recap of the week thus far

so i figured the easiest way to recap my week was to look at camera roll. yes yes yes, that’s probably cheating.

but my memory is not what it used to be, and looking at my daily snaps on my camera roll and IG helps remind me of things:

  1. good things actually happened
  2. i see some cool shit
  3. life is not horrible, at all
  4. my dogs are cute
  5. i love my IG pics
  6. i think my humor is rich

so here is my week thus far based on my daily IG posts. it’s a great way to see what i’ve been up to, mainly for myself. today i’ve been battling the ‘oh poor me my back hurts’ negative thoughts, etc. so looking at my week in pics makes me realize that cool shit has happened. it really has. life is actually quite lovely. ain’t that special?

monday after a tough run, we found another art installation during our walk. i realized we have found 4 of the 5 and also realized that it’s pretty awesome. despite not feeling good physically, my surroundings are much to be thankful for…
very true, always good reminders around us.
i seriously need daily reminders that i don’t have to be stressed. i’m very good at making the simple of tasks VERY complicated. i’m a stress expert…
taking the dogs to the park always calms me… they are my de-stressers. sometimes they are the opposite but only because i love them obsessively.
lucky quarter
found a quarter during our walk, and my boss found a dollar bill. we both never find money so that was pretty RADICAL
i’m a late bloomer in may regards… like figuring out how to take care of myself. still working on it 😉
i had major blisters and discovered these socks, injiji socks! they are the BOMB.COM not kidding… i’m totally a fan.
nice random walking pic
i really felt like making homemade dog food, so i finally did: rice and ground turkey. that’s it. it was so easy and they little boo-boo’s loved it!
no pumpkin curry
also decided to try making a pumpkin free curry, oddly i always used pumpkin but in honor of Meghan, i made this and the entire household of two LOVED it. happy life.
it was confirmed today that my disc in my spine is inflamed and i have to REST. so that’s what i’m doing… not well at all mentally but i’m trying my best. i really shouldn’t TRY to be healthy so this was my reminder. 🙂 <3
messages and reminders all around me..
during my walk today i saw something new, amazing
these rocks made me thirsty, probably because my dogs were thirsty and it was HOT
waiting for client in her new apartment… feeling very peaceful in the quiet empty space
this made me laugh, maybe it’s an inside joke between me and my higher power


so how was your week? do you ever look at your pics to remember what you did?

<3 xoxx

Celebrating Flaws

perfect imperfect
aren’t we all?

covering up  CELEBRATING flaws…

i’m not perfect.

no such thing as perfect anyway, right?

i was born flawed… yes, we all were.

i struggled for a long time trying to come to terms with my flaws.

today, i love and appreciate my imperfections. 

they make me, ME. and i actually like being me. 

perfectly imperfect

originally i was going to write about how i spent so many years covering up my flaws.

but then i had a revelation (during my bubble bath, go figure!) that i don’t want to harp on just that, i want to share with the world how i’m actually celebrating my flaws!!!

i want to tell you about what i changed, and how i turned my phantom ugly things into bedazzled pretty things.

now this is astounding considering that i spent decades covering up everything i considered to be a flaw.

but a few years ago, something clicked inside of me and i decided that my little nicks and knacks make me special, they make me beautiful in my own way.

#beautifullikeme #beautifullikeyou

today, i love celebrating my imperfections. i’m perfectly imperfect. i don’t want to be anyone else. i love waking up and being me. 

but alas, that wasn’t always the case….

i actually had high self-esteem as young nugget; my early childhood years were spent feeling carefree and i was full of life. i remember actually feeling ‘happy’ as early as age 3.

however when i had to change schools at age 7, i felt uncomfortable being me.

that was the first time that i experienced ‘mean girls’ and not everyone wanted to play or be friends with me. it was very confusing.

that was the first time i felt actually ‘different’…

so i started observing the cool girls, the ones that specifically didn’t want to hang out with me. i started to notice how i was different and how i must be flawed since they didn’t want to play with me. here are a few things that i USED to perceive as flaws, and what i did to turn them around. perception versus reality.

perceived flaw: my eyes were more slanted….

i didn’t want to look foreign, so i tried to make them open up more by making funny wide-eyed faces. i did this for years till i discovered eye liner and started to shadow around my eyes to try to make them look bigger with makeup. i was wearing quite a bit of makeup by age 10. by age 11 i got mistake for being 16. i know that’s crazy for some people. it’s sad and amazing what people do to fit in or feel accepted.

