Vlog: sleepy time tips & packing for trips

hey there lovely humans!!!

i’m all about KEEPIN IT REAL so please keep that in mind.. cuz the video quality is absurd. but hey, i’m still smilin 😀

welcome to my 2nd vlog… as i eluded, the cinematography is horrible. and because i’m just ‘that quirky sort of gal’ the video starts and ends incredibly awkward. and i didn’t feel like editing it because hey, i’m no pro and like to have something to improve upon. see how i flipped that to a positive? oh yeah, boom. and double sorry the video is so wavy, let’s just pretend i’m under water… or you’re being hypnotized…  oohhhh the magical effects oh yeah.

in this vlog i quickly touch on sleepy time tips – do you have any? i tend not to need help sleeping, but i share what i like to do when i can’t seem to relax and get dozy.




and lavender…..

oohhh my!

also i talk about my packing tips, which are basically minimal, so please tell me: what do you do when you have to pack? any uber organized peeps out there with some good packing tips? i hate checking bags in by the way…

have a great week! <3


Week in Review: Planking with Muffin, Mane Change, and Randomness


it’s that time again! wow i have no idea what happened to that last few days… i know i was there, but what was i doing? thank goodness for IG otherwise i would have no recollection of anything 😉

and thank even more goodnesses to Meghan and her brilliant Week In Review linkup because now i can force myself to go back in time and actually recall what i did. yay for us all.

so if you haven’t checked out her linkup, it’s a  must. put it on your list near the top, right under breathing.

also, if you haven’t checked out her blog…then i won’t judge  you but will advise you to please do so ASAP. it’s critical to your happiness, trust me on this one.

so how was my last few days? quite simply put: i planked every day (with the company of my dog,) managed to spill some coffee on important reports and waste many minutes cleaning up, and i got my mane managed FINALLY! my do is done. at least for now. project glamour mane is not quite done but i’m patient… oh yeah, clearly my week was just packed with excitement… and notice the undertones of sarcasm right now in case you missed them.


Daily Planks & Core

okay, i’m really proud of myself with these. it’s been several days that i’ve managed to do at least 10 minutes of core work every day. that’s a record for me!!! i get bored easily so i have to change it up a lot, i look to Greatest Daily for inspiration, as well as Runners World. i also use the Nike workout app that Holly from Fueled by LOLZ recommended – that app is my new favorite!!! check it out. and her out, they both rock 🙂

and i love how my yorkie Muffin likes to play fetch with me while i’m doing planks… it certainly makes for a fun and challenging session!

this is the santa squish toy that Muffin stuck in front me…
Muffin don’t care about my planking efforts, she just cares about my ability to throw her mouse…

New Hair – better than 2004

this is my favorite part of the week – i have been slowly but surely lightening up my mane. what i’m most proud of is that i did NOT attempt to do this myself like i did back in 2004. that was the year i had green hair, which was actually NOT on purpose. i tried to bleach my hair on my own, it turned a strange ugly green… then quickly turned purple. all the while i had just started a new job. it took me 3 trips to a salon and mucho $$$$ to fix it. and major workplace embarrassment which i totally pretended i didn’t care about but totally did. YES. you can feel better about yourself now.


i wish i could have worn this…

so please allow me to feel good about this because i’m a huge DIY person sometimes, but some thing just should never be done by me and only a professional. so here i am feeling happy with my new do!

whatcha think? no filter or editing so gimme some wiggle room 😀



Coffee Spills and Randomness

yes i took a photo of myself after i spilled coffee all over the place. i could have taken a photo of the coffee mess, but i was frantically cleaning everything and was running around like a headless chicken. i was sitting there feeling a little ‘blah’ typing up some reports, then i managed to spill a whole coffee and BOOM my boredome vanished. hahaha not recommended but hey silver linings for all.

when i spill my coffee, i like to take a selfie once i’m clean to feel good about my achievement

i also had to take a picture of my leg to show my chiropractor where it keeps hurting. pretty cute, huh? i have scary veins!



