A Side of Fun

i really did this! so fun

this may seem like a very trivial topic, but to me life should be FUN.

or at least have an element of fun within the daily activities.
mister fun

what is fun? I know it means so many things to so many people. off the top of my head here’s what’s fun to me: I was walking the dogs around the park and watching them play around like maniacs and thought to myself, this is fun! the other night I was taking a cooking class with friends and had tons of FUN. another night my hubby and I went to eat tacos at a new dive and for me, it was fun to try all these new flavors of tacos and just relax. other fun times: walking over to the coffee bar and having my cappuccino while I read is fun; experimenting with the run/walk/run method by Jeff Galloway has been fun; taking random pics while i’m out and about is FUN. life is just so much fu@$ing… FUN.

i understand this completely

so, is your life FUN? do you know how to have fun?

do you laugh freely and have times when you throw your head back and proclaim, “i’m having FUN!!! wheeeee!”

do you punch air from time to time? do you wake up and go “fu@!  yeah!”

i’m on a kick, i’m bringing the fun. I feel that life needs to have more fun in it. yes, FUN! I want to have some sort of fun every single damn day. why not???

would you like some FUN with your meal? you can supersize that sandwich and add a heap of FUN for 50 cents…


I can be a home-body and curmudgeon at times, but somehow i abandoned my crabby ways this year and it’s been like a social butterfly circus around here lately.

I have certainly been embracing FUN… not only did I embrace the FUN, I gave it a big squeeze and a hug, and I think we hip-bumped. of course this was subconsciously my new year’s resolution, so far i’m doing a great job, subconsciously speaking. winning.

this year has been a big year for us: we got married, sold a house, moved into a cool city apartment, traveled, left jobs, started new careers, enrolled into grad school, started this blog… a LOT has happened this year and it’s only summer! despite all the crazy life events, I made it a point to find a way to have fun no matter what. if life is not fun, then that just pretty much sucks. it doesn’t mean it has to be moonbeams and glitter 24/7, but there has to be something fun every single day. YES every day! it’s not that hard. I find ways to have fun EVERY day. some days are more challenging and require mind trickery, but here are some ideas for adding the FUN back into your everyday life:

get up and write down 3 things that are awesome – you are starting your day off on the positive side already!
smile at strangers
go for a walk around a nice park or area of town
be a tourist for an hour by visiting one place you’ve always wanted to see but haven’t yet…
block out a few hours one Saturday morning and treat yourself
laugh out loud
hoola hoop
jump on a trampoline
take a cooking class with friends!

okay now in the spirit of FUN here are a bunch of pics of my weekend of FUN. enjoy and have some fu@!ing fun!!!

mr and mrs smith at a wonderful fundraiser, charity cocktails are always FUN
OKRA a non profit bar that is super awesome and FUN
charity cocktails yes please
wine – fun
fun – pimms cup!
the most FUN thai cooking group!!!

all the amazing thai dishes we made as a group… wow so much fun! and the byob was a nice, fun touch

coconut pistachio parfait
thai green curry
spring roll filling
my spring roll of fun
my second spring roll of fun

makingspringroll greencurry cookingfun thaicooking thaidess


what fun life is, every singe day can be fun! even the tough ones…


what fun have you had lately?





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