reality: eventually in my teens i grew to love my eyes. even though i had an ED i did actually appreciate my facial features. i knew that an ED would not rule my life forever and it was never just about how i looked. i go days without wearing makeup on my eyes, now i actually consider them a feature and nice part of my face. funny how i hated them for years, i’m so grateful for change and personal growth. now my eyebrows are a different story… 

perceived flaw: my eyebrow situation, or lack there of…..

now i know that’s just plain silly, but as an artist and someone who has always drawn faces, i notice eyebrows. well, duh. i noticed pretty early that i had no eyebrows. who cares, right? well i did. i still do. but i let it affect me negatively. i used to spend hours trying to draw my eyebrows because i felt embarrassed if i didn’t. i thought that was one of my flaws.

reality: later on in my late 20’s i discovered permanent makeup. now i must tell you, for me this really changed my outlook. i love not having to draw on eyebrows every single day. before you judge and say, “but you were fine before and so what?” i get it. i know i was fine before, but i just happen to have a thing for brows and appreciate the fact that i can have my own. besides, it’s easy to get them lasered off if i ever decided to do that. but i WON’T so don’t worry. if you’re curious about it, it’s painless and takes a few minutes. my older half-sister introduced me – clearly we are siblings, we both have a brow obsession! – and i have been hooked ever since. i have had 2 permanent eyebrow tattoo sessions since 2007 and this last time was the best. technology, baby! 

perceived flaw: my family situation….

everyone had mom’s and dad’s and a house they lived in. i had a great-grandma, a grandma, and a mom… who worked all the time and i didn’t see as much as i wanted. we lived in tiny apartments sometimes, then town homes, then a small cottage in a very artsy part of town. the kids made it seem like i lived on mars.

reality: eventually my mom married my stepdad and i had to deal with that process. and eventually after that, i really began to fall in love with my family situation. i met my biological dad when i was 23 and discovered i had 9 siblings; my mom had my brother when i was 18. it took some time and therapy, not gonna lie, but i seriously fell in love with my family and today wish i knew more about them. 

gone are the days when i feel embarrassed about my family, i love my family! i finally forgave myself for ever being embarrassed. you only have one family so i have chosen to accept them and love them all. it’s not even hard 🙂 

perceived flaw: my clothes…. 

the kids at school wore all the latest fashions; my mom shopped at thrift stores for me and also at the salvation army. i actually liked it, personally, but was also embarrassed when the kids made fun of my outfits. by the time i was 12 and 13 years old, i enjoyed my vintage retro fashion. i somehow became a rebel trendsetter. i mentally flip the finger at the mean girls right now.

reality: i still have some of my old thrift store clothes and LOVE them. i love knowing that i was a unique kid with her own style. so, suck it! mean girls. that experience as a kid humbled me, now i can afford whatever i want and still love vintage fashion. i love designers from all decades and could care less about name brands. i appreciate style and colors, i don’t care where it came from. i care about quality more these days but if you were to give me the option of the mall or a vintage boutique, you better give me 3 hours and the boutique any day! 

perceived flaw: i was chubby for 3 years….

this one really made me feel like an outcast. the cool girls were all skinny and i felt like a whale. in reality i was not a whale, just a little chubby. but for some reason unknown to me, the kids made it seem like i was a circus freak. they did horrible things and said things that made me cry. for 3 years i wished every day i was someone else. someone thin, pretty, and in a normal family. thank goodness i grew out of that! but that’s my truth and i’m being honest. i wore large clothes because i wanted to hide my body. i never thought of changing my diet but my grandmother would not let me eat, so that just made me confused and hungry. my mom said she hoped i wouldn’t get bigger one day, and that really made me sad. she doesn’t remember saying that because i asked her about it in my recovery, but i’ve forgiven her. she was a single mom and had a lot going on. till i outgrew my baby chub phase, i tried to hide myself and wished to be prettier and liked by kids at school.

reality: i’m grateful for my awkward, chubby years. if it weren’t for those years of self-doubt and low esteem, i would not appreciate the things my body can do for me today. i love people of all sizes and shapes and colors, and truly just want to FEEL good. healthy is beautiful. happy is beautiful. 

perceived flaw: i had scoliosis….