IG quotes from the week





Date Night

and my favorite night of all… no food pics, just love and this picture of liquid red juice. it was a perfect evening: the weather was stormy, the wind was blowing, and we went somewhere with a covered awning and valet drivers. 😀 it’s the details that make me happy. and hearing the rain outside.

not to mention we had the best bartender/server who got us things off the menu that were not actually on the menu. i love that! we had been to this place before and were not impressed, but being it was our only date night and it was pouring rain, we went back because of it’s close proximity. totally happy with our choice, it was a purrrrfect night 🙂



okay, so check out Meghan and tell me about your week!

how was your weather? yes i just asked about the weather. it’s all the rage here in Texas.


Week in Review: Recovery, Happy Thoughts, and Shenanigans

Meghan is a BOSS <3

Week in Review

I think Meghan explains this best, so I’ll quote her rather than be creative and/or confusing:

“The Week In Review is a list, in its purest form, not of the things you still need to do, but of all the things you have done in the last seven days. It’s an achievement list, an ode to yourself, a celebration of sorts, and a virtual pat on the back.” 

this is my very first linkup.. i feel special just typing that 🙂

Meghan and her sassy, scrumptious blog inspired this post – actually I wouldn’t be linking up if it weren’t for her linkup so that was just a total waste of words explaining all that nonsense.

squirrel…. what time is it???

oh yeah, it’s Monday…

anyhow! i just wanted to share my week, in list form of course, with these highlights:

focus on being more ‘gentle’ with myself, and allow myself to heal with no rushing: 

with gorgeous recovery walks in the city….

epic walks walk walk graffit


and i enjoyed sitting by our pool and staring at it 😉

swim thoughts
looks so nice… just not nice enough for me to get wet just yet

i’ll get back to swimming when i’m ready.

also listening to cool jams while i attempt to make core work a life habit

pop music


thinking happy thoughts: 

let go fairy
letting go of anything i can’t control


attidue of grat
writing 5 things i’m grateful for each morning 🙂


happy day
IG makes me smile


IG sexy me


business convention – my real job is actually not goofing around with my dogs… well almost

big e notes
i sat there for 8 hours and learned and doodled


new bird tatt – i’m in love with my new bird!

bird tatt

miscellaneous, dinners at home, and shenanigans:

i was double fisting and it was great. i even felt fine the next day #likeaboss


this horrible pic was actually a tasty whole fish, and i loved it


pasta dinner
one of our many dinners at home, pasta. simple and sublime from my hubby


smoky dessert
stranger smoke inspired dessert… the ice cream was good at least 🙂


night in bored
after a glass or two of wine, trying to get interested in whatever program we were watching


random art and farmer’s market eggs:

home art
i see this on the wall outside my door every day and wonder if i should try to make a painting just for fun… i don’t even have to try hard. or do i? 😉


eggs farm
apparently i have never had an egg until these farmer’s market eggs came into my life. where have i been?

so those were some highlights from last week. i also went to the dentist (boo) and chiropractor and back doctor. i seem to always have a lot of those appointments.. high maintenance i suppose 😉

and lots of dinners at home with the hubby, and lots of core and gym stuff.

but do you really want to see all that? hmmmmm

have a great and fabulous week <3


reflections from the bench

perfectly imperfect
nothing is perfect, and that’s the beauty of life

so it’s been a few weeks that’s i got injured during marathon training…

and guess what?

i’m still alive

i’m not dead

i’ve been busy doing other things

i’m still loving life

i have MUCH to be thankful for! 

OH MY GOSH but HOW have i not gone crazy and turned into crybaby injured runner girl like previously????

simple: i said to myself, “so what?” 


there is so much more to think about, and this is just temporary.

this is just a small fragment of my tapestry of life.

i’ll still be able to run the marathon. 

and guess what? i’ll be just FINE!!!

of course that wasn’t always how i thought… 

i have been the type of person that thought the whole world would fall apart if i couldn’t train or run or whatever.

thankfully i’m not that person anymore. 

i realize that i have truly come a LONG way in my personal growth and recovery.

here are some reflections that i’ve had over the last few weeks/days/hours.  i thought i would share this so i can see how i’ve grown and where i made the mistakes that led to a full-on injury. it’s amazing how i can actually see it coming now that i look at my mindset over the last few weeks and check my thought process!



