked broccoli noodle slaw
  • Steamed Japanese Sweet Potatoes
  • Sauteed Indian Tofu
  • Squash Chili
  • Cashew Cream
  • Avocado mash


We ate a lot of butternut squash chili with avocado, broccoli and potatoes, eggs…

and one night my hubby cooked us stuffed poblano peppers with cheese, eggs, and mushrooms. talk about heaven!


On Tuesday I took my mom out for lunch for a belated birthday treat – we went to this incredible French bakery. To say the food was good is an understatement. It was tres bien, magnificent!!! Salad, onion soup piled with a mountain of cheese bread, and berry tart. MMM


There were also divine eats on Friday night at a birthday dinner with the most delectable Italian Cream birthday cake that I’ve had in my life. It was that good… usually I’m not much of a cake person and just go for icing, but this cake was filled with pecans, shredded coconut, and just tons of spices and vanilla. SO good.

Saturday we had more incredible eats at a neighbors’ dinner party – they invited us over for a Game Night of Cranium and Exploding Kittens. Since our neighbors our following a Whole 30 way of eating, the food they prepared was free from processed foods, dairy, and grains. Whatever you call it, it was all DELICIOUS and I enjoyed every singe morsel.

12274658_10153817444487642_557392695674873394_n 12246616_10153817538342642_285673096040200809_n 12235072_10153817444622642_6249242888361378911_n 12234933_10153817538302642_4400890192099668230_n 12227780_10153817444442642_6309490715368793573_n

Sunday was another food frenzy with my mother’s belated birthday dim sum brunch, where a group of 9 of us shared about 30 dim sum plates. It was painfully good.

Needless to say, all of my cravings and happiness buckets were filled this past week. My belly is smiling.



I’ve been running 2-3 days a week now, anywhere from 2-4 miles. It feels good because I’m just letting my body do it’s thang. I’m putting more attention on rest and not stressing, and if I feel worried that I’m not doing enough, I simply take a bath, make some food, read a book, or work. Yep, my body and I are better friends now πŸ™‚

Monday and Wednesday I had a nice 30 min jog, then on Sunday I tried for longer and got up to 60 minutes. Sunday’s run was exhausting! I was so wiped out that I took a bath and napped before dim sum.


Friday I went on a 2.5 hour walk and was more exhausted from that than any of the running. I love walking but there is such thing as too much! No complaints, but made a mental note.


On the home front, I spent Monday frantically doing all the laundry and cleaning bed sheets because I am obsessed with sleeping on clean sheets. If it was possible, I’d sleep on clean sheets nightly, but alas I’m willing to wait 1-2 weeks so I don’t drive my husband more insane with my obsessions.

I also attempted to arrange some festive decor in the apartment – which pretty much just meant I put a tree on the island and removed everything else. I also put a tree on the entry table. I clearly went out of my way… :/

The dogs were very present this week and responsible for some of the overall craziness of the week. We’ve both been sleep deprived – my husband has been studying each night after dinner till 1am, and I have had bouts of insomnia. Every night DJ has been itching himself and driving my husband insane, and Muffin has had a hacking cough that I thought was a hair ball. These antics eventually led us humans to having a big fuss about taking them to the vet, then stressing that neither of us have time. Then realizing I would have to make time, then scrambling… all to have Mr. Human declare that they seem better and let’s wait a few days. Okay!


Another major change in our household this week is that my hubby declared he didn’t want the dogs sleeping with us anymore in the bed – he has been having trouble sleeping due to DJ’s itching and the dogs have been yapping at each other all night. Well, on Thursday I finally gave in and let him take the dogs to sleep on the sofa. I had to put myself to bed first so I wouldn’t start crying… after I was asleep, he went to bed and left the dogs. I woke up 7 hours later after a deep sleep was surprised how well I slept. I felt so thankful! Then after my journaling, I ran to open the door and let the dogs in… I couldn’t help myself. Cuddling with them in the morning just makes me happy. I’m a big wuss πŸ™

We decided to let the dogs join us over the weekend… after one night of sleeping in the living room, they have calmed down. I love their cuddly bodies so I’m happy.