i had a very curved spine and it was easy to hide as long as i didn’t bend over, but still made me feel awkward. eventually i had to have spinal fusion, which saved my life and was amazing! but left me with a gigantic scar up and down my spine. it also cut my first tattoo, and when they sewed me back together it was lopsided and very obvious. my scar was very noticeable because of the crooked tattoo on my spine. it really made very uncomfortable and i became self conscious about my back 24/7.

reality: i decided that i would celebrate my scar and my spine when i turned 30 years old by tattooing a large art piece on my back. i took art inspirations from my great-grandmother and had a huge phoenix tattooed on my back, which covers up my scar and is a forever reminder of one of the most inspirational women in my entire life. i know i would not be here without her. 

so those are just a few examples of how i chose to take what i perceived to be a flaw and turn them into happy realities. life isn’t always perfect, but i’m happy to say that mine is imperfectly perfect.




have you ever taken a body negative and turned it into a positive?


memoirs of the weekend

howdy howdy, ya’ll. see i’m totally a texan, at least residential-ly speaking.

simple but profound statement.. and reminder

the past couple of days was quite grand. after a bit of an emotional week last week, i am happy to say that the weekend was rather delightful.

if i could share one thought that sums up last week, it’s this:

recovery is work.

recovery is not all kittens and roses. when you decide to choose LIFE and stop all the self-destruction, the grass doesn’t suddenly get greener. a fairy godmother doesn’t suddenly sprinkle your life with fairy dust.

recovery, or should i say, “living life” is just that – living life, for real. living life without hiding in a nice cozy addiction.

people who are new to recovery sometimes think that because they’ve made this massive life change, that suddenly everything will sparkle and shine.

like all of the sudden you are immune to speeding tickets.

you get great parking spots always.

you never get upset or have arguments.

everything just suddenly goes your way.


sorry, but this was sort of how i felt at least. when i made the decision to give up my addictions and choose living real life, i expected something magical. like just because i was taking care of myself, i’d be rewarded by the gods of self care.


of course life IS better when you are not being guided by demons, but you have to learn how to deal with things like emotions. whoa, what are those? i spent decades hiding from my feelings. actually i became so numb that i was comfortably numb and didn’t think i could ever have feelings again.

no wonder i waited till 36 till i got married!

ok i’m going off on another tangent, but my point is just that living life minus the crutches has its ups and downs. feeling real feelings ain’t always easy, for anyone. i get it.

but the bright side of all of this is this:

recovery is totally WORTH it!!!!!

living life for real is awesome.

letting myself be uncomfortable and choosing to love myself feels great.

liking myself rocks, heck i actually love myself.

i actually dig being me.

ain’t that grand?

okay enough, here is my weekend in pics.. cheers ya’ll.

friday: got my eyebrows did. anyone ever try permanent makeup? i swear by it for my brows cuz i ain’t got no brows. oh snap, no she didn’t. yes, i did. boop.
friday date night
surprise date night with my beloved… bubbly and fishies were very nice.
fried oysters
fried oysters that actually tasted good, like chicken. LOL
dog purse
muffin in her bag
run club saturday
pic of my saturday run with the galloway club, before the run and after.
galloway run
the galloway club of houston, with Jeff Galloway. the man himself!
jeff galloway and me
it’s Jeff Galloway and moi!!!! squeeeeee
gala hair
after the run, i got my hair did. all fancy.
gala night
wearing my sari for the special gala. feeling like a little princess 🙂
muffin bag
more muffin bag
recovery spin
sunday morning spin.. with my dumb socks
rooster sauce with dim sum is a must
sunday dim sum
sunday afternoon dim sum feast
sunday funday birthday
celebrating my boss’s birthday at my mom’s house
swimming muffin
yes that is a swimming dog. muffin in the water!
taste of summer the end of it
these veggies were the epitome of summer…
tres leches bday
a birthday tresleches cake was scrumptious


that’s all i got, hope your weekend was dazzling.

tell me, have you had tres leches cake?