here are some thoughts, rambles, and reflections leading up to my running injury:

my legs are feeling funky, but i think i’ll run anyway

i have the stomach flu but i’ll get a run in anyway

i ran through my oral surgeries just fine, i was careful. therefore i should be able to run through anything!

i definitely did that thing again where i ran too much

yup i did more miles these few weeks than i was supposed to

i’m a glutton for punishment

i have serious addiction issues

my body is exhausted but i think i’ll just run a couple more miles

this run/walk/run thing is great, it means i can run FOREVER

i’m an idiot

why is there pain in my body? that’s IMPOSSIBLE!!!

if i’m run/walk/running, then that means i’m invincible. right?

if i make sure i walk a shit ton, then i will never be injured

Galloway says we don’t need strength training – YIPPEE then i’ll just continue to ignore the weight room and my core and run all the miles… forever.

i’m sure ignoring my core is not a big deal, not everybody needs it right?

i’m made of titanium steel, doesn’t that mean i can go forever?

i probably shouldn’t have run yesterday. oh well i’ll keep going.

i probably should take a rest week…. one of these days

i probably should not have raced that 5K. oops

i should rest.

i should strength train.

i should fuel properly.

i should listen to my body.



but i never did those things when i should have, but fortunately i sought help. i didn’t do what i should have done, but i’m rehabbing now and following the plan.

second chance day

here’s what i’ve learned that i need to remember:

strength training is my best friend

okay so not yoga, but pilates!

my gluts are weaker than decaf coffee

my hips need a lot of conditioning and strength

my core needs to be worked regularly

if it hurts, stop

being uncomfortable is okay sometimes

ice ice baby


eat all the food, rehab still requires fuel!

do fun things

there is MUCH more to life

laugh always

remember the funny moments, like when DJ ate my mom’s flowers and tried to pretend he didn’t but had daisies stuck in his face fur

have FUN

write my thank you list

write down new ideas

LOVE my self! 


okay that’s all i got for now.

if you are dealing with injuries, take it from me: a rest day will not kill you. it might make you stronger though! meow




it works if you work it





no that’s not a song or tune i’m pathetically trying to conjure up.

OA is Overeaters Anonymous in my world.

it’s a land that i’ve traveled to, and walked across, and returned from in one piece.

with much perspective.

I’m danielle and i’m an addict……

and that’s where we started on that end of summer tuesday night back in 2000.

I’m a bulimic/anorexic/ednos/etc. i hated saying that, it felt wrong and abnormal. but i said it anyway and felt totally alone in a room filled with strangers. i felt like the only one wanting to roll my eyes, muttering, “give me a fucking break,” in the room filled with people that i just couldn’t quite understand. in many ways i felt lost from them, at least in the beginning. the person i was in 2000 didn’t even relate to these people, the Millennium Me just wanted to get the hell out of there… i didn’t want to be there, i thought i had it all figured out. so i just wanted to go home and numb myself with food so i didn’t have to think about the abusive nightmare i had just abandoned; i didn’t want to think about the surgery i had that changed my martial arts life forever and physical body; i didn’t want to think about the fact that i had left home so i could eat alone and not have anyone judge me or try to criticize my coping mechanisms. and most of all, i didn’t want to think about all the other things i lost in years before.

my martial arts/fitness, abusive boyfriend, pills, and excessive ways were my outlets. they kept me in a bubble where i never had to think about the ‘other’ stuff. surgery put a stop to all those vices but food. so i felt like a raging bull in a pin, waiting to fight. i couldn’t be comfortable in my own skin,

i had no idea who i was anymore i just knew food.

so i knew i needed help, i mean i wasn’t a total fool or ‘that’ delusional. i knew i needed help but i also knew that i had to want to help myself.

at that point in my life, i was still in post-trauma mode so my only relief was going home after my boring day job and eating. and then getting rid of it so i could feel numb. it was sick, sick cycle. but it kept me from going nuts. if that makes any sense….

oddly, my mother understood what i was going through… she knew the nightmare i was in with the ex boyfriend. this seemed like a less damaging option in a sick way.

she knew that i couldn’t cope and the fact that i had left him was overwhelming. her mother, my grandmama, had an ED all her life. my mother knew that i was better than that, but she also knew that i could easily do much, much worse things to myself.

