Vlog: sleepy time tips & packing for trips

hey there lovely humans!!!

i’m all about KEEPIN IT REAL so please keep that in mind.. cuz the video quality is absurd. but hey, i’m still smilin 😀

welcome to my 2nd vlog… as i eluded, the cinematography is horrible. and because i’m just ‘that quirky sort of gal’ the video starts and ends incredibly awkward. and i didn’t feel like editing it because hey, i’m no pro and like to have something to improve upon. see how i flipped that to a positive? oh yeah, boom. and double sorry the video is so wavy, let’s just pretend i’m under water… or you’re being hypnotized…  oohhhh the magical effects oh yeah.

in this vlog i quickly touch on sleepy time tips – do you have any? i tend not to need help sleeping, but i share what i like to do when i can’t seem to relax and get dozy.




and lavender…..

oohhh my!

also i talk about my packing tips, which are basically minimal, so please tell me: what do you do when you have to pack? any uber organized peeps out there with some good packing tips? i hate checking bags in by the way…

have a great week! <3


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i am sweating out a 36 year sriracha habit from my pores. and loving life. and spreading joy and happiness. i've hit some pits and seen the light, and damn it feels good to be me right now. so thanks for reading, we're blessed to have technology!

4 thoughts on “Vlog: sleepy time tips & packing for trips”

  1. i love these Vlogs! Maybe I should try one? We’ll see.
    I like your sleepy time tips! Reading always does it for me too, and avoiding ALL screens for a few hours before bed helps too. I don’t usually have trouble going to sleep, but I do sometimes have trouble staying asleep. That sucks.
    I am a compulsive over packer and usually end up with at least 2-3 bags just for myself. It’s pretty ridiculous. I like the idea of just brings 1 or 2 pairs of shoes and matching the outfits to the shoes.
    I hope you have fun! I can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. I hope you are having a fantastic time at your wedding weekend extravaganza.

    I’m like you at night: phone on DND, no TV, no electronics, just me and my book. Oh and usually Oscar, and I tend to fall asleep super quickly and easily.

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