Fri-YAY Wrap it Up

and tie it with a bow…. 


geez it’s been a long week, and it was a short one! work has been good and nicely busy, however all the OTHER stuff outside of work has been snowballing into an icy mass.

i can sum up the week with the personal to-do list that i totally crushed, well sort of:

  • september birthdays
  • wedding presents
  • trip planning
  • emotional demons trying to have their way with me
  • new running stuff

before i yammer on, i need to acknowledge something…

so today is September 11th. i can’t believe it’s already been 14 years since that horrendous tragedy. i’m taking a moment to honor all the lives lost and lives touched by those events…


so as i was saying, it’s been a hectic week. not bad, just hectic. i like a certain level of chaos… whoa tell that to my therapist. ha!

work and my own personal demons have been taking up my mental space. luckily i’ve had some good runs and workouts, and home life has been quite niiiiiiiiiiiiice. best of all my dogs are healthy and happy.


so hello september. oh how quickly you arrived! i would have appreciated a bit more time, how rude. it’s a big month over here in the Smith haus. seems like everyone in my circle is having a birthday: my boss, then my brother, then my husband. and i’m sure there are others that i know and i keep hearing talk about birthdays, but the ones i need to focus on are those. chit chit chit.

what on earth to get my boss/mentor/family friend???? seriously! she loves walking in nature, that’s where we conduct 50% of our business. she loves the theatre… perhaps i’ll get her tickets to a show? still mulling this over. suggestions are always welcome. she has impeccable taste so i’m probably not going to get her jewelry. she’s ‘fancy’ 😀 maybe a nice dinner? hmmmm

my brother’s gifts are sorted – whoa talk about stressful. i thought it’d be easy to just order stuff from Amazon UK and have it shipped to him in Scotland, easy peasy right? not so much. there was a whole ordeal with my credit card because they didn’t recognize his address, of course, and then i had to prove my identity a thousand times. now part of the gift arrived and he was not there to sign,so now he has the pleasure of going to get it. aye vey. oh well, i still think he’ll love what i got him: a really nice wok, a wok spatula, jack daniels bbq sauce gift box deluxe, naughty cow salt n pepper shakers, naughty man wine openers… and a vegan bbq cookbook that he requested, but i accidentally got it in german. OOPS hopefully he’ll appreciate the hilarity of it all

for my darling hubby, i have planned a night of blues and seafood. his favorite things. we are going to this club that he’s never been to,the big easy , and hopefully he’ll like it. i haven’t been in years but i’m hoping it will impress him. i’m still deciding on where to go for seafood dinner… but i’m pretty sure it will be here.

wedding presents…. 

one of my younger brothers is getting married next month in Arizona. i’m very VERY excited! they only invited 50 guests total, including family, and since we have a large family that makes me feel very special. we didn’t grow up together, but i’ve always loved him. he’s just a brilliant, wonderful man. i’m so happy for him and his future wife. i can’t wait to meet her. they are both in the AF and have never lived anywhere together or in the same city before, until  now. how cool is that? i love Arizona so i can’t wait.

i was racking my mind trying to get them something unique, but what i didn’t do was check their actual registry… duh! thank goodness i did. they have requested donations to their honeymoon, their favorite restaurant, and the humane society. i love it! i donated money to their favorite restaurant because hey, i love feeding people virtually.

trip planning…. 

this is something we have not technically completed but that is because it requires my  husband’s attention and time to finalize details. we have decided, finally, that for our grand NYE trip we are going to simplify and drive to New Orleans. NOLA for NYE. yeah! that decision took us months of flip-flopping… we had planned on going with friends to Buenas Aires, Argentina, for the holidays, but then we realized that a) we are about to buy a house next year, b) we are going to Europe and the UK to see my brother next summer, and c) tickets are over $2000 per person just for the flight. yikes. yeah so we’ve been talking about other options and i LOVE the idea of a simple 6 hour drive. we get to have our own car and not mess with airports… sorry, but it’s madness. no thanks, i’ll just sit back with my snacks and put my feet up 🙂

emotional demons…. 

my emotions have really been on red alert lately, i’m practically a blubbering mess. i’ve been having these dreams about my grandmother and being chased by white/silver fluffy racoons, and losing my husband in a coffee shop. i wake up sweating and making sure he’s okay. and then think about my grandmother all day… wondering why she chose food over her life? why didn’t she want to take care of herself? didn’t she love us? why did she leave so early? i know, deep chit. ugh! but it’s made me face these demons and i’ve concluded that i have some work to do. i need to take care of myself a bit better, and by that i mean i need to just accept the fact that my sweet milk tea makes me a little hormonally cray cray. i’ve been in recovery for long enough to know what all foods taste like and i’m really at the point where i want to feel good and have a healthy body, i would really like to conceive and that’s where i’m at. i’ve done the ‘eat everything in moderation’ crap for a long time. and guess what? i’m not good at moderation!!!! that is OK. i’m happier and saner when i just eliminate certain things. that’s just how it is. it’s like telling a crack head to smoke just a little bit each day… ugh it drives me nuts. i feel like i’m constantly on the verge of breaking when i follow the stupid moderation rules. and intuitive eating is not for me. i don’t have any smart brain in my stomach, i did the intuitive eating thing for a whole year at first, and guess what i ate? nothing but peanut butter, almond butter, and honey. and apple sauce. what da fuck. so yeah, i need to just accept how awesome my life is and how good i feel when i take care of ME. seriously.

