reflections from the bench

perfectly imperfect
nothing is perfect, and that’s the beauty of life

so it’s been a few weeks that’s i got injured during marathon training…

and guess what?

i’m still alive

i’m not dead

i’ve been busy doing other things

i’m still loving life

i have MUCH to be thankful for! 

OH MY GOSH but HOW have i not gone crazy and turned into crybaby injured runner girl like previously????

simple: i said to myself, “so what?” 


there is so much more to think about, and this is just temporary.

this is just a small fragment of my tapestry of life.

i’ll still be able to run the marathon. 

and guess what? i’ll be just FINE!!!

of course that wasn’t always how i thought… 

i have been the type of person that thought the whole world would fall apart if i couldn’t train or run or whatever.

thankfully i’m not that person anymore. 

i realize that i have truly come a LONG way in my personal growth and recovery.

here are some reflections that i’ve had over the last few weeks/days/hours.  i thought i would share this so i can see how i’ve grown and where i made the mistakes that led to a full-on injury. it’s amazing how i can actually see it coming now that i look at my mindset over the last few weeks and check my thought process!



here are some thoughts, rambles, and reflections leading up to my running injury:

my legs are feeling funky, but i think i’ll run anyway

i have the stomach flu but i’ll get a run in anyway

i ran through my oral surgeries just fine, i was careful. therefore i should be able to run through anything!

i definitely did that thing again where i ran too much

yup i did more miles these few weeks than i was supposed to

i’m a glutton for punishment

i have serious addiction issues

my body is exhausted but i think i’ll just run a couple more miles

this run/walk/run thing is great, it means i can run FOREVER

i’m an idiot

why is there pain in my body? that’s IMPOSSIBLE!!!

if i’m run/walk/running, then that means i’m invincible. right?

if i make sure i walk a shit ton, then i will never be injured

Galloway says we don’t need strength training – YIPPEE then i’ll just continue to ignore the weight room and my core and run all the miles… forever.

i’m sure ignoring my core is not a big deal, not everybody needs it right?

i’m made of titanium steel, doesn’t that mean i can go forever?

i probably shouldn’t have run yesterday. oh well i’ll keep going.

i probably should take a rest week…. one of these days

i probably should not have raced that 5K. oops

i should rest.

i should strength train.

i should fuel properly.

i should listen to my body.



but i never did those things when i should have, but fortunately i sought help. i didn’t do what i should have done, but i’m rehabbing now and following the plan.

second chance day

here’s what i’ve learned that i need to remember:

strength training is my best friend

okay so not yoga, but pilates!

my gluts are weaker than decaf coffee

my hips need a lot of conditioning and strength

my core needs to be worked regularly

if it hurts, stop

being uncomfortable is okay sometimes

ice ice baby


eat all the food, rehab still requires fuel!

do fun things

there is MUCH more to life

laugh always

remember the funny moments, like when DJ ate my mom’s flowers and tried to pretend he didn’t but had daisies stuck in his face fur

have FUN

write my thank you list

write down new ideas

LOVE my self! 


okay that’s all i got for now.

if you are dealing with injuries, take it from me: a rest day will not kill you. it might make you stronger though! meow




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i am sweating out a 36 year sriracha habit from my pores. and loving life. and spreading joy and happiness. i've hit some pits and seen the light, and damn it feels good to be me right now. so thanks for reading, we're blessed to have technology!

2 thoughts on “reflections from the bench”

  1. Thank you for this positivity and the reminder that our bodies know best if we will only listen to them. I am not so great at listening to my body at times. Okay, most of the time.
    I love the ‘Eat all the food’. That is me. ALL THE TIME!!!
    Love you <3

  2. I love this, and this line especially: “my gluts are weaker than decaf coffee.” It makes me laugh. I must use it.

    I’m in a situation right now where I can’t exercising beyond some simple walking. It isn’t easy, I miss it very much, but I also can survive just fine without it. As a result, I love this post even more.

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