i know i know i know!!!! this whole thing, it’s sick. being bulimic or restricting food is not okay. but this is my life and the experiences are my own.

today i can tell you that i’m thankful for my experiences because i knew i would be the person i am today: grateful and alive

i am so thankful… 

but back to OA and how it totally rocked my world at first…

so after that Tuesday in 2000, i left that first meeting in OA early and didn’t go back.

it totally freaked me out, who were those people? how on earth could they have food addictions then want to go to dinner after the meeting? how did they keep going to meetings after they kept failing every single day???? the ones that kept going but kept slipping, each day, really got to me.

i went right home and numbed myself and tried to feel better at the fact that i even went at all.

the fact that i went anywhere besides straight home was a HUGE accomplishment.

you MUST celebrate every single success. do it. 

anyhow, it was not until several years after my first visit that i returned. and this time i stayed because i wanted to be there.

for me.

i realized i didn’t care how crazy it seemed, i knew i needed a higher power.

i surrendered.

so there you go:

“it works if you work it!”

do those words sound familiar to anyone?

i hear those words in my ear still to this day! yet they are from a 12 step OA group i did over 4 years ago.

anyways, i just wanted to share my experience in a 12 step group, and the tools that i took with me and why i’m no longer active in one.

i went to that initial first Overeaters Anonymous meeting back in 2000, really just to make my mother feel like i could take care of myself. i had no real intention of getting better at that time, actually i just wasn’t ready.

however fast forward to august of 2011, i was ready.  i had hit the bottom so many times that i knew i needed to shape up and get with the program of life. i had run out of lives and i already knew i was dealt many more than 9 lives. i had already used up about 12.

so when i went back to that same room, to that same tuesday night OA meeting in 2011, i was ready. i WANTED to be there.

i reached out, i asked for help. 

i got a sponsor. 

i did the work. 

and i earned my 1 year of recovery chip on august 9, 2012. 

so here i am today. after i got my 1 year chip i did not continue with the OA program,

but i learned a LOT about myself along the way.

the tools i got out of it are these:

  • a sponsor made me accountable
  • the food journal helped at first
  • not being allowed to eat ‘trigger foods’ helped at first
  • having a group was helpful sometimes
  • checking in with my sponsor daily helped a lot
  • being accountable was the most important thing of all

the reasons that i am no longer in a 12 step OA group:

  • i wanted to be okay with eating all foods
  • i felt uncomfortable with the rules
  • i want to live my forever life
  • it’s just not for me anymore

my point in this post was to share that sometimes life is hard but we are given tools, and if we use those tools they can help us. and it gets better…

it works if you work it 🙂

thank you for letting me share my experience in recovery and OA. i want to close this with the serenity prayer, which a beautiful prayer that i still appreciate and turn to every now and then.


xox <3

Ode to October


Yes, I love this month. So much that I want to freestyle about…. so pardon me while I amuse myself.


October, my beloved month that lays perfectly nestled ahead of the festivities to come, and after the long sweltering summer sunsets. 

Just kissed by the last rays of summer heat, memories of humidity still lingering in the dusk. 

You are the gateway to the oncoming months of celebration and merriment.

When you arrive, we all know it is that time. Jubilant noise is acceptable now. 

Your brush strokes of orange and burnt crispy summer yellows and fire hot sunny reds paint the views from my window.

October is my beloved, my beloved time of year.

The clouds dance more freely around the moonlight.

The blackbirds seem just a little more excited, as if they know more than we do.

Nostalgia and anticipation spread out around me; memories from the past mingle with excitement for what is to come. What new memories will there be?

So many joyous occasions to look forward to, to organize, to manifest. 

So many memories to honor that haunt me in a delightful and welcoming way, the familiar eerie chills and friendly October shadows. 

The October shadows are peaceful and friendly, they are not to be feared. 

The past shadows of distant times come out to sway with the new glimmers of light and darkness. 

It is a good time of year to make peace, to reflect, and observe. 

October took the last breath of my beloved, yet she is by my side always.