new running stuff….

i’ve discovered OOFOS!!! oh my goodness gracious, they are seriously the most comfortable things i’ve put on my feet ever. i was having some heel pains and was worried that i would have to take time off from running. well, luckily i complained to the right person because this girl from my running club suggested these. she was my angel in running wear, and i’m forever grateful. i love them so much that i got 3 pairs: 2 for me, and 1 for the hubby. he loves them, too. seriously check them out… i might be late to this game but whatever. LOVE


so that’s all i got. hope everyone had a great week!


what’s planned for the weekend? i’m going to a fancy fundraiser tomorrow and get to have my hair done and wear an Indian handmade sari!!! i’m so excited 🙂


Goals: September

okay, i’m joining in the goal setting bloggers. get me in on this action, i want to be part of the fun.

what sort of fun? goal setting.

that’s my kind of fun.

well, not literally.. but i do love making lists and since i already have my goals jotted down, i figured i will share them the way some of my favorite bloggers do: Sam does a mighty fine job with this.


Goals for September.. in no particular order

  1. Spiritual/Gratitude
  2. Fitness/Running
  3. Work
  4. Family/Home
  5. Health
  6. Miscellaneous

Let’s start with my #1 goal listed and that’s Spiritual/Gratitude:

light 10402989_10152793854437642_2272839101665991847_n 4a1f8d34246d9636b11ebd8c31311dc1

over the last few years i’ve started each morning with some sort of gratitude prayer or meditation. it’s had many variations, but these days i just keep it pretty simple.

starting off my morning with some sort of THANK YOU to the universe, higher power, God, whatever you like to call ‘it’ is how i like to start my day. every single day.

unless i’m REALLY really hungover… but even then, i’ll stammer out something. it’s totally become a habit and love it.

i used to have this very complex morning goal of waking up, reading a positive affirmation, then praying, then writing, then meditating… then i’d be so fucking stressed out that i’d be a total bitch the rest of the morning.

is that not ridiculous??? totally  NOT the point of a gratitude-focused and spiritual morning my friends.

so my goals for this month are to say my morning thank you’s, every morning…. don’t forget to thank you for my life. that’s important.

be thankful for the great things that happen every day.

write down some positive affirmations after my thank you chant, at least 3 x per week……

say THANK YOU out loud (or quietly to myself) first thing when i wake up several times each morning…

all that may sound cray, but i go to cray lengths to orchestrate a Good Day. yeah bitches that’s how i roll. with love and light. ha!

so that’s my morning or spiritual gratitude. all that takes me about 5 minutes.

then i conclude with belly kisses to both my dogs, and finally kisses to the other human in the bedroom 😀

Fitness/Running goals:

rest-day1  after run 2


i have officially registered for the Houston Marathon 2015! actually i just changed my ‘half marathon’ registration to the full marathon. i only decided this recently, however if you would have asked me back in february of this year about running a full marathon i would have given it the finger… and then gone on this huge shpeal about how running is not for me and it’s just stupid and blah, blah, blah.

well there was that pesky injury.

after our crazy post wedding day marathon, aka the Houston Marathon 2015, i had a few running injuries that i had to get through. finally after seeing a chiropractor, who is an ultra runner and badass by the way, i discovered that my injuries were actually not permanent… wow!!!!! simultaneously i discovered the Galloway run/walk/run method, so with my new exercises, stretches, and run/walk/run method, i was able to slowly but surely get running back on my menu.

happy days again!

so i sort of began training already back in july, officially with my running club. i really missed having a run club to meet with and run with every weekend. i run alone during the week but appreciate a group of fellow crazies to run the long run with.


i love it!

so my goals for fitness and running are:

  • run 2 x per week on my own
  • run with the group on saturday
  • do strengthening exercises 2 x per week on non-running days
  • stretch
  • do hill training runs 1 x per week or 1 x every other week
  • do mile repeats 1 x per month
  • take recovery weeks
  • pay attention to my body
  • cross train with spinning or elliptical
  • walk, walk, walk
  • wear my OOFOS recovery flip flops

Work goals:

615 women men work shutterstock nmedia

my work goals are to keep learning from my boss/mentor

continue with my weekly/monthly reports


keep up with my spreadsheets

take notes

keep exploring the inventory and market

know thy neighborhood

don’t be afraid to offer my help to people

don’t be afraid to market myself!

remember my experience

remember i know what i’m talking about

don’t let people steam roll me

dress well – don’t look like a rag muffin when not sweating or working out. that’s a tough one, that’s why it’s a goal!

do the research for all prospects and clients, be two steps ahead

file paperwork

track expenses



be supportive

ask how it’s going


remember romance?

reach out to loved ones

remember birthdays

remember the love


plan fun things every so often

say i love you before bedtime



whole foods

eat more often

don’t starve


think protein

strive for vodka over wine

live but don’t jump off the mountain without a parachute…. this can be applied to all goals.


silly me

maintain planner

walk doggies

dog parks only on occasion

listen to pet experts

try cooking natural dog food



Okay so them’s my goals for this month!


what about you, whatcha got? do you like making goals?



The Liebster Award: Who am I?

or as i like to say: who i IZ? who i BE? who be ME?

before i go further, let me share the shock and total surprise i had when i discovered i had been chosen to participate in this sweet little exploration of self.  the other day, when i was reading one of my favorite blogs by the lovely Heather, I got to the part where she picked two bloggers and then saw my own name on there as i was reading her Liebster post… i was like WHAT? me???? why???eeeek!!!! first reaction being: run away, retreat! take cover! hide! then i thought about it and was all like oh wait, that’s actually sort of awesome. ha!

this contradiction in my feelings made me realize something profound.

i started blogging because i like sharing and actually hope to relate to someone, or even help someone in some teensy weensy way if at all possible…. since i did manage to experience some ‘interesting’ and perhaps intense-ish things in my 30+ years of existence.


i like being in the background where it’s safe sometimes. 

being in the background feels like a warm blanket, protected, safe.

but then again, i also like putting on a show.

does that make me a lunatic, or insane, or confused, or just normal? funny, Meghan just did a post about this concept, too! and yes i always am a walking contradiction.. it’s just how i roll. sideways. all over the ways.

okay before i totally lose you all, i’ll get on with this post. Thanks again, Heather! 



What’s your favorite meal of the day?

my favorite meal is dinner because it’s when the hubby and i sit down together. i love sharing meals so whether it’s my hubby, or friends, or everyone and all, i love that last meal of the day because it’s usually the most interactive. my second favorite meal, if i may, is brunch. because i just love all things brunch! another occasion for being social #sundayfunday anyone?

old ebbit grill old e grill old eb grill  IMG_1203

Who inspires you the most?

this is a tough one, but i’d have to say my mother. she has always lived her life without limits. she’s bold and vivacious, yet still has vulnerability. most of all she’s wildly compassionate. she definitely taught me how to be more selfless, but she also taught me that ‘me-time’ is crucial.

i want to be the best me because she inspires me to do so, and in return i hope to inspire her to keep going as she struggles with her current time in life. my baby brother has left the house and now it’s her and my stepdad, and life for my dear mom has certainly changed. i like to think for the better but of course i just like believing that. we are all going through personal transitions and i find myself being her rock, and nothing could make feel more humble, proud, or grateful. <3

and my dogs inspire me, too… with their freedom and utter cuteness. they are the masters of “it’s all about me” 

008 015

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

i have so many! but one of the best times  in my life was when i spent a summer with two cousins that were visiting – they are the nieces of one of my ‘auntie’s’ who  is not related to me by blood, but in the asian culture, or at least in my family, we have many ‘aunties and uncles’ that are just really, REALLY good friends of the family and are treated like family. anyhow, these cousins came to visit and i immediately was eager to get to know them; they are mixed races (like me!)  from chicago, and they were older than me by 2 and 4 years. i was 11 years old and VERY awkward. however, after spending the summer with them – swimming, biking, learning about hair and makeup, having fun – i felt happier and more secure with myself than ever before. i actually felt comfortable in my own skin for the first time as an adolescent.


the thing is, they were two really strong, awesome, and gorgeous chicks that accepted me, took me under their wings, and made me feel like i wasn’t a weirdo. and they were mixed race like me, even more awesome. that summer of swimming, having fun, feeling free, and feeling accepted by two girls that i looked up to was life changing. i started school that Fall a new person: i felt happy on the inside and okay with being me.