Aside from itchies, coughs, and sleep changes, the pups got some decent walks and a trip to the park. Followed by a good bath on Thursday and really long walk on Friday – part of my epic long 2.5 hours of walking.



work was work, end of story πŸ™‚

Party Planning:

Now for the fun parts! I got spend a great deal of time trying to organize a bachelorette party for my best friend of 20+ years… Β I found out this week what she wanted to do, and I have essentially 2 weeks to organize it. Her wedding is in January and I think between the holidays and her children and her stepson’s schedules, there was only one weekend she could get away and have some much deserved fun.

So Lucky Me, I am the party planner! and even luckier for me, she already knew what she wanted: a Santa Themed Texas Winery Tour. She had it all picked out and booked, I Β just needed to coordinate the rest: hotels, trip to Austin, invites, meals for the weekend, transport, fun things after the wine tour… yeah no biggie. NOT! I was freaking out, but I think I’m better now… I got into my super duper party planning mode, made quick decisions, and so far we have hotel booked and dinner and brunch reservations. I drafted the Evite and sent them out, as well as emails to the girls with more details. What I still need is to go to a party supply store and get party stuff, costumes or matching Santa outfits, and other party things. And somehow make little gift baskets…

The other thing I’m sort of freaking out about is that I need to write cards to my family and I haven’t even bought said cards. At some point when I’m running around like a maniac, I must get cards and send them out. Then I had another idea to make cards online. Anyone used Shutterfly? it’s a bit pricey but seems fun. Seems like something a married couple should do. LOL

I used to just give everyone gift cards for everything, but for some reason I feel like I need to get people some useless crap that I think they might like. I don’t know why, I just feel compelled to send an actual gift.. they can do what they like, but I’m also feeling like this is a personal challenge: buy family gifts that they LOVE and will actually use. ha!

Will I make history with my gift buying skills? to be continued…

Some random pics from the week…


Your turn:

Ever used Shutterfly and made cards, or something similar?Β 

Do you buy gifts or gift cards?Β 

Have you planned a Bachelorette party in 2 weeks???Β 

Have you ever been to a bachelorette party out of town?Β 



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6 thoughts on “Week in Review: Epic Food & Party Planning”

  1. I need to start giving out cookie points. So much more exciting than just regular points. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I’m amazed by your cooking skills this week. You totally slayed it and also with the exercise. Listening to your body is the bed medicine right now and you’re definitely doing it. You get two snaps and a twirl from me.

    Oscar sleeps between my legs, on my side, sometimes on my chest. It’s super uncomfortable and I love him snuggling, so I tolerate it, although my Hubby would absolutely give him the boot. When Oscar didn’t come home the other night (he was back the next morning of course), I slept like a baby, no pun intended, shockingly.

    I think you are a marvelous gift giver. Banana candles indeed. I can’t thank you enough.

    1. oh i’m so glad you got the candle! eventually there might be something else arriving… not candle related at all, actually it has no relation to bananas either πŸ˜€

  2. What an awesome week, especially those eats – brownie points for all the food prep!
    That’s so great that you get on with your neighbours so well, love a good board game night!
    Santa themed Texas winery tour? Now that sounds like a party I want to go to!! πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you! You always do so marvelously well with your meal planning and prep. I swear I was taking notes from your book, or at least attempting to πŸ™‚

      I just got Santa sweaters, I can’t wait to look ridiculous in public. πŸ˜€

  3. Last week sounds like it was another crazy busy one too! I love the sound of all of your meals! Especially the birthday celebration and French pastries!!
    I totally understand your sadness in regard to your fur babies! Our cat, Penny, used to sleep in our room (mostly on me or between my legs), but we had to ‘banish’ her to the living room shortly after we moved into our house. She would wake up at all hours of the night meowing. It was so loud that it not only woke us up, but also woke Matilda! I was so sad to have to do it! I’m glad that your sweet pups hot to come back.
    I am so impressed by your party planning abilities! I would be so stressed out! But a Santa themed winery tour does sound fun! I love that you are finding outfits/costumes! I can’t wait to see pictures!
    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!!!

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