As the moon turns silver, my beloved angel gathers me in her wings

and reminds me to bid adieu to the last flickers of summer

for now it is time for The Fall



the bright side

you know when you have those times when you wish you could wake up and start over?? yeah. ditto. thankfully that happens, every night at midnight.

it’d be pretty crazy (and cool.. ) if life was like Groundhog Day. i love that movie


but sometimes waiting till then seems like an eternity. especially when everything seems like it’s going South when you wanted to head North. you planned everything around going North and then you get to some road and there is this giant wall and says ROAD CLOSED and there are no signs to help you out. you’re stuck. now it’s time to backtrack and figure out Plan B.

not literally…


so that’s where i’m at. shit’s happened and i’m done with feeling sorry for myself. it’s time to get my head back in the game of LIFE.

second chance day
thank goodness

but first let’s go back to the dramatics that brought about this post filled with flavorful sarcasm and stardust.

oh yeah, all the road bumps of life lately.

injuries, sickness, travels, more illness, more back related issues. it’s like a record on repeat sometimes.

so what do i do when i’m injured (again) and feel like my world is crumbling apart like 3 day old pound cake?

whoa, did you get that visual? can you just imagine how crumbly that would be? it’d be really damn crumbly.

imagine this, 3 days old.


mind blown

okay so clearly i’m being dramatic. hello, i’m an expert at the dramatics and the theatrical behavior at times… my girl Heather reminded me of this with one of her  lovely posts. <3 her.

but honestly let me get all my venting out of the way, then i’ll go back to my point: looking at the bright side of life.

this is my spirit animal


hahaha yeah shutup


drink up shut up
OK noted


'Look on the bright side. It adds a cool echo effect to your bark.'
‘Look on the bright side. It adds a cool echo effect to your bark.’


but first let me bitch a little….

gripe one: the stomach flu and the cough

my darling hubby brought me a gift of the stomach flu. now i DON’T in any way shape or form blame him. NO of course not. but alas, he contracted it from his classmates, and it was a doozy. then 3 days later i got hit hard. now i am not a medical professional so i don’t have proof that it was indeed my hubby that gave me this lovely flu, and in a court of law i’m sure my testimony would be thrown out based on simple assumption. however, he said i could blame him so there. plus he went out one night with his class mates while i was sick puking up my liver and kidneys and came home 2 hours later after he said. he texted during the whole time, which annoyed me even more but still, i was sick and irritable. i played my sick card, oh yes i did. then the stomach flu turned into some respiratory virus and i’m still hacking and coughing up some gnarly looking stuff. i’ll leave it at that. basically it feels like i’ve been sick FOREVER and i guess my idea of forever is about 3 weeks. that’s a damn long fucking time to feel like crap. i’m over it. done. finito. g-bye.

sick of sick


gripe two: running injuries – back/spine related

okay, i was on such a glorious running streak!!!! and even through my 4 oral surgeries in the last 4 months and 4 rounds of antibiotics, i managed to run injury free!!! that was fucking amazing!!!! and then i get the stomach flu, some stupid ass stomach flu, and along with that my back seizes up. WTF. then the back pain turns into a sciatic injury, then a shin splint. now i’ve spent over $400 in the last 2 weeks on various treatments and i’m seriously about to lose my mind until i realize that my mind was lost a long time ago. phew! that was close. but honestly people, i’m a little tired of hearing how all of my injuries are related to my spinal fusion… that basically, because i was born crooked and had to have my spine fused with two large titanium rods, that now my body is out of whack and if i run a certain amount of time or distance, shit’s gonna go bonkers.

see how dramatic i get? seriously, you hear the violin playing over here? i know i’ll shut up now.

so yeah, more running injuries. for now i’m working my recovery moves like it’s my job and i’m michael jackson with a foam roller. i’m a foam rolling fool. i’m running the houston marathon in january, don’t you even think that i’m not! now right after i may be telling you that i’m saying goodbye forever but not till after i cross that line. i’m putting it all out there. YES.


gripe three: i don’t have one

okay so i was just kidding. i just mainly have those two gripes so it doesn’t seem that bad. now i can go back to playing my pitiful violin and drinking wine.

but i’ll leave some funnies for funnies sake:

and finally, this movie that still makes me feel happy inside