What’s your perfect food day?


can i pretend i’m in Paris? i LOVE eating in europe and especially love eating in Paris…

so if i were eating in Paris:

i would wake up very late and have a perfect latte and croissant.

then i would walk for hours and do touristy things, and have a lunch in a bistro that was 3 courses, and probably order something that included cheese.

dinner would be very late and at a very popular Parisian cafe, where we would be dining till midnight and eating mussels and fries. and plenty of wine and good French bread.

there would be chocolate, because hello! it’s Paris!

now on the other hand, if i were at home my perfect food day would be this:

i would wake up early and have some hot lemon water, go for my run, then come home and have a breakfast of sweet potatoes and eggs, and some sauteed or creamed greens on the side. maybe smoked salmon if we had any. okay yes we do since it’s my dream so i’d have that, too.

lunch would be later on and on a patio, featuring a warm salad, some nice cup of bisque, and vanilla cappuccino.

dinner would be with friends in one of my favorite restaurants that serves family-style food; we would order several dishes, highlighting veggies, and share everything and have great wines.

later on some nice cheeses and fruits to top of a lovely day.

love my greens!
and green sauces…

FullSizeRender   IMG_1301 bolognese

What are your current favorite books?

truth be told, i have not been reading as much lately for fun, accept the Jeff Galloway books on running, and then some old Candice Bushnell books that i never got around to reading before. i also just read, “i am malala” which was a very good but intense read. talk about inspiring though!


One thing you can’t end your day without doing?

i can’t end my day without giving our dogs cuddle time and belly kisses, just can’t do it.



What was your favorite childhood book?

the velveteen rabbit, and i still have the book from my childhood here in our home.. waiting to share it with our future nugget 🙂

velveteen rabbit

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

living abroad! and raising some creatures of my own.


What is your favorite part of the day?

the morning

What was your favorite vacation?

i have to say our honeymoon to Chile – we spent a week in santiago, Chile, then spent another week up in mountains near Villa Rica and Pucon. bliss!!!!


IMG_0580 IMG_0569 IMG_0535 IMG_0537 IMG_0567 IMG_1007 IMG_1001

fun facts? 

i am a modest dresser for the most part, these days… but i have a very ornate back piece/tattoo. it took 9 months to complete and i still want to touch up a few things because it’s sort of hard not to constantly want to ‘improve’ upon something that huge. so it’s a constant work in progress. even though i don’t show my art, i love body art. it’s a personal thing and certainly not a requirement, in fact most of my friends and loved ones are ink-free 🙂  my great-grandmother inspired the design by her paintings of birds and phoenix when i was a kid. she was the inspiration for the entire piece, and the main part of it is a phoenix. she always made me feel like i could rise up from anything and soar.


i still have yet to get an ironman tattoo, but i’m definitely going to… eventually.

my baby brother, who is 18, is attending university in Scotland, and not only am i excited for him, but i really want to live in the UK as well. i spent many summers all over the UK starting from the age of 12 till basically ever. i have always felt like i could live in the UK easily and now my brother absolutely loves it. my hubby and i plan on visiting him next summer… so that is still to be continued 🙂


so now i will give shout outs to two of my favorite bloggers. they are not new kids on the blogger block, but are the first ones that i started reading and still continue to enjoy.

Michele at Paleo Running Mama got me hooked with her simple, gorgeous meals and marathon training inspiration, and heart warming posts; Meghan at Clean Eats Fast Feets had me at hello… or at banana, and with her witty limericks and tale telling. They are blogging divas  and I would love to spread their love.

Please answer the 11 questions below, list 11 facts about yourself, and nominate 2 other bloggers and ask them 11 unique questions.

What’s your favorite meal of the day?

Who inspires you the most?

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

What’s your perfect food day?

What are your current favorite books?

One thing you can’t end your day without doing?

What was your favorite childhood book?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

What is your favorite part of the day?

What was your favorite vacation?

Okay enough about me!

would you ever get a tattoo and if you have any, what is it or are they? 

would you live abroad? where?