sweaty runny story

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runny story? I meant running but I like to rhyme when I have the time, cuz it’s sublime. That was Gross, I’m sorry.

Anyhow, so yes, I LOVE to sweat. And I also LOVE to run EVEN THOUGH I’m not that good at it and it jacks with me sometimes. Ok lots of times but whatever!

bayou trail

So I have a runny running story…

Running really does have a special place in my heart, a wee little corner of my heart is exclusively for running. So preciousssss. With the lotion…. And I’m a weirdo. Yeah.

precious dog2
precious dog
this is precious even more

I remember the first time I consciously ‘ran’ was in the 1st grade playing t-ball. I sprinted to a base or some ‘thing’ in the dirt and it was so much fun to just go-go-go!!!! Vroooooom, I loved it, I felt speedy like a cartoon on TV.

i felt like him! delusional thinking happened at an early age for me

Then in 2nd grade we had a track to run around, and I raced this little kid and actually beat him, (then never did that again but that one time was exhilarating… ) I loved the feeling of being free. *side note, I used to run around at school wearing Mary Jane shoes and loafers – how on earth did my feet not suffer? I wish I could have that gift of being oblivious to pain in my present life.* I loved running during recess but never engaged in it seriously, and then I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 10 so running was not exactly in my mind. But later on during the teenage years of angst&energy, I needed to do something that got me out of the crazy house and away from the parental units. I remember being 14 and getting up before school to go walk so I could clear my head; eventually I started to jog and before I knew it, I was jogging for 45 minutes straight! Now later on I discovered that it took me 45 minutes to cover 3.2 miles, but still. For me, that was pretty awesome. I got into tae kwon do when I was 12 and then started kung fu when I was 16, which had us run a little bit for warm-ups. I was loving the running again! and since I was dating a guy who ran track, I got rather interested in running more than just a 13 minute mile for a change. He ran with me all summer and I ended up doing my first 5K that fall in 27 minutes. Amazing! I used EVERYTHING I had in my body and it felt awesome!!!! I never even knew there were distances beyond a 5K, I thought I had just run the entire marathon for real. Like really, I thought a marathon was a 5K and vice versa. Ummmm yeah, so I’m not exactly good with details sometimes. Eep.

After that 5K I tabled the running thing for a while so I could losemymind and drinkunderage; I started running again when I found my brain and got sick of being hung over. When I was told I would need the back surgery, I was 20 years old. I figured I would probably never run again; the surgeon said I could if I wanted to but just to be very careful, and obviously not to try running till I was completely healed. It honestly wasn’t even on my radar!


Eventually after 4 years of just walking and riding a recumbent bike EVERY single day for physical therapy, I asked at one of my checkups if I could run again. The doc said, sure why not? Just be CAREFUL and gentle and stop if anything hurts, but honestly I could run, bike, or swim if I wanted to anytime. Just no full-contact sports, so bye-bye to my football career! They always told me to swim if I could because it’s the best thing for backs, but I just couldn’t get the same feeling in the water that I did from running. I loved the water of course, but after my surgery I stayed out of the water for several years because I was a)embarrassed about my giant scar all the way down my back, and b) not into it at all, mostly because of ‘a’

Anyhow, one day during another walk I decided to just try a little jog. Oh boy it was weird and it sort of hurt! But it felt great to actually have some pep in my step again… gee I missed that feeling. Just to jog a little bit was awesome, and it motivated me to eat more food since under-eating was another side issue all the time. So since the jogging didn’t kill me, I decided to try a short jog just once a week and I loved it. I did NOT have the right shoes of course but quickly learned that after losing some toenails.

So the next couple of years I jogged a bit here and there, and then all of the sudden in 2005, I found myself spinning and then someone told me about a sprint triathlon. What??? I must have grown a giant set of balls during that time because before I knew it, I signed up for a sprint triathlon, after never really running more than 30 slow minutes since my back surgery. But I took it serious and trained in all 3 sports: swim, bike, run. And I managed to not only finish the sprint, but I had a total BLAST!!! And realized not only could I run, but I loved it again! the swimming and biking were not as lovable or natural to me, but the running felt the most freeing and I just loved that I could do it anywhere.



That little sprint triathlon made me realize that I could actually do things that I NEVER thought I could do after my surgery, and that was the best feeling I ever felt in my life. Before that time, I was scared of swimming, totally terrified of riding a bicycle outdoors, and had given up on ever really running. It’s so amazing what happened to me when I got outside of my self-made box and stepped out of my comfort zone.

Since then I’ve run a couple of 10K’s, several ½ marathons, 2 full marathons, and done several triathlons including 3 half ironman’s, and 2 full ironman’s. Before that little sprint triathlon in the fall of 2005 I would NEVER have guessed I could ride a bike more than 5 miles, or run more than a mile, and definitely not swim more than 10 laps. Low and behold, somehow some way I managed to beat my own limits to the dirt and proved to myself that I really am stubborn as shit heck… and that’s okay because when I put my mind to something, I can really get some shit stuff done.

i thought i looked kinda cool..
IM lives forever
one of the greatest experiences of my life…
IMTX 2014
true JOY and pride

I know many peeps and awesome kats have done some amazing things and beat some badass odds.

what are some things you have done that you never thought you would? i seriously never thought i would ride a bike, especially not more than 10 miles.. eep!

do you love running? i can’t run every day but i really do love the feeling when i do

is there an activity or workout that just makes your heart sing and is your ‘special place’ like with the lotion? or not the lotion…

in sweat&sriracha,


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  1. I’m so happy running gives you relief, joy, anticipation, jubilation and all of the above. Also, I’m thrilled you can do it again, pain free.

    I still find your entire running journey absolutely remarkable. To go from back surgery to Iron Man competitions….wow, just wow.

    I think the most unexpected thing for me was a Tough Mudder. It was trying, yet I loved every damn second. I even did a post about it, not surprising: http://cleaneatsfastfeets.com/2013/08/02/vanilla-gorilla/

    P.S. I’m not getting an email when you respond to my comments (I’m assuming of course you do). I use a WordPress plugin called “Comment Reply Notification” for this to work. 